Sunday, November 30, 2008

Group run

I went to Mill Creek park and ran with the Road runners club. I ran 6.8 miles total, wasnt nothing spectacular. ran most of the way with Suzy. I coughed less then I did day before. I didnt get has many miles this week has I wanted but actually ran more then I probably should. So my thoughts of 1600 miles this year is getting more and more difficult. But not impossible.

November wasnt a kind month to me. I twisted my ankle, got laid off work and caught a cold. The twisted ankle and cold caused me to not run has many miles has I had planned. Now I can still reach 1600 miles, I need 162.1 miles in december to make it. It would be a big month for me. This month I ran for 121.3 miles. My best month of year was march with 162.3 miles. So do I have a huge month in me? Well the ankle is doing fine that wont be holding me back. Now the cold is a different story. Its still lingering. I need it gone, like yesterday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey coughing

I got up this morning, at first I felt a little better then I had the last few days. So I decided not to DNS the Turkey Trot. I got out there with plenty of time, got my shirt and number. Nice shirt this year. I was too early to warm up so I sat around inside talking ot a few people I knew. I found Rick and we decided to do a warm up run. I should of realized then it was a good idea to not run hard.

I had already dropped my goal in this race. After the Peace race I orginally wanted to try to run 40-41 minutes in this race. After twisting my ankle a few weeks back I lowered my goal to 41-42, since 41:55 was my 5 mile PR it was still a good goal to go for. Then I catch a cold. Some times I just think your not meant to run good in a race. After my warm up I had decided to just finish the race. Do my best but I knew it wasn't my best day.

The race started, it was real crowded start. They announced they had 1860 runners in both races combined. The 2 mile race had lot more runners then the 5 miler. I got out alright. My pace slower then I wanted but was what I had today. I got in a pace I could run without too much coughing. I stayed under control, I realized I probably shouldnt be there today. Yep, around mile 3 I got a sudden sense or realization. Then during the mile 4 I felt I had nothing left. I hadnt run that hard but didnt feel like I had much in the tank. I almost running it at long run pace.

I got the the 4 mile marker and decided to suck it up for the last mile. It wasnt easy, since I coughed when I picked it up. Go figure. But, I dont know how to explain it, this is a fast last mile. I didnt realized it but Ron a guy I run on Sundays with often had been trailing me. He made a sprint to beat me at the finish. I couldnt just let him beat me. Some lady was caught up in our sprint to the finish and to be honest I have no idea yet him won. Havent seen offical results yet. Then I paid price for sprinting, has I had coughing fit. I went off in a corner till I got it under control. Then got some water. After that it was hard to find anyone. Pumped into Ron and guy that ran with him who said it was too close to call. I then proceded on with the rest of the day of overeating and football.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Blah! I got in 4 coughing miles in. It was snowing, windy 32* out and the snow actually started to sting when it hit my face. But my cold must of got worse. I took yesterday off, but when I ran Sunday it didnt affect my running. Didnt cough till I stopped. Today I had to stop and walk several times cause I was coughing. UGG. Now Im not sure if I should run next couple days. If I cannt run without coughing, I may drop out of Turkey Trot thursday. But I got 2 days to get better and still run it. I think im better then yesterday, at least I had energy to get off couch today.

On good note, The DVD I ordered, Spirit of the Marathon came in mail today. Which is a great coincidence, I had commented on John's Blog I hadnt got it yet this morning and it BOOM! it came. I may have to comment more good things to happen there.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh what fun it is

Ohh what fun it is to ...... run in a snow storm! Hey! I had planned to meet a couple running buddys to test out our head lamps we all got for an upcoming race. Dont a night race in december sound fun? It says your required to wear a head lamp or carry flashlight. So we wanted to do a run with them before the race. So of course the temp dipped, got to 23* when we went to run. Then the wind picked up a little and it snowed the whole time we ran. Actually made for a fun run, assuming you like that type of thing. After we got going I was warm enough. I guess I dressed right. Footing was a little tough but we managed, since we only planned an easy pace any ways. Fun guys to run with, unless your thin skinned.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The good the bad and the ugly


I met up with Rick yesterday and got a good run in. We did a tempo run with 5 miles total. IT went well. Almost no problems from twisted ankle. So I got another 5 miler planned at 4:30 today.


