Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1600 miles

Thanks for all the good comments concerning the running club. Joe Garland made some good points. I do have a small group of 4 to 6 of us that meet regular to run together. We are all currently in the club but are considering not resigning up for the upcoming year. We have been using there meeting place to plan our runs from. The one benefit we would lose is the use of a cabin in winter months before and after a run. They have elected a new president, the past one didnt run this year. I know alot of people have personality problem with him and quit coming because of it. He seems to worry more about cutting costs and apperances then how many people show up. On outside it looks great, they won awards from RRCA, some national some regional. RRCA runner of the year was a member. I may of seen him at 1 or 2 club functions a year. Looks good on paper though. Anyways I have a month to think it over and see what the guys I regularly run with decide to do.

On a colder note, I ran 5.8 miles today in 20 degrees with the windchill down to 5*. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. But that got me to 1600 miles for the year. I made it, sure I made it to this arbritrary number even though another rest day may of better served me. But what fun is running without some OCD??

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running Club

I moved this past weekend hence the reason I havent posted in almost a week. Better reason then my usual laziness. I did get some running in.

On some recent runs with the guys I normally run with we have been discussing whether we are going to continue to be in the Youngstown Road Runners Club, YRRC. I think I mentioned this before, but its really gotten away from what we would want out of a club. It's like why should we spend our money on this. Im back to work now but after being laid off for 4 weeks and not knowing what ahead I rather save my money or spend it on a race. Its a given Im going to spend so much money a year on running/racing. So its best to be prudent with it. I figure February first is the cutoff date since if im not paid by then I wont get a discount at the Distance Classic half marathon in March.

The other main reason is the club has seemed to go from a fun club to one thats mostly money oriented. Has much has a non profit organization can be. The number of people regularly attending has dropped noticably. Some days its almost sad how few are there. It seems most decisions are made with saving/making money in mind and not about the members enjoyment. They have gotten rid of many fun things, a corn roast, 100 mile club to name a few to save money. They keep using the reason of putting more money for the shoe program or endowment while building a good size bank account. Maybe if enough of us dont pay it will send a message. Since money is their main concern Im not sure I want them to have mine. Of course maybe I need to be more charitable.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy running!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Sunday

Todays run went better. Even though I slept in and got there late. But they waited for me. So the 4 of us, Bob, Len, Carrie and me took off for a 7 miler. The roads were snowed covered but the snow had stopped. Basically it was just cold. It was my best run of the week, even in the conditions. I probably could of gone longer but it felt like enough to me. Was odd because I cannt remeber when I was late for a Sunday run at 9 am. Guess I was more tired then I thought last night.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wheres my mojo??

I felt like I lost my mojo this week. My desire to run was lost. Even today while I did get in 8 miles it wasnt a fun lets get out there and run. Good thing I had podcasts to listen to. Thank you Dan and Nik.

But this week I returned to work, on midnight shift. I always feel tired while working nights no matter how much sleep I get in. Blah. I was on track to make 1600miles but now I dont think Im going to make it because of several factors.
*Being on Midnight shift.
*Twisted ankle in November.
*The cold I had in November.(November wasnt good to me)
*The cold. I havent had alot of desire to run in it.
*I should of done more miles earlier in year.
*My foot leg was bothering me. Need to stretch more.
*Im moving end of the month. Wont have has much time to move next week.

I try not to make excuses but those are the reasons I probably wont make it to 1600 miles. Notice I didnt list the Holidays. Bah Humbug I will run on Chrismas. This week I have not had my regular desire to run. Hopefully it will be back soon. I get this way occasionally but usually only lasts a day or 2.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The streak ends.

My 19 day running streak ended yesterday. It was a short streak but I felt I needed it. And getting back to work, on midnight shift none the less made it tougher to recover from runs. My foots been hurting, thinking plantaars fascitis flaring up. Hurts worse walking around barefoot. I hardly been stretching might be the problem.

This is probably going to be a cutback week. I was over 40 for 2 weeks in a row for first time ever. Need more weeks like them. But think I should stick to 5 or 6 days of running, I seem to need that day off, even though I would like to get a few extra easy miles in.

Tonight had a fun run with Bob, Rick and Len over in Girard. It was cold but good company on the run.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to work

I had a good week. Especially good weekend. I have run 18 days in a row. Not sure if the streak will continue since im back to work starting tonight. I got 42.3 miles in this week. Last week 42.1. I think I will shoot for 42 again next week. I realized later on that this was first time I ever did 2 weeks in a row of 40 mpw. I guess I never thought about it. I have had bigger weeks when I was marathon training but I guess never had that much 2 weeks in a row. Now to shoot for 3. Since im working wont be has easy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Im such a wimp. I woke up at 6 to go run at 7 for this run put on bye the trail club, I had planned to do just one loop. But I woke snow on the ground and it was 17* out. I lollygaged around, then finally drove to park and got there about 8. Which is when I normally show up. I was going to either jump on trail alone or just stay on roads. But a few of the guys were about to start the second loop, only knew what but heck I can run with almost anyone. The trails there barely had a dusting of snow. Other then being frozen were in good shape. One of the guys I ran with came from Pittsburgh, the another came down from Cleveland. And I had trouble getting moving this morning, good thing I didnt have to drive that far. I stuck to my plan and just did one loop of 8.3 miles. They continued on. One guy was planning to do the whole 50 miles, he's signed up for a 100 miler next spring. Other guy was going to do around 32. Made me feel wimpy. One nice part of running trails with going that far is they were going at a nice easy pace. We even stopped at the covered bridge to talk to some others that were doing the loop in the opposite direction. Maybe next time I will do a less wimpy 2 loops.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The quest continues.........

My quest for 160o miles is still on track. I need 104.7 miles left this month to make it. That works out to less then 5 miles a day. I plan to do some longer runs. If this keeps up will be my biggest month ever. Considering im not in an actual "marathon plan" and just base building for my next marathon. I havent canceled my plans to run Cleveland marathon. Im hoping im back to work real soon, january at the latest. So I should have a better base and do more miles then in other training phases. Well thats the plan at least.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Serious race photo

See how serious we took this race, this is the picture we STOPPED to have taken like truly serious runners.

Finishing video.

Monday, December 8, 2008

To race or not?

Im trying to decide whether or not to run the Frozen Firefighter 5k the coming Saturday. Normally its a no brainer. I have run it 4 years a row, every year since I started running. Matter of fact I only missed the first running of it, because I wasnt running then. But since Im laid off and not sure when Im gong back to work. So I probably shouldnt spend the money. The fact I havent done any speedwork the last month is only a small factor. I dont feel like Im running has been has good has it was, due to twisted ankle and catching a cold. So should I run it or not? I wont bandit a race, dont agree with it. If you dont pay you shouldnt take advantage of what racers are paying for. Plus I wouldnt consider it a race if im not officially registered.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dark Park Pursiut 15K Adventure Run

Yesterday afternoon while waiting for the race I watched it snow and snow and snow. It hadn't been snowing in morning then around 1 it started snowing. In bunches. But I guess if you are going to run a race at night in december you shouldnt be surprised by these things. I got ready and Rick showed up, I was riding with him to race. It was a slow ride there cause of road conditions had me wondering what the running conditions will be, especially the trail sections.

We got there and did a "warm up" bye sitting in Bob's car trying to stay out of the cold and wind. No its not my normal warm up but this was to be a fun run. And I was guaranteed a PR. I had got my shirt and number. Nice long sleeve shirt.

Finally it was time to start the race. With headlamps on we headed to starting line. The course did a lot of loops around Mosquito Lake park, on and off road. With a couple of inches of snow and it snowing the whole race made for some tough footing. The 3 of us had decided to run it together which we stuck to. It was tough running, wind, snow and in the dark. The trail parts of the course were real tricky. But it turned into one of the funnest races I have ever done. We even stopped and got our picture taken. I know who took it and will be checking his blog for picture.

Our group was joined bye this girl who basically used us to pace herself. Probably a good thing that she wore head phones and didnt hear any of our mindless chattering. We finally got back to finish. We pick it up for the last 50 yards or so, just glad to be done with it. My time: Very slow. Splits: I didnt bother, I was lucky that I even saw some of the mile markers in the dark. Overall, a fun race, regardless of weather, course was marked good enough, with plenty of volunteers. I feel the weather just made it more of a challenge.

Not much after race but being there was no where to go inside, we didnt stick around long. Rick, Bob and me went and got a few beers and wings. Good way to finish off the night.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I got in a chilly run today. I am still coughing a little but feeling better. Not much of a pace but this month is all about getting the miles in. For me thats the only good thing about being laid off, I got time to run and recover. This will be one of the few times I have run 7 days a week. I had set a goal of 1600 miles for the year and while I hit some bumps in the road during november, december is off to a good start. I got 25.1 miles in so far this week and a big weekend planned. Im signed up for a 15K race tomorrow evening. A few of us have talked and are doing it has a fun run. It will be run in the dark, with snow

Then Sunday is the Road Runners christmas party. I told someone I would be there a little early so we could get 8 miles in. I feel a big december, at least running wise.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Running Times

When I ran Akron Marathon one of the premiums listed was a years subscription to Running Times. It had been so long I had forgotten about it. Figured it was messed up or they changed their minds. Maybe I read it wrong. Then yesterday, they arrived. 2 issues came on the same day. Why not spread them thru out the year a little. A little time between issues isnt a bad idea. The one issue is probably a month old, had article about Constantina Tomescu-Dita winning the gold medal. If she runs for Romania why she live in Colorado?

Any ways, I wil say this is another plus for running the Akron marathon.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Group run

I went to Mill Creek park and ran with the Road runners club. I ran 6.8 miles total, wasnt nothing spectacular. ran most of the way with Suzy. I coughed less then I did day before. I didnt get has many miles this week has I wanted but actually ran more then I probably should. So my thoughts of 1600 miles this year is getting more and more difficult. But not impossible.

November wasnt a kind month to me. I twisted my ankle, got laid off work and caught a cold. The twisted ankle and cold caused me to not run has many miles has I had planned. Now I can still reach 1600 miles, I need 162.1 miles in december to make it. It would be a big month for me. This month I ran for 121.3 miles. My best month of year was march with 162.3 miles. So do I have a huge month in me? Well the ankle is doing fine that wont be holding me back. Now the cold is a different story. Its still lingering. I need it gone, like yesterday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey coughing

I got up this morning, at first I felt a little better then I had the last few days. So I decided not to DNS the Turkey Trot. I got out there with plenty of time, got my shirt and number. Nice shirt this year. I was too early to warm up so I sat around inside talking ot a few people I knew. I found Rick and we decided to do a warm up run. I should of realized then it was a good idea to not run hard.

I had already dropped my goal in this race. After the Peace race I orginally wanted to try to run 40-41 minutes in this race. After twisting my ankle a few weeks back I lowered my goal to 41-42, since 41:55 was my 5 mile PR it was still a good goal to go for. Then I catch a cold. Some times I just think your not meant to run good in a race. After my warm up I had decided to just finish the race. Do my best but I knew it wasn't my best day.

The race started, it was real crowded start. They announced they had 1860 runners in both races combined. The 2 mile race had lot more runners then the 5 miler. I got out alright. My pace slower then I wanted but was what I had today. I got in a pace I could run without too much coughing. I stayed under control, I realized I probably shouldnt be there today. Yep, around mile 3 I got a sudden sense or realization. Then during the mile 4 I felt I had nothing left. I hadnt run that hard but didnt feel like I had much in the tank. I almost running it at long run pace.

I got the the 4 mile marker and decided to suck it up for the last mile. It wasnt easy, since I coughed when I picked it up. Go figure. But, I dont know how to explain it, this is a fast last mile. I didnt realized it but Ron a guy I run on Sundays with often had been trailing me. He made a sprint to beat me at the finish. I couldnt just let him beat me. Some lady was caught up in our sprint to the finish and to be honest I have no idea yet him won. Havent seen offical results yet. Then I paid price for sprinting, has I had coughing fit. I went off in a corner till I got it under control. Then got some water. After that it was hard to find anyone. Pumped into Ron and guy that ran with him who said it was too close to call. I then proceded on with the rest of the day of overeating and football.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Blah! I got in 4 coughing miles in. It was snowing, windy 32* out and the snow actually started to sting when it hit my face. But my cold must of got worse. I took yesterday off, but when I ran Sunday it didnt affect my running. Didnt cough till I stopped. Today I had to stop and walk several times cause I was coughing. UGG. Now Im not sure if I should run next couple days. If I cannt run without coughing, I may drop out of Turkey Trot thursday. But I got 2 days to get better and still run it. I think im better then yesterday, at least I had energy to get off couch today.

On good note, The DVD I ordered, Spirit of the Marathon came in mail today. Which is a great coincidence, I had commented on John's Blog I hadnt got it yet this morning and it BOOM! it came. I may have to comment more good things to happen there.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh what fun it is

Ohh what fun it is to ...... run in a snow storm! Hey! I had planned to meet a couple running buddys to test out our head lamps we all got for an upcoming race. Dont a night race in december sound fun? It says your required to wear a head lamp or carry flashlight. So we wanted to do a run with them before the race. So of course the temp dipped, got to 23* when we went to run. Then the wind picked up a little and it snowed the whole time we ran. Actually made for a fun run, assuming you like that type of thing. After we got going I was warm enough. I guess I dressed right. Footing was a little tough but we managed, since we only planned an easy pace any ways. Fun guys to run with, unless your thin skinned.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The good the bad and the ugly


I met up with Rick yesterday and got a good run in. We did a tempo run with 5 miles total. IT went well. Almost no problems from twisted ankle. So I got another 5 miler planned at 4:30 today.


After work monday I got laid off. Not sure how long, he said a week or 2. Hopefully not longer. This sucks. Not sure how it effects my running. Good part is I have lots of time to run. But no money. So if its for long I might have to adjust racing plans.


It was 21* this morning. Thats ugly any time of the year. But in November! And it hit 70* like a week or so ago. Its just ugly.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

long run for no reason

After all my whining the last 2 weeks about my sore ankle and hip I went long this morning. Me and Rick went to park about 8 to get started. We thought we were going to have company for start of it but they didn't show up. So off we went. I was in easy long run mode, it was all about time on our feet. It was cold day, in low to mid 30's some wind and snowed off an on all day.

First part of run went well. My hip started to bother me with 5 miles to go. It nagged me earlier and I walked alot of the hills to not over do it on ankle anyways. Up hills started to bother hip and down hills bothered ankle. Mill Creek Park just isnt flat enough. Actually its not flat at all.

But we got it done and not a bad time for us, especially all things considered. Hoping to be back on track in miles and pace by end of week. Still hoping for a good run at the Turkey Trot.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Im taking today off from running. I actually ran the last 2 days. 5 miles both days at Buhl park. Not sure if it was smart or not but doesnt seem like I did any more damage to ankle. But might not of helped it heal faster. Of course being on my feet 8 hours at work on concrete doesnt help much.

Now my numbers obsession is still kicked in. I hope to return my mileage buildup next week. I had set a goal of 1600 miles for the year a few weeks back. Now after twisting my ankle I realize its still possible but going to be tougher. And I dont want to jump up in weekly mileage too quickly. One huge week could end cause me to end up hurt again. But knowing me if im close the last week of the year I will go for it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Racing stats

Sunday I was asked about how many races I have done, what the most I have done in a year. The answer is 37 races in 2005. It consisted of mostly 5K's, 29 of them. Looking back I wasnt too bright. I had weeks my only run was a race. I think Im not has addicted has I was. I might miss a race if I wasnt running at all now. After I ran my first marathon in '06 I started cutting back in the number of races. Especially after getting more serious about my training. Heres some hard stats.

number of miles Total
Year races raced miles
2004 19 62.7 606.9
2005 37 137.2 655.8
2006 32 169.5 1100
2007 23 142.4 1334
2008 18 129.8 1344.8

I do still have a couple more races this year so those should go up for this year. So far since I started running I have a 129 races total. At one time I considered trying to run 50 races in a year. I actually think theres enough in driving distance, well long drive distance to pull it off. But I dont think I could train properly for a marathon or run the races with any intensity at all and still marathon train. So unless I give up marathons for a while I dont see that happening.

I also dont plan to give up marathoning either. I am actually looking forward to my next training plan.

I looked at the races and have done 4 marathons, 10 half marathons, 2 ten milers, 8 10K's, 7 5 milers, one 8K, 5 four milers and a bunch of 5K's. A few of shorter distances but those right now dont interest me. I rarely race under a 5K.

Where is all this headed?? Right now its headed towards Cleveland marathon in may. Im trying to get some goal out of these, perhaps a little more focused. Having this time to recover from twisted ankle gives me too much time to think. Wondering what I could do in the marathon if I set my mind to it.

But for now I have a Turkey Trot to prepare for..............

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ankle injurys

I ran yesterday. I got 6.2 miles in yesterday. I probably should of waited a few more days. My ankles still a little swollen. Lot better then last Tuesday and Wednesday when I was just able to walk. I actually was alright thru 5. Guess I over did it a little. I had recently upped my goal mileage for the year to 1600. I dont know if thats going to happen now. I crunched the numbers and unless im back running good this week theres no way I will make it. Always next year.

Now to do some more overanalyzing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Running

I decided that not running isnt good for me. Yes I had no choice this week after twisting my ankle monday. The problems were I am working night shift and the adjustment hasnt gone well. I think its been the sunniest week of the year. Not a good thing when your trying to sleep during day. I should be back on day turn in a week or so.

On top of that I seem to be eating everything in sight. I normally run most of it off. I actually think I ate more then normal partly because of being on third shift. Since I do little if any cross training normally its not like I suddenly started doing a lot of (fill in a form of cross training) Basically did nothing since monday. Of course its actually less then a week.

On top of it I feel more stressed. Which adds to the excessive eating. Or I eat because Im stressed. Its a vicious cycle.

