Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hill run.

I cracked the whip. I did my 5 mile hill run with my buddy. I think I poped a lung on the first hilll. Its a half mile with 210 feet elevation. Luckily lots of down hill then the second hill of .4 mile with 200 feet elevation. Gotta love living in a hilly area. No wonder I prefer to go run at park.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I got my half mile intervals in. 5.6 miles total, 6 hard half miles. The plans almost got ruined. I was supposed to my buddy at the track at 6. The track was closed for soccer or football practice. Wasnt any where measured off I knew of to run them, so ended up at this close park that doesnt really have any where to run. Its soccer fields and volleyball courts and bocce ball. But we did a quick measurement, ideally we wanted a half mile and a quarter mile. We ended up with a half mile that went down and into a loop back where we towards where we started. But it was over .3 mile back to start. So the recovery period was longer but got in the hard halfs. Of course had to run over a few soccer moms, jump over speed bumps, and it was mostly rolling hills. To top it off started to rain about the second half mile. It let up for a bit then when we were starting our last one it started to pour even harder. Well at least we got them in.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Presque Isle Half marathon

I got up early this morning and headed up to Erie for the Presque Isle Half. My wife and daughter went with me. Got up there about 6:30 or so got my shirt. I didnt know it before hand but they had pink shirts for ladys shirts and mens were gray. Heck I should of got the pink and gave it to my wife or daughter, Like I need more shirts. It had rained earlier and not sure if that made it worse or not. It was in 70's but I think the humidity was higher. After a not so quick restroom break we got started. My goal was to break 2 hours, but way the humidity was I wasnt sure I shouldnt adjust.
I started off good the first couple miles, then a few bad miles in there. And what felt like the right pace was just a little slower then I needed. At mile 8 I figured I couldnt break 2 hours. Now I think its head game. Maybe I could of pushed my pace, but I played it safe. I orginially wanted to hit the 10 mile mark at 1:30 to 1:32 then finish in like 28 minutes, but was a couple minutes slow. Then I finished the last 5K in 28:06. I was happy I finished strong, but was still a couple minutes slow, finished in 2:02:22. I think I hydrated right, but dang I was soaked at finished. Didnt think I could get any wetter. I was right, I took a jump in Lake Erie and wasnt any wetter.
Then we went over to the picnic. Had some hamburgers and beer. We normally go to the water park thats there after the race but for several reasons we decided not to. And the storm we drove thru on way home made me glad we did. Was raining rhinos and elephants, even pulled over a couple times cause I couldnt see. Then since I got home its been clear. Go figure.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long run

I got in 14 mile long run today. It was extremely humid the first 8 or 9 miles. Then the rain let loose. Rained like elephants and rhinos. This was day 2 of 9. In 9 days me and Rick will do 2 5K's a 14 mile long run and a half marathon. Ran the Smokey Hollow 5K yesterday (Saturday) it was hot and hilly race. Well put together and overall a good race. But nost mile 2 was uphill. And alot of mile 3 was uphill too. Most people were a minute to 2 minutes slower then normal. I was about a minute and half slower then at Sharpsville 5K.
So now the plan is to do the Fredonia 5K on Wednesday evening. Its a planned training run, yea right. Then next Sunday I am going to Erie, PA for the Presque Isle Half Marathon. What a way to train for a marathon?? I might not be getting in alot of miles per week, but I am getting in my long runs, speedwork and hill runs so hopefully I will be ready. Not to mention my training races.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Firecracker 4 mile run

I got in a mile warm up then ran a hard tempo 4 miler. Some call it a race but I was thinking it was better to think of it has a tempo run. This usually last till I pass the starting line. So I tied on my Cleveland browns headband and went out it with what I had this morning. I still felt stuffed, too much pizza last night. ended up finishing in 33:40, (splits 8:07, 8:17, 8:49, 8:27). I had forgotten how much tough the hills at mile 3 were. I least I thought they were. I guess I finished about where I thought I would. Its one of the biggest events in area, 700-800 runners or theres about. Lot of people there lined up for the parade that follows the race. I didn't stick around for the parade, I got enough to do this afternoon cooking chickens on a spit so will be watching a fire all afternoon.