Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dark Park Pursiut 15K Adventure Run

Yesterday afternoon while waiting for the race I watched it snow and snow and snow. It hadn't been snowing in morning then around 1 it started snowing. In bunches. But I guess if you are going to run a race at night in december you shouldnt be surprised by these things. I got ready and Rick showed up, I was riding with him to race. It was a slow ride there cause of road conditions had me wondering what the running conditions will be, especially the trail sections.

We got there and did a "warm up" bye sitting in Bob's car trying to stay out of the cold and wind. No its not my normal warm up but this was to be a fun run. And I was guaranteed a PR. I had got my shirt and number. Nice long sleeve shirt.

Finally it was time to start the race. With headlamps on we headed to starting line. The course did a lot of loops around Mosquito Lake park, on and off road. With a couple of inches of snow and it snowing the whole race made for some tough footing. The 3 of us had decided to run it together which we stuck to. It was tough running, wind, snow and in the dark. The trail parts of the course were real tricky. But it turned into one of the funnest races I have ever done. We even stopped and got our picture taken. I know who took it and will be checking his blog for picture.

Our group was joined bye this girl who basically used us to pace herself. Probably a good thing that she wore head phones and didnt hear any of our mindless chattering. We finally got back to finish. We pick it up for the last 50 yards or so, just glad to be done with it. My time: Very slow. Splits: I didnt bother, I was lucky that I even saw some of the mile markers in the dark. Overall, a fun race, regardless of weather, course was marked good enough, with plenty of volunteers. I feel the weather just made it more of a challenge.

Not much after race but being there was no where to go inside, we didnt stick around long. Rick, Bob and me went and got a few beers and wings. Good way to finish off the night.

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