So Ready or not! Tomorrow Im going to run. Probably not real far. And certainly not fast. But Im going to test out the ankle. I got a slip on ankle support. I wish the swelling was down a little more but I think I should be alright. Worse case if it starts to bother me I can walk. Plus it is the Road Runners club Pancake run. Can you think a better reason to run then pancakes?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Twist and shout

My foot is swollen. It just seems to get worse. Had a ankle brace I wore at work and think it sort of cut circulation down. Maybe thats hurt it. I have iced it alot the last couple days. After working last night my toes are purple and the top of foot looks even bigger. I normally wouldnt consider going to a doctor for a twisted ankle but with all the twisted ankles I have had I aint seen it ever do this. Maybe I need to get that ace bandage I was going to get and see if it evens out the compression tightness on ankle.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I went for a trail run at Mill Creek Park yesterday with a couple friends. It's a trail I have run a 100 or so times. The plan was to do 5.5 miles on trails, an easy pace. Less then a mile into it I stepped on a root or rock or something wrong. Down I went. Hard. Twisted my right ankle pretty bad. I stayed on the ground for a minute or so then tryed to walk it off. A little blood on my other knee and my palm but nothing serious. The ankle on the other hand maybe more serious then I thought at first. I had got up and walked a few minutes then ran the rest of it at a slow pace. That may of been a mistake.

Today my ankle foot is very swollen. Almost twice its normal size. Lots of purple and red on it. very colorfull.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat....... a day late

The Runs

Yesterday and today I got in a couple of good runs. Yesterday I ran during trick or treating. Actually makes for a fun run. At least I wasnt alone, usally if I run from home I dont see too many people. Only a 4 miles but a good run. Today I got up and went over to Ricks place and we did a 10 miler around Hubbard. Got done before 9 am and it was nice to do a new route. I found a dollar on the run so it was a profitable run. I drive thru Hubbard all the time but never ran there before.

For october I got in a total of 124.5 miles. Not bad considering I was in marathon recovery. If I stick to my plan of base building for rest of year I should hit 1600 for the year. That's just under 145 miles a month. So I think if I get a really good November, and 10 today should help that. I also plan to add a short easy run for a sixth day of running each week so that will help. Long has it dont interfere with the long runs it shouldn't hurt.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

miles to go.................

I didn't run today. I did run Monday and Tuesday, Mondays run put me over 1300 miles for the year. Last year I ran 1334. I began the year with a goal of 1400 miles. Now all of a sudden 1500 miles doesnt seem that big of a challenge to me. Of course you never know what can happen.

So I crunched the numbers, added them up, diveded by 12, minus 42, factor in some good karma. And I figured I will need about 145 a month for the last 2 months to make 1600 miles. This is why I shouldnt track mileage. I get obsessive from time to time. But this is very doable. And since I want to use the next couple months for better base building it may take care of itself.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

short post

Sometimes you have to begin to be what you want to become, even if you don't totally believe in it yet.

Stolen from MickeyD in the forum.

I got in 11.5 miles today. Went and ran 4 alone, then joined the YRRC for the group run. It was a good day to run, around 50 felt perfect to run.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Run for the Ribbon

I got up this morning and it was raining. No surprise. We got an early start, dropped my wife off, she had to work today, and me and my daughter went off to the Run for the Ribbon race 5K in Warren. It was part of the Make a difference day thingie. It didnt start till 10 and we got there shortly after 8. So sat in car and waited while they got set up. The sign up said at the Amphitheater but the registration was in pavillon on other side of hill. I dropped off my donation, got my shirt, and looked at a map of the course.

I stood around talking to this guy that ran it last year (I hadnt done it before) and he told me last it was long. The course ran around this park that had baseball and soccer field thru it and then out in to town looping back for a down hill finish near the amphitheater. So to add to the crowds there were soccer games going on, and other people showing up for leaf raking, something to do with the make difference day, that may of actually been trying to make a difference.

Miracously, the skys cleared up shortly before the race. I knew the forecast so I wasnt expecting any sun for the race. We got started just about on time. It was sort of a crowded start, the starter really needed a mega phonee cause I wasnt sure we were about to start till a air gun or something went off. I did the lap around the park, waved to my daughter who had walked to other side of park. We then left the park going up about the only real hill in the race. I thought it was a tough course for some reason, probably cause I wasnt has fast has I wanted to be. It did have a quite a few turns in it. I ended up passing a 4 or 5 people the last mile or so. I have no idea what my splits were, no mile markers. They did have course marked well enough, and course had just enough traffic control. I got near the end came down the big hill and got in just under 25, 24:58 I believe. Not close to my best but was pretty good for today. i was actually 27th out of 91 in the 5K. I guess the crowd at the start was an illusion. Plus all the mile walkers might of made it seem worse.

Then I ran into a problem. I couldnt find my daughter. She had the car key so I couldnt get a dry shirt on. I got some water and a pastry and kept looking around for her. She had been walking around with a friend of hers who lived near the park before race. After a while I was getting worried, she's very small and pregnant and doesnt need to be wandering off. I went for a short run part way around park and didnt see her among the soccer sidelines. She's been to alot of races with me and this was not like her. I was starting to get worried about her, I wanted to make sure she was alright. Then I was going to kill her.

So I went back near finish and the awards ceremony hoping she showed up soon. I figured in my age group I had no chance, especially since they did 10 year age groups at this race, 40-49. Of course I only mention that cause I took home the third place in age group medal. So other then losing my daughter, standing around in cold for over an hour it went pretty well. Right after the awards were over I asked someone I knew if I could borrow a phone. I was able to reach, she was on other side of park on some swings. I dont know what she was thinking, how long does she think it takes me to run a 5K? She said I didnt say how long it was so maybe she was thinking I was doing another marathon. Overall I guess it was a good run, just wish I had run a little faster but real happy to get a AG award. Now does anyone want a daughter???

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I got in 6 miles at Buhl Park. I did 2 loops of the park, my normal 5 miles there. But added on the fitness trail loop in middle of the park. According to article I saw in paper its supposed to be 9/10 mile. With going in and out thru the park lot at trail I figured it must be close to a mile. The trail was recently repaved so it was real smooth. My time was faster then normal, I wondered if it was cause the trail was short, but felt I ran it a little faster then normal. And rest of run seemed to match up with faster pace so perhaps it was a mile or close enough. HMMM anyone ever do .9 mile intervals?

A couple months ago I started running with a MP-3 player. After over years of running without one it seemed odd at first. I only use it if im running alone and not doing speedwork. I figured it would help on easy runs and my attempt to increase my mileage. I do feel it has helped some. Now this week I have started to listen to podcasts. I started with SteveRunner. Then Jodi of Confessions of a runner. She was good. Then during todays run I listened to 4 feet running. A couple talked on there way to a half marathon and after it. Was different to hear the race sounds in the back ground. I did find them funny to listen to and plan to keep downloading them weekly.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sunday got in 11.5 miles. I went early to meet Rick. Of course neither of us thought it would drop down to 26*. Jeesshhh its still October. But we went and got in about 5.4 miles, more or less. We finished, (actually started there too) at the cabin where the running club was meeting. We planned to run second part of run with a few others. We met up with them, and skipped the club meeeting. Usually they have 1 a month and this was it. But we was bad and skipped it to finish our run. You would think just 5 of us wouldnt make a difference but the turn out has been so poor lately it has got to point they might not be able to have meeting if anyone there skips. But off we went.
We have not been happy with the direction of the club for a while now. Its become all about the money, even though its supposedly about a charity. We used to get alot more people there, now 20 would be a big crowd. I hear how they used to get 50 to 60 people or more. Even had a friendly competition, the 100 mile club. The people in charge made it too much work now no one wants to hold an office. They also have a hard time getting volunteers. It also seems like a lot of decisions are made without anyone else around. Perhaps, its time to just stay out of some of the stuff. Im not cut out for politics. haha.

How about a run orgy? My buddy told me about a web site while we was running called Has far has it is for a running log, well its very lacking. But if the guys I normally run with want to use to plan runs and what not. Especially the what not, then im game. Besides what guy passes up an orgy?

Friday, October 17, 2008


I got in a good run today. Did 2 loops around Buhl park, 5 miles. I got done a little quicker then normal but I didnt feel like I was pushing pace at all. Just a normal run.

For some reason I keep thinking of making the Turkey Trot a goal race. Im not sure why, its a 5 miler not a distance that really means alot to me. I want to improve my 5K time and definitely my marathon time. There aren't alot of 5 mile races to run any ways. Only done a few others then the Turkey Trot. What got me thinking was at the peace race I was ahead of my 5 mile PR at the 5 mile marker. And if I had been doing 5 instead of a 10K im sure I would of pushed some at finish. Now this doesnt mean I would definitely PR but have some time to prepare and do speed work. So I will say it, im shooting for 40 minutes. Dont quote me.

My history in the Turkey Trot hasnt been spectacular has it is. Its been more of the fun run category. Last year I ran most of it with Ron. Im real sure I could of done better, only really turned it on last mile. I dont think I was running has good has I am now but still didnt think I did my best. Another year I ran the 2 miler there, my niece was running it too. Boy that was a mistake. The 2 miler is a fudge cluster. Im sticking to the 5 miler. A couple years ago it was in a blizzard, with win in face so bad I was running 10 to 11 minute miles on way out, till turn around point and came back doing about 8's. So will need at least decent weather.

SO got over a month to prepare. Of course I might do a 5K or 3 in between but for now my short term goal is the Turkey Trot.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Give peace a chance, a race report

Today, I went and ran the 34th edition of the Peace Race I got up this morning and started getting ready. I was feeling good. The weather was looking good. Sunny and should be in 50's or low 60's at race time. My wife and daughter decided to go with me today. Lately she been spending more time with me then normal. :)

Anyways, I met up with Rick and decided to follow him over. Orginally we was going together but too many spectators decided to go. The race is a point to point race with buses taking you over to a school near the start. We ran back thru town at start then thru Mill Creek park finishing in downtown Youngstown. This is the biggest running event in Youngstown. Lots of people come out you never normally see at a race. Local boxing champion Kelly Pavlik was there and a few other local "celebritys". Before the start Me and Rick saw this guy almost whack him in the head with this log he carrys in races. I seen this guy before carrying the log. I know its some Christian thing but is it really safe?? Would of been kind of funny if he knocked the champ out with it before the race. Well maybe.

We got over there and went and did about a mile warm up. Everyone started to gather at the starting line. Found out later there was 747 runners in the 10K. I wasnt sure how I would do, since I just ran a marathon 2 weeks ago. I was feeling good but who knows. My best 10K ever was 52:19, at the peace race it was 53:14. I had run it before, (thats a shocker) And run in Mill Creek park regularly. So I knew where the hills were. Its a net downhill course but second half was tougher then start. So I planned a positive split, I wanted to go out hard. Well I sort of went out hard.

We got started and start is downhill. But I wasnt able to get going quite the way I wanted but good. It was a really crowded start. Probably wasted too much time weaving around people. I figured the 10K had to be easier without a 20 mile warm up run first. Mile one split was 7:53. I actually wanted it faster but didnt think I could hold that pace. Mile 2 was flatter but stil some downhill in it. Mile 2 split was 8:06, just about where I wanted to be. Mile 3 had some up hills in it, 8:19, and I was feeling good still. It was hard but I didn't take my normal shortcut at this sharp bend I usually take. I suppose it was better that I stuck to the course.

Mile 4 was about flattest on the course. One small uphill is all I remember. In this area we run right along one of the lakes and the park was looking beautiful today. But no time to admire it today. Mile 4 split 8:08. Mile 5 we leave the park and has some hills. Nothing major. Might of been more then I thought it was, 8:31 for this mile. I was at 41:00 even at 5 mile mark which I later realized would of been a 5 mile PR. So I was trying to finish strong. Kept a good pace, hit a hill going over a bridge getting near downtown. I made this turn and could see the finishline off in a distance. If there was a 6 mile marker I missed it. I started to pick it up. I got close and had closed the gap between me and this small group in front of me. I was able to pass 4 of the 5 in the group. I was kicking with all I had left, not saying much, but I saying the clock. I was close to being under 51. I crossed right at 51:00, watch time. I got my peace medalion and started to look for some water.

I was real happy with time, especially after I remembered it was over a minute PR. I momentarily during race thought I could break 50 minutes but wasnt today, maybe next year. I found my wife, daughter, Rick and his girlfriend. He had run a great race, under 45 I believe he said. Great Race! Then we had to get going, it was my moms birthday, yes she was born on Columbus day, 1942 not 1492 though. I ended up giving her my Peace Race shirt. I have 1 or 30 to spare. And I hadnt got to a store. Anyways, thanks for reading, especially if you stayed awake this long.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Peace Race

Its been a long day. Was a planned rest day, probably a good thing. Ended up working almost 12 hours. Rick had stopped and picked up our race packets for the Peace Race in Youngstown. He stopped by and dropped it off. Nice to know that I wasnt only one hurting next day after that 9 mile hill run Wednesday.
I looked thru my packet, not much in it. Shirt seems nice, a coupon for free chips at BW3's. I got my bib and the number seemed very familar. So, since I have most of them, I looked in my folder and it turned out that its the same number I had last year. So im playiing 396 in lottery tomorrow. Im just wondering what the odds are? Or do they save the same number for people year after year?? I doubt that. IT is one of the biggest events in area so I dont like to miss it. And there are so few 10K's in area I hate to miss it.

Goals?? Being that its 2 weeks and a day after Akron Marathon, its hard to tell what I will be able to do. I feel I have been running good, so I looked at what my 10k times were previously. My best time was 52:19, happened during marathon in a previous year. At the Peace race my best time is 53:14, I would really like to beat that time. I haven't run a race so close to a marathon before. Well at least not with intention of running it hard. But im feeling pretty good so who knows what will happen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Route

This evening Rick came over for a run. I pulled out a route I had always wanted to run but never did alone. It goes from my house to my parents. It's a mere 4.6 miles each way. Of course theres a few major hills in between. I dont know the slopes but the one is over a half mile, and feels straight up. Then a few more good size hills. Then got to my parents house. But they weren't home so, just turned around and went back. Luckily the way back wasnt has hard, a couple good hills but got to go down the worse of the hills. Theres one part I dont care for but its not too long. The road gets tight and windy. I wouldnt want to run it in the winter or dark. We were almost 2 minutes faster on way back. WooHOO us.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Even though I havent run much this weeek, I feel like my recovery from marathon is going better then I expected. I was sore for a couple days but not has long or has bad has I expected. Most people are sore after a marathon. I feel it could of been because of a few reasons or just one. Not sure.
* Running the day after.
* A big steak and a baked potato hours after the race.
* Beer.
* I have done more marathons now, and more long runs.
* Lack of stretching.

Now I am looking ahead at what's next. Here's the Unofficial plan sponsered by Brooks running shoes. (Ok its not but some running will be in Brooks.) Next week I plan to just do some easy running. No exact mileage, then Sunday run the Peace race. Its biggest, most historic race in this area. Im sure I can manage a 10K. Probably will run it hard, after all its a race. I even have thoughts of PRing in it. My 10K PR is 52:19. That wasn't at Peace Race, there its like 53. Second half has some good hills on it. The first half has lots of down hill, so I think to get a good time it will be a positive splits. Take advantage of those downhills.

I think im repeating myself, which might show how boring my runnings been this week. I still haven't run in my new shoes. It looked like rain, aint wearing them in rain the first time. Perhaps tomorrow is the day.


I wont the golf league im in. Its only about a dozen guys, which I been golfing in for about 20 years or so. I ended up in playoff against first half winner. Friday we were only 2 to show up in shorts. We are on different ends of the spectrum in some ways. He had his leg amputated a few years ago, can walk but not far. Takes cart has close has possible to ball. I had just run a marathon. Almost always walk when I golf. But golf isnt about how far or fast. I didnt have a good day, but his was worse.

Fantasy Baseball

I finished second in my Fantasy baseball league. It was my best finish ever and I feel I have a good team going into next season.

And my Fantasy Football team is 4-0.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thats the officail race photos from Akron. Im bib number 982 if it doesnt take you right there. I looked but none thrilled me enough to want to order one. Maybe Im missing something, I'll take another look in a day or 2.

I talked to my buddy Rick the other day, and we are already making plans to run Cleveland marathon again. We even have a plan picked out. Its from Dean Karanazes new book about his 50 marathons in 50 days. He included some other stuff too. I think everyone puts out a marathon plan in their books this days. Or im just reading books by runners. I haven't read book yet, Rick made me a copy of it. Usually I just read thru several different plans and make something up. So maybe if I try and stick to it close has I can and see how that works out. If I do a spring marathon, Clevelands the only one I think I would be able to make, all things considered with home life.

In the mean time I plan to up my mileage. For the year im averaging about 30 miles a week. So heres my plan for rest of year. I take next week and half of easy recovery running from marathon. Then run the . Its biggest/most prestigious race in area. No expectations there, but run it for fun. Then near end of October start a slow increase in mileage. My marathon plan would start mid January so that would give me almost 3 months to improve weekly mileage. I also plan to hit a few locals 5K and probably the 5 miler Turkey Trot. Just to keep things fun. If all goes well I have some 40-45 weeks in there. I also plan to go do 2 or 3 long runs. Its a 17 mile run to loop Mill Creek park, always a good run.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shoe pictures

Here they are. Cause im bored.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Shoes

I went up to Second Sole to pick up my new Free Brooks running shoes for completing the Akron marathon. I ended up with the Brooks Defyance. They felt good at store and salesdude said they were closest to what I normally run in. I wasnt too thrilled with the color a kind of lime green and white, my wife already said its an ugly color but hey their free so whos complaining. Yep all I had to do was marathon train for 16 weeks, hill work, speed work, long runs, pay my application fee and run 26.2 tough hilly miles. Yep that was all. Of course I probably would of done all that anyways.

I should have some pictures to post later this week. I even took a couple of the shoes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Akron Marathon

Im starting to hate relay runners.

The story about the hills are true. Its a tough hilly marathon. But I suppose I could go into a few more details. I got up early so I could drive to Akron by 6 AM. I met up with Rick about 5 and off we went. Glad we did cause parking was rather confusing. We found a deck not too far from the finish and went there. I got ready and we made way to start. Well actually the bathrooms near the starting line. Time was getting close, we got in the corral looked for right area to line up. They had announcements and said they had 10,000 runners today. They had over 800 5 person relay runners so I guess its possible. It may of been biggest race I been to. I had debated about wearing my hat or not, I wanted it in case it rained like forecasted. By mile 3 I wish I had left it behind.