After work monday I got laid off. Not sure how long, he said a week or 2. Hopefully not longer. This sucks. Not sure how it effects my running. Good part is I have lots of time to run. But no money. So if its for long I might have to adjust racing plans.


It was 21* this morning. Thats ugly any time of the year. But in November! And it hit 70* like a week or so ago. Its just ugly.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

long run for no reason

After all my whining the last 2 weeks about my sore ankle and hip I went long this morning. Me and Rick went to park about 8 to get started. We thought we were going to have company for start of it but they didn't show up. So off we went. I was in easy long run mode, it was all about time on our feet. It was cold day, in low to mid 30's some wind and snowed off an on all day.

First part of run went well. My hip started to bother me with 5 miles to go. It nagged me earlier and I walked alot of the hills to not over do it on ankle anyways. Up hills started to bother hip and down hills bothered ankle. Mill Creek Park just isnt flat enough. Actually its not flat at all.

But we got it done and not a bad time for us, especially all things considered. Hoping to be back on track in miles and pace by end of week. Still hoping for a good run at the Turkey Trot.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Im taking today off from running. I actually ran the last 2 days. 5 miles both days at Buhl park. Not sure if it was smart or not but doesnt seem like I did any more damage to ankle. But might not of helped it heal faster. Of course being on my feet 8 hours at work on concrete doesnt help much.

Now my numbers obsession is still kicked in. I hope to return my mileage buildup next week. I had set a goal of 1600 miles for the year a few weeks back. Now after twisting my ankle I realize its still possible but going to be tougher. And I dont want to jump up in weekly mileage too quickly. One huge week could end cause me to end up hurt again. But knowing me if im close the last week of the year I will go for it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Racing stats

Sunday I was asked about how many races I have done, what the most I have done in a year. The answer is 37 races in 2005. It consisted of mostly 5K's, 29 of them. Looking back I wasnt too bright. I had weeks my only run was a race. I think Im not has addicted has I was. I might miss a race if I wasnt running at all now. After I ran my first marathon in '06 I started cutting back in the number of races. Especially after getting more serious about my training. Heres some hard stats.

number of miles Total
Year races raced miles
2004 19 62.7 606.9
2005 37 137.2 655.8
2006 32 169.5 1100
2007 23 142.4 1334
2008 18 129.8 1344.8

I do still have a couple more races this year so those should go up for this year. So far since I started running I have a 129 races total. At one time I considered trying to run 50 races in a year. I actually think theres enough in driving distance, well long drive distance to pull it off. But I dont think I could train properly for a marathon or run the races with any intensity at all and still marathon train. So unless I give up marathons for a while I dont see that happening.

I also dont plan to give up marathoning either. I am actually looking forward to my next training plan.

I looked at the races and have done 4 marathons, 10 half marathons, 2 ten milers, 8 10K's, 7 5 milers, one 8K, 5 four milers and a bunch of 5K's. A few of shorter distances but those right now dont interest me. I rarely race under a 5K.

Where is all this headed?? Right now its headed towards Cleveland marathon in may. Im trying to get some goal out of these, perhaps a little more focused. Having this time to recover from twisted ankle gives me too much time to think. Wondering what I could do in the marathon if I set my mind to it.

But for now I have a Turkey Trot to prepare for..............

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ankle injurys

I ran yesterday. I got 6.2 miles in yesterday. I probably should of waited a few more days. My ankles still a little swollen. Lot better then last Tuesday and Wednesday when I was just able to walk. I actually was alright thru 5. Guess I over did it a little. I had recently upped my goal mileage for the year to 1600. I dont know if thats going to happen now. I crunched the numbers and unless im back running good this week theres no way I will make it. Always next year.

Now to do some more overanalyzing.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Running

I decided that not running isnt good for me. Yes I had no choice this week after twisting my ankle monday. The problems were I am working night shift and the adjustment hasnt gone well. I think its been the sunniest week of the year. Not a good thing when your trying to sleep during day. I should be back on day turn in a week or so.

On top of that I seem to be eating everything in sight. I normally run most of it off. I actually think I ate more then normal partly because of being on third shift. