Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wheres my mojo??

I felt like I lost my mojo this week. My desire to run was lost. Even today while I did get in 8 miles it wasnt a fun lets get out there and run. Good thing I had podcasts to listen to. Thank you Dan and Nik.

But this week I returned to work, on midnight shift. I always feel tired while working nights no matter how much sleep I get in. Blah. I was on track to make 1600miles but now I dont think Im going to make it because of several factors.
*Being on Midnight shift.
*Twisted ankle in November.
*The cold I had in November.(November wasnt good to me)
*The cold. I havent had alot of desire to run in it.
*I should of done more miles earlier in year.
*My foot leg was bothering me. Need to stretch more.
*Im moving end of the month. Wont have has much time to move next week.

I try not to make excuses but those are the reasons I probably wont make it to 1600 miles. Notice I didnt list the Holidays. Bah Humbug I will run on Chrismas. This week I have not had my regular desire to run. Hopefully it will be back soon. I get this way occasionally but usually only lasts a day or 2.

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Melanie said...

your november sounds a lot like my august. fall on my bike needing stitches, then stress fractures in my left tibia... this time of year is tough, don't be hard on yourself... especially with working midnights!