And off went. The first couple miles were very crowded. Actually most of race was crowded. Then I started making a classic mistake. We kind of decided to try to hit 4:15, a little aggressive but dont know if you dont try. I had run 4:37 in Cleveland in May. But even at that I was going too fast. Me and Rick were still running and hanging close to the 4:15 pace group. But if we were going to fast why was the pacer so close to us??

The miles started clicking away, great crowd support, and lots of runners make it seem to go faster. After a couple of relay exchanges I really started to hate the relay runners. Nothing like trying to hold an even pace then get passed by some fresh legged runners. The further into the race the worse it was.

At a water stop just past the 12 mile marker me and Rick got seperated. I ended up behind the 4:15 pace group for a while, Rick seemed to be picking up pace in front of them. I decided it wasnt worth the effort to catch him. I figured that was the last I would see him till the finish line. We had done alot of runs together and I wasnt surprised to see him pulling away. This section was on the Towpath trail, made of crushed limestone, was nice to get off ashphalt for a few miles.

I had gotten just ahead of the 4:15 pace group when we were going under the halfway mark sign. It really was a big banner. Problem is I think I psyched myself at this point. I realized I was 2 minutes ahead of a 4:15 pace. I started to panic that I was going get horrible cramps like I had in Cleveland. It can really played with my mind. I could hear the pacer behind me saying she was going for even effort, taking advantage of some downhills and the tough hills were coming up. Still I was kept thinking I had gone too fast anyways and should of saved energy for the hills. I had done lot more hill work for this then normal so I hoped it was enough. Not alot you can do about it now. Then about mile 17 near another one of those dam relay exchanges I saw Rick. He told me to keep going, he was hurting. Later found out that his calves cramped up so bad for a while he could barely walk. He even stopped at first aid station for a little bit.

After that I got a little bit better. Not much. I finally realized I had to just do whatever I could to get done. No point worrying about the time. Of course then I did something else I never do in training. There was a block party going on, some kid was there witha tray of tiny muffins. I took one and ate it. What the hell I never eat muffins on a run. Some days you just dont think. I kept doing my run/walk thing doing what I could. Tryed to mostly just run the up hills and water stops but that didnt exactly work out.

Last mile, finally. I started to talk to this guy at mile 25 marker and it seemed to help, distract from my legs not liking running at this point. Some how I managed to run the last 1.2 miles. Not fast but I ran it. I entered the Canal park, Akrons minor league baseball teams stadium, and was able to finish looking strong.

I finished in 4:30:02. I had hoped for better but considering it was 7 minutes faster then I ran in May in Cleveland I should be happy.

Many positives about this race:
Great medal.
Great shirt.
Lots of water stops.
Free shoes!!

Just a couple negatives:
Real tough/hilly course.
parking was tough to find.
I really hate those relay runners.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Counting down

Not long now, tomorrow morning I go to Akron marathon expo. They got a good list of vendors there. Not sure if I will see any speakers, Katherine Switzers is there might catch that. See how the day goes. Luckily I got tomorrow off work. So wont be pressed for time. Still debating whether to run tomorrow morning or not. I usually overtaper, but this time doing a little more. I didnt run today and I was thinking of doing 3 today or tomorrow morning. A Saturday marathon has slightly different logistics. But didnt have to worry about taking day after off.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taper madness?

I usually keep this blog to running/racing related issues. That was my intention when I started this, for the most part. This is second of my 3 week taper so there's not alot to write about. Other then figuring out how much I want to run next week.

Instead of concentrating on my running lately, I have had an overwhelming issue in my life thats not running related. My 18 year old daughter, whos a senior in high school got pregnant. I found out on Tuesday and havent really had my mind on things. Didnt sleep much the last few days but last night really slept well. I know its not the end of the world, and I did manage not to really get mad. It wouldnt help anything anyways. I just dont feel like she realizes how much this is going to change her life. No im not thinking this will ruin her life, lots of people have managed fine with a baby early. I just wish she had finished high school at least first. A couple years from now would of been much easier to deal with. But it is what it is. She's my daughter and we all make mistakes so on we go.

I actually have run this week, amazing how much better you feel after a run, even a bad one. Well Wednesday was a good hill run so it made it even better. Akron marathon is in a week, and im hesitantly feeling confidant that I will do better then in Cleveland. I am thinking of signing up for the 4:15 pace group, which makes sense this is my goal.

Other parts of my life.

Im not just a runner. It has over the years become a major part of my life. I also golf. Every Friday in a real small league, maybe 10 guys show up every week. Amazingly enough this is the first time I have been in first place with a week to go. I have been golfing with them for 20 some years. Main reason im still there is my dad runs the league. Otherwise not sure how much I would golf, I never got that good at it anyways. Bogey golfer at best.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tapering weekend?

I did more this weekend then I had planned. I did 9 miles Saturday, in a downpour. It actually became a miserable run. I wanted to do something a little longer then normal on a Saturday. Since Akron marathon is on Saturday I had thought of doing long runs on Saturday but never did any. Stuck to my regular routine of running them on Sunday. This is my fourth marathon, can I have a regular marathon training routine?
By going longer Sunday it made it easier for me to run with my regular running buddys. I went with them today and got in 8 total. Felt good at the end, even though it was a hotter, humider then I expected.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday speedwork

I got in a last chance interval session, 8 half miles with 3:30 rest between each. I felt like it went welll. The first one I ran in 3:29. After that I try to keep within 5 seconds of it. I figure you did too much if you slow too much. Or started too fast. The rest went well, 3:24, 3:28, 3:27, 3:30, 3:28, 3:26. Fairly constitent, then last one gave it extra I had and finished with my best one, 3:22. Akron marathon is getting close. I actually dont have a taper plan, I may of actually misplaced my orginal training plan. Im sure I will figure something, since its mostly about getting to starting line with rested legs now.

Im not sure it makes sense but right now I feel more ready, in better shape then when I ran Cleveland. I actually ran more miles while training for Cleveland Marathon. But I attribute it to a few things:
* Better, more rest.
* More speedwork.
* More races. Raced myself into shape.
* probably the biggest, factor is im not hurt now. Got a shin splint right before my last long run before Cleveland and I guess I overtapered while trying to get it healed. Didnt work. But I finished. I do have some pain on top of foot, I still think its from my steel toes at work. I changed them but its still hasnt gone away. It could be something else but other then taking more time off I dont know what to do. Actually dont think its bothering me much running so will keep running and ice it after.

I do think more mileage would be a good thing, but trying to up it real slowly. In time I think I will get it up near 40 mpw, its about 30 right now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

long morning

Today started off good. I went to park with my buddy and got in our 20 miler. We both thought it was one of our best long runs. It was real humid but didnt feel overly hot. Now less then 3 weeks to go. But while I was at park running everyone was trying to get ahold of me. My dad was taken to hospital having chest pains and trouble breathing. I got home and changed and went to hospital. By this time he looked fine, sitting up talking, they had him on oxygen but was looking good. Apperantly I missed all the excitement. This evening my mom called and said he did have a heart attack. they say its a mild one, so guess thats good. Yesterday he looked fine and had gone golfing. So some time tomorrow morning they are doing a catherization and possibly putting a stint in if necassary. I knew it was going to be a long day, but not the way I thought. Its my daughters birthday and we were having a small family get together. We still did but felt more subdued I guess. My dad insisted we did and just said to save him a piece of cake. OF course this was before the tests came back and he knew what was going on. Well hopefully he will be back to normal soon, just makes you realize how fast things can change.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Buhl Day 5K

Today I went up to Hermitage for the Buhl Day 5K. Nothing like a race 5 minutes from home. Its a point to point race that runs along a parade route. the parade followed the race. People are lined up for the parade before we start the race so its kind of neat, being part of the parade I guess. I met up with my buddy and we did a mile or so warm up around the plaza. We got lined up, seemed like a decent crowd. Real sunny and was heating by time we got started.
Now you have to love this course. You get to run on a main road you never normally could. Plus the first mile is almost all downhill. It really helps that first mile. I thought had been running good and my recent speedwork had gone good. But on other hand I ran 12 miles the day before. Who runs 12 miles the day before they plan to run a hard 5K? Well I do know of 2 guys now. I decided to not hold back and go with the suicide approach to running it. I was going out has hard has I could and hoped I could hold on at the finish. I figured I could get a mile to mile and half at this pace.
We took off, we actually got led by a bunch of Harleys at start not that I saw them for long since I wasnt near the leaders. I got to the first mile marker, watch said 7:03. I have never run a mile that fast before! About the half way point we got into Buhl park, I run there alot so guess its nice to run a race there. I was right about falling off after the first mile, second mile I finished in 8:01. I usually run splits much closer. But with all the downhill the first mile I knew it would be faster.
I was trying to keep the same pace, and I saw the weather man in front of me. I was usually near him in races, beat him some of the time. I missed the 3 miler marker, which I had seen a couple days ago when I ran in park. I ran the last 1.1 in 9:01, not horrible but would of liked to finish a little stronger. I had let the weather man get a little to far ahead of me to catch, he finished right in front of me. Dang it. Total was 24:06 which is a PR for me! What more could you ask for? Dont think I had much more today but would of really liked to be under 24.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week in Review

This was kind of a cutback week. No real long run, the last 20 is next Sunday. I started it off with a 4 mile group run with the YRRC. It went ok and considering I did 20 miler day before. Took Tuesday off. Wednesday was speedwork day, me and Rick went up to Buhl park and did 8 half mile intervals around Casino loop. I initally felt it went well. It was pouring rain and shoes got heavier has I went. Started at 3:35, slowest was 3:38. I hit my fastest time of 3:31 twice including on the last one. Overall I averaged 3:34. Then I looked in my log and I realized that I was 8 seconds slower on average then last time I ran them. I try not to worry about that too much, I try to run but percieved pace. I just run intervals hard. But to qualify it 3 things,
* Last time I only ran 6 so in back of mind I knew I was running 2 more.
* It was raining pretty good, shoes were waterlogged when I finished.
* I had run 20 miles on Sunday, last time I had only run 9 on Sunday before.
So perhaps all those things added up to a little slower time.
Tomorrow I got a 10 or 12 miler planned. Whatever everyone there feels like doing. Then Monday doing the Buhl day 5K.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another 20 miler

I met with Rick, and got to Lilli Pond a little after 7. A little later then I wanted since we were going to meet up with some others at 9. I felt good for about a mile when I started to have GI problems. Luckily it was less then a mile to facilities. They were those wonderfull park type. Basically a hole in the ground with a board and a seat. At the time I didnt care. After that the run went much smoother. Along way I took 2 hammer gels, banana and apple cinnamon. banana wasnt bad but not has good has i was hoping. It started to heat up last few miles, got over 80 before we finished. Struggled some last couple miles, but made it. Did the same 10 mile loop twice. Its a hilly enough to be ready for most races. Did first loop in 1:45:53 and second loop in 1:46:08. So was a fairly consistent pace. Well at least at the end they were. A 10:34 pace which is about where I think I should be.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perfect 10 Miler

I went up to Cleveland for the Perfect 10 miler. I had what I thought would be a challenging goal for me. Considering last month I ran a half in 2:01 I thought it was a good goal. I started off too fast, I ran first 3 miles in 24:41. Earlier this month I ran a 5K in 25:26. But I had to try to hold on. Got to 5 mile mark at 42:08 so I doubted I could negative split the race, but way ahead of goal pace. I took a hammer gel and got some water just after mile 5. they had a total of 6 water stops I only got water at 3. 6 was a little much for me. I had a couple of miles off pace in last half. No real hills but a few long upgrades that made you work a little harder on miles 8 and 9. I finished strong. Very happy overall, finished in 1:25:23, watch time, about 12 seconds different then official clock but thats how long it took to get to starting line. They used chips but had to starting mat. Well at least they got results done fast.
Lots of good things about the race, nice finishing medal, nice course, water stops, lots of volunteers, a wicking shirt. If I can I will be back.

1 8:06
2 8:15
3 8:19
4 8:36
5 8:50
6 8:59
7 8:05
8 8:54
9 9:01
10 8:14

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New shoes

Today I went to Mill Creek park for my run, got in 4.6 at an easy pace. Whatever that is. I was a little worried about this run since I up thru the night with some intestinal problems. Must of got them out. This was my first run in my new shoes, same brand I been running in Mizuno Waveriders. I had them sitting on shelf in box till for over a month. I was waiting till I got over 500 miles on the oldest pair I was running in. Hoping to get rid of this foot pain. It seems to be getting better slowly, I been icing it after run, stretching, new work boots, changed my walking around shoes. Hopefully these things will get rid of this silly pain. It acts almost like planataar fascitis but its on top of foot. I had already redid laces so they wouldnt be right on top of foot where pain is.
I went to the Bycycle shop in Austintown today. I got some Hammer Gel. They didn't have boxes of them and I really didn't want to get the big bottle so I went with a variety. They only had 2 apple cinnamon so I got them and 2 banana, an orange and a tropical. They had a couple other flavors that didnt appeal to me. Might get the raspberry next time.
Tomorrow I race in the Its only my 2nd 10 mile race ever and to be honest my PR is a soft one I feel. I hope to hit 1:30:00. Its a 9 minute pace and for that distance I feel its a enough of a challenge. I wasn't going to say I had a goal but I do, so now to hope I got reach it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ice Cream Race 5K

This evening I went with Rick to Grove City to run The Ice Cream Race 5K. I will keep this short since im still on an ice cream ice. They had gallons and gallons of ice cream. I had a plate of strawberry, mint chocalate chip, strawberry and what best described has birthday cake. Nothing beats ice cream for dinner.

Oh yea there was a race too. It was the 25th Ice Cream race and the 100th race of the Courtney twilight quad series races, real big race, had to be close to 700 or 800 runners which makes for a crowded 5K. And Bill Rodgers showed up for the race too. Yes Boston Billy was there. I got registered, got my chip, tshirt and spoon. We went and did a mile warm up and waited. Went up to the starting line, it was getting real crowded. Bill said something over the loud speaker, I have no idea what though. And off we went. A real crowded start. And it took me almost took me 15 seconds to reach starting mat. Lot longer then usual for a 5K in this area. I tryed to go with the flow but ended up doing alot weaving around people the first mile. Then it spread out some. I ended up pacing it pretty well, the splits weren't too erratic. (8:04, 7:57, 8:05) I finished in 24:47 watch time. I hope to get chip time tomorrow. It was first time in almost 2 years since I was in the 24's. Everybody who finished got a ribbon saying 100th Twilight quad, which I got signed by Bill Rodgers.
A good race and ice cream. Does life get any better.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Improving? knock on wood...

Today I got in my 18 miler. It went well, ran with Rick. We both finished in good shape or so it seemed. Other then the foot pain I feel good about it. It was one of my best long training runs I think I ever did. Felt better at end then I usually do.

I might actually be improving. I had a good interval workout on Wednesday. I averaged 10 seconds faster then last time I ran them at Buhl park, in March. It was faster then last week I ran them, but that was at Harding park, not sure distance was right and there was some rolling hills.

Wednesday I plan to run the Ice Cream Race 5K. Its part of my training plan not just race madness. A nice 5K race with ice cream afterwards. What more could you ask for. My plan called for alternating intervals, hill runs and 5K races on Wednesdays. The races replace tempo runs. More fun then running alone. Besides who doesnt need a dresser full of race Tshirts?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I dont know why but 43 is bothering me. 40 didnt bother me and that was supposely a big one. Im no longer the meaning of life? At least its a beautiful day out. Im about to go run some speedwork with my buddy, what else would you do on your birthday when theres no races? Now does this mean I can start my new PR's? Naww I usually start that stuff over first of the year. Not sure how many miles I have done since last birthday any ways. Ok I know I could figure it out but who has the time. Dont answer that.

Ok I should get going the plan is to go run, some intervals at the park. Am I too old to hope there some nice legs there? Then out too dinner some where to be decided.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Star Trax

I sat around most of the day. I may of over rested for the race. Then I made what I thought was going to be a fatal mistake. I went to get pizza, and this was about all I did all day. But the mistake was how much of it I ate. TOOO MUCH!! I ate at 4 and race was at 9 so I was hoping for best after wards. I really should know better. I went over to Rick's and off we went to Salem. The Star Trax 5k is a night race that starts at 9 PM. They light lumanaries all along the route. It starts on the high school track. Do a loop around track, then thru the streets of town. You finish back on track, come into the stadium with all the lights on, big crowd for race and do a loop around track, to finish in front of grandstand. I fun race.
We did some warm up and lined up for the race. It was a good night to run, not too humid, not too hot. Good size race for area with around 450 runners. I actually got off to a slow start due to the crowd. I didnt think I could PR here but wanted a good race, since it was my last one has a 42 year old. I reached first mile marker at 8:27. I set my goal there to run it negatively. Along the next couple miles people along route set up sprinklers. Could of done without but didnt change route to avoid them. A little hotter they would of felt great. I got to 2 miles at 8:21, so plan was in place. And it wasn't real hilly but second half of race had more down inclines then the first. I entered the stadium to do loop on the track, they had the 3 mile marked, unlike alot of 5K's in area. So gotta love that, ran mile 3 in 8:02. Then I surprised myself, and sprinted the last tenth of a mile. Well for me it felt like a sprint. I pasted 4 or 5 runners on that last tenth. Saw a guy pushing a stroller for race in front of me and was able to past him right before finish line. The part thats hard to believe is that I didn't puke at the finish line. Finished in 25:26, Not a bad race overall.
Today, Sunday, was a busier then normal, went and met my normal running group and ran 9 miles. About half of it was on trails. Then took a ride up to Lake Erie. Went to Geneva on the Lake, and we went swimming. Not what you call a workout but more fun. Then went to eat at a place on the strip called Eddies Grill. Good food. The place was a motorcycle heaven up there. Long day.

Friday, August 1, 2008


No running today. Went to golf found out my sister lost 310 pounds of fat. She got rid of her current husband last week. (she works at golf course in evening, doesnt golf) Then ended up at a local festival. Ran into my running buddy Rick. Then saw my sister and her husband. Been a pretty full day. Why am I posting when I'm this tired? I dont know either.
I did an experiment with adding pictures, trying to spice it up. Wasn't sure it worked till I posted it, thats why no explantions of the pictures, not that any are needed.
Tomorrow I am sleeping in. Or hope too. I usually take wife to work then go to park and run. Since I got a race planned tomorrow evening. I know I race too much, deal with it. So I dont need to get up and do anything in morning. So thats tomorrows plan. Of course I need something to do till I leave for the race at 7 PM. The race course is lined with lumanaries. Ok there candles in empty milk cartons. Well more later.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hill run.

I cracked the whip. I did my 5 mile hill run with my buddy. I think I poped a lung on the first hilll. Its a half mile with 210 feet elevation. Luckily lots of down hill then the second hill of .4 mile with 200 feet elevation. Gotta love living in a hilly area. No wonder I prefer to go run at park.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I got my half mile intervals in. 5.6 miles total, 6 hard half miles. The plans almost got ruined. I was supposed to my buddy at the track at 6. The track was closed for soccer or football practice. Wasnt any where measured off I knew of to run them, so ended up at this close park that doesnt really have any where to run. Its soccer fields and volleyball courts and bocce ball. But we did a quick measurement, ideally we wanted a half mile and a quarter mile. We ended up with a half mile that went down and into a loop back where we towards where we started. But it was over .3 mile back to start. So the recovery period was longer but got in the hard halfs. Of course had to run over a few soccer moms, jump over speed bumps, and it was mostly rolling hills. To top it off started to rain about the second half mile. It let up for a bit then when we were starting our last one it started to pour even harder. Well at least we got them in.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Presque Isle Half marathon

I got up early this morning and headed up to Erie for the Presque Isle Half. My wife and daughter went with me. Got up there about 6:30 or so got my shirt. I didnt know it before hand but they had pink shirts for ladys shirts and mens were gray. Heck I should of got the pink and gave it to my wife or daughter, Like I need more shirts. It had rained earlier and not sure if that made it worse or not. It was in 70's but I think the humidity was higher. After a not so quick restroom break we got started. My goal was to break 2 hours, but way the humidity was I wasnt sure I shouldnt adjust.
I started off good the first couple miles, then a few bad miles in there. And what felt like the right pace was just a little slower then I needed. At mile 8 I figured I couldnt break 2 hours. Now I think its head game. Maybe I could of pushed my pace, but I played it safe. I orginially wanted to hit the 10 mile mark at 1:30 to 1:32 then finish in like 28 minutes, but was a couple minutes slow. Then I finished the last 5K in 28:06. I was happy I finished strong, but was still a couple minutes slow, finished in 2:02:22. I think I hydrated right, but dang I was soaked at finished. Didnt think I could get any wetter. I was right, I took a jump in Lake Erie and wasnt any wetter.
Then we went over to the picnic. Had some hamburgers and beer. We normally go to the water park thats there after the race but for several reasons we decided not to. And the storm we drove thru on way home made me glad we did. Was raining rhinos and elephants, even pulled over a couple times cause I couldnt see. Then since I got home its been clear. Go figure.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long run

I got in 14 mile long run today. It was extremely humid the first 8 or 9 miles. Then the rain let loose. Rained like elephants and rhinos. This was day 2 of 9. In 9 days me and Rick will do 2 5K's a 14 mile long run and a half marathon. Ran the Smokey Hollow 5K yesterday (Saturday) it was hot and hilly race. Well put together and overall a good race. But nost mile 2 was uphill. And alot of mile 3 was uphill too. Most people were a minute to 2 minutes slower then normal. I was about a minute and half slower then at Sharpsville 5K.
So now the plan is to do the Fredonia 5K on Wednesday evening. Its a planned training run, yea right. Then next Sunday I am going to Erie, PA for the Presque Isle Half Marathon. What a way to train for a marathon?? I might not be getting in alot of miles per week, but I am getting in my long runs, speedwork and hill runs so hopefully I will be ready. Not to mention my training races.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Firecracker 4 mile run

I got in a mile warm up then ran a hard tempo 4 miler. Some call it a race but I was thinking it was better to think of it has a tempo run. This usually last till I pass the starting line. So I tied on my Cleveland browns headband and went out it with what I had this morning. I still felt stuffed, too much pizza last night. ended up finishing in 33:40, (splits 8:07, 8:17, 8:49, 8:27). I had forgotten how much tough the hills at mile 3 were. I least I thought they were. I guess I finished about where I thought I would. Its one of the biggest events in area, 700-800 runners or theres about. Lot of people there lined up for the parade that follows the race. I didn't stick around for the parade, I got enough to do this afternoon cooking chickens on a spit so will be watching a fire all afternoon.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

12 miler

I got in 12 miler like planned today. Ran it with Rick, Leonard and Jim ran first 9 with us. It was real humid out and going out the first 4 miles too fast hurt me the last mile or so. Just glad I got it in. The humidity was a killer.

The next week's plan is to do some intervals on Wednesday, with a 8 miler on Sunday and a easy run on Tuesday and Saturday. Being off Friday and the Canfield 4 miler is Friday morning. Rick wants to run it, I wont be close to him but might go run it to see what I can do. We did decide to do an "easier" interval workout Wednesday so we will be recovered for it. The following Sunday we plan to do 14, hopefully it wont be has humid. Or we might have to start going earlier.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sharpsville 5K

Wednsday evening I went and ran the Sharpsville 5K. Its my 5th time running, havent missed it since I started running. So I didnt want to ruin the streak. I know theres a few of them but I hate to miss one. There used to be a festival with it but the festival got cancelled last year but they kept the race. I seem to like mid week races. My buddy Rick showed up and we did a warm up mile. It was warm enough that it wasnt going to take much to warm up. The weather report had me thinking we might get a storm but it was clear and sunny.
We got started about a 100 of us. I was using this and a few other mid week races this summer has part of my speed training for Akron Marathon. I thought I went out a little too fast, 7:53 at what I thought was mile 1. I didn't fall off too much, the course was a perfect out and back and I was at 12:17 at the half. I was dying but I tryed to keep close to that pace. But the way back wasn't has good. Not really an uphill but an enough upgrade to make you hate it. Hit mile 2 at 8:10. I passed a bar but no one had set up a beer stop. Then a funeral home, which at this point might of been needed. When did 3 miles get so tough?
I came around the last turn and you can see the finish line. Nothing like a finish line to rivive you. I passed 2 other runners and finished in 25:03. Im happy with the time, the best I had run a 5K in a year and a half. Well back to my plan of casual marathon training.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Casual marathon training

I really dont feel like im in "marathon training". I not sure how to explain but since im basing this training on 2 big workouts a week. I have been doing them. First is a speed training session on Wednesdays. Either hills, intervals(including yasso's0, possibly tempo runs and races. I have 3 5K races lined up on Wednesdays during this training plan.
The other important day is Sunday. It's my long run day, maybe the most important day of the plan. I got my long run plan made out and feel it should build up me up just right. The rest of the week I want 2 days of rest or cross training and 2 or 3 days of easy runs. This week I had 21.6 miles. Before it would of bothered me but I ran what I had planned on Sunday, 8 miles and did my hill run on wednesday. My mileage is a little lacking but I think earlier this year while training for Cleveland marathon it would of really bothered me.
Next week I plan to do the Sharpsville 5K on wednesday. I look at it has a crowded tempo run. That way if I dont run a great time I can call it a training race. Then Sunday I plan to run 12 miles. I think my shin is doing better so hopefully not pushing the days and mileage and concentrating on a couple runs a week might be better for me.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ladder Intervals

Wednesday did a real tough work out. Me and Rick went to the track and ran a ladder interval workout. We went up and down the ladder, doing a 400. 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800 and a 400. I started out too fast. I was almost 20 seconds slower on way back down. Real tough work out. I think I started out too fast cause I couldnt held close enough. Its the first week of training for Akron marathon. Im hoping things, mostly my shin splint gets better. After yesterdays run I realized im not in has good shape I thought I was.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Akron Marathon Training

My training plan for the Akron Marathon is starting today. I am going to use a plan that more closely resembles the plan I used for Cleveland in '07. Simply put my plan is:
* Mondays and Fridays will be rest days. Fridays is my golf day so that will be easy to use has a rest day (except I might race on the fourth of July). Mondays are after my long run so that fits. If I feel I need it I will take a third rest day.
* Long runs will be Sundays. I plan to start at 10 (maybe 12) miles and move up 2 miles every other week. The in between week run a 8 to 12 miler.
* Speedwork once a week on either Wednesday or Thursday. It will be a combination of hillwork, intervals and certain races I picked out.
* I plan to run 2 or 3 easy runs a week, 4 to 7 miles. They will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I still think you need lots of miles, but I realize I need a day or 3 of rest each week. So going with a more conservative approach mileage wise. Being carefull not to jump up too fast this time around. At least thats the plan right now. I didnt get hurt last year going into Cleveland. This year I got the shin splint that still wont go away completely. But seems to be real close. Even though I am just coming off I a marathon I think taking has much time has I did because of the shin splint I think I lost some of the speed and endurance I had. So will train like im starting from stratch. I probably could take a maintenance attitude and still finish. But I would like to improve on my time, finish in better shape after it with no or less severe calf cramps.
Also since I know this is supposed to be a hilly course I plan to do more hill work in training and not have has high of goals in marathon, but train like I do.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Last night I went to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 5k fun run. Even says fun run on the Tshirt. I took my niece with me, she plans to run cross country this year and needs some races. Shes actually real small for age but still could get better unless she has the same speed genes her uncle has. We got there and got signed up. I decided to run it all with my niece, that way it would definitely be a fun run, someone gave me this advice since im still having some lower leg problems, must of been baggins or Billp or Flyguy or ME or MickeyD or secretgarden or Jeanbean or bamarunner, not sure I cannt remember. Any ways I did about a mile warm up, didnt take much since it was about 85 degrees out. I stretched out some then time to start. We lined up towards the back. Then made the classic mistake of going out too hard. 3 miles is still a big distance for her. She needs more endurance, I dont think she runs regularly but I dont think thats uncommon for a 14 year old. We hit mile one at 8:52. She started to slow down. Mile 2 was 10:02. She seemed to lose it in the heat. She wasn't liking my motivational techniques, unfortunately I didnt have a horse whip to keep her moving. I could tell she was sandbagging, at the end she sprinted at the finish. She waited till there was 30 or 40 yards left and took off. She out sprinted me to the finishline, we finished in 33:30. She got third for her age group. Then we ate at the festival, a great garlic bread bowl with cavatelli and meatball. And people run to lose weight????

Monday, June 2, 2008

I ran on Monday again

I usually use Monday has a rest day. But this was second Monday in a row I ran. Last week made an exception because it was Memorial day. This week it was just too nice out to not run. Theres rain in the forecast for the next few days so if they become thunderstorms I will be covered. I am feeling better, leg is feeling stronger, almost healed up. I guess I should of taken more days off to rest it the week after the marathon but cannt change that now. 8 miles yesterday, 4 today so maybe today should of been a rest day. Instead of taking off to fast with the club.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


May wasnt my best month of running. I still dont think im totally healed from the marathon. But todays run was much better, not much pain. Keeping fingers crossed it keeps improving. Would hate to miss the summer races planned.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recovery not well

I started out planning to do 2 loops around the park, 5 miles total. I dont think im recovered from marathon, I guess after recovering quickly from my first 2 marathons having it take longer is a little frustrating. My calf still feels like its in knots but not has bad has when I ran Monday morning. I still dont feel normal. (Normal running Donna) After the first loop I was going to make to take a shorter loop and make it a 4 miler. Then before I took the shorter loop, this girl caught up to me and started to talk, asked if I wanted someone to run with. The second loop ended up going so much quicker then the first. Well takes a couple miles to warm up . I found out she forgot her Ipod and just wanted someone to talk to help past the time. I was just a Ipod substitute. Oh well, it sure helped my run having someone to talk too. And maybe some one new to run with. Ended up doing 5.5 miles total. How that happen? Then came home and did the 4 sets of 5 of perfect pushups. Those tougher then they look.

Tinman marathon training philosphy

Marathon Training

Marathon Training Philosophy : 11/05/2006by Tinman:
Marathon running is a big challenge. Covering 26.2 miles by foot at a good pace is not easy. To do the event well, one must have performed excellent training for several months. Since, I do NOT believe in “surviving” a marathon, I’ll show you how do it the right way.
Committed runners should prepare well five to six months prior to a marathon race, at least. The first two to three months should be focused on 10k training. The last two to four months should be marathon-specific training. During 10k training, one should focus on consistently doing the types of workouts that lay the foundation for marathon-specific training.
Before describing Tinman Marathon Training, let’s look at 10k training in more detail. In truth, there are many ways to prepare for this event but, in brief, two main approaches are viable:
Approach # 1: Run moderate mileage every week and do plenty of faster paced interval, tempo, or varied paced speed runs. By moderate mileage I mean ~110 miles per week for elite runners, ~90 miles per week for semi-elites, ~70 miles per week for “club” runners, ~ 50 miles per week for “local” runners, and ~30 miles per week for novice runners.
Approach # 2: Run high mileage and do less fast running. By high mileage I mean ~125 miles per week for elite runners, ~ 105 miles per week for semi-elite runners, ~ 85 miles per week for club runners, ~ 65 miles per week for local runners, and ~ 45 miles per week for novice runners. You should not do long, fast runs during 10k training, even if you are doing high mileage. However, you could do many double day runs – two runs per day - to elevate aerobic volume. An elite and semi-elite runner using this method would run 90-120 minute per day in most cases. A club and local runner would cover 60-90 minutes of running most days (a weekly single run of 90-120 minutes is fine). A novice runner would cover 30-60 minutes of running most days (a weekly 90 minute run would be fine) and have 1-2 days of rest per week, too.
In my book I’ll show you examples of 10k training schedules. Various schedules will be shown, relative to ability classification and mileage per week. For now, just think “balanced training.” It should be consistent and moderate in how much fast running you do.
You should reach the end of your 10k training phase without fatigue, injury or malaise! Avoid the trap of racing too often: it would deplete your adaptive reserves. Use common sense and be patient. Never run “super-hero workouts” and be sure to take care of the little details like icing sore spots, backing off when you feel pain or exhaustion, eating right, and getting enough sleep. Remember, you want to be “hungry” to start marathon-specific training!
Tinman Marathon Training is all about two words: Big Workouts. It really is that simple. Whenever you prepare for the marathon, you need to do workouts that last a long time, twice per week. If you have a history of injuries or breaking down easily that may mean you should do only One Big Workout per week. However, most runners who do it the Tinman Way find that the shorter, slower runs between the Big Workouts make all the difference in the world. Many runners I’ve coached have made comments about how good they feel doing Big Workouts because they aren’t running too much distance work between each Big Workout. That is, they are using a bigger variance between the important (key) workouts and the regular, every day, runs. For example, a club runner using a different training program might be running 10 milers every day between harder workouts but when using Tinman Marathon Training they run just 7 miles between key workouts.
I’ve never believed that high mileage is necessarily the best way to train for marathons. Though mileage builds aerobic capacity, it is not specific. Big Workouts, on the other hand, are specific. They simulate the demands of the event. That’s the key!
Big workouts vary in length or duration relative to a runner’s ability and experience, but generally “Big” means at least 90 minutes of continuous running. When you run more than 90 minutes three important elements of exercise physiology are improved: glycogen storing, fat burning, and shock absorption. This doesn’t even include the mental elements: relaxation while tired, concentration, and tenacity. Since I am not a sports psychologist, I’ll focus on the exercise physiology elements – in my book.
So, let’s get to the core of Tinman Marathon Training: Big Workouts. I’ll provide samples of Big Workouts that one might do (see table 1.0). Note there are many combinations and types of Big Workouts. I show them in my book. Hopefully, however, what I show below gives you a reasonably good enough idea of what Big Workouts are like.
One final note, do take care to build up to Big Workouts slowly. Be sure to have a graded exercise test from your cardiologist or sports medicine physician before attempting any training schedule or workout provided by me. It is assumed that you are healthy and have no injuries. It is also assumed that you have built up to such workouts over many weeks and months. If in doubt, consult a doctor who is specialist in exercise.
Tinman All Rights ReservedNovember 5,

Monday, May 26, 2008

Songs about me.

In the Runago forum I read a question in one of those get to know this person threads. They asked for a song or 2 that described who you are. Tough question. I started to think about it. None really came to mind right away. After I thought about it I remembered someone once said that YouTube - Alannah Myles - "Black Velvet" Music Video someone once said that the song "Black Velvet". I guess it could. Depending on how you look at it. Of course some think I got a "Hollywood smile" more so then a little boys smiles.
Then I thought of Tim McGraws Cowboy in me. YouTube - Tim McGraw - The Cowboy In Me I cannt remember when the last time I was on a horse. But more then once I have been my own worse enemy. Even in my running. This week I am trying to not be mileage obsessed. But if I come up short May will be first month in a year and a half I didn't make it to 100 miles for the month. I know its basically just an abitrary number. But its a monthly mileage goal. And you would think with a marathon this month it would be easy. But during taper I was nursing a shin splint. The week after I barely ran while recovering. This week still got some lower leg issues. So do I give up the streak and take most of week off to rest leg or run enough to make it too 100. I probably will take tomorrow off, so it will depend on how I feel wednesday. Even just running wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I could still make it without going over board. That is if I wasn't hurting.

memorial day

I met Rick and Bob for a run this morning. It was a different route then we normally run. Actually a totally different location. We ran in Sharon, going out and thru part of Buhl park and then back down the hill into Sharon. Only second time we ever ran out there. I run in Buhl Park alot but not normally thru town. Good run and luckily not much rain or traffic.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

race pictures

The pictures from the Cleveland Marathon are up. If i dont go right there put in bib #1150.

brightroom event photography

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictures from Cleveland

This shirt, race bib and medal.

This is Bart Yasso and a poster advertising his book.

This is me and Bill Rodgers. Im on the left.

Bill talking at the expo.

Me and Rick before the race.

Me and Rick after the race showing off our medals. At least im still standing.

This was me on Saturday before the expo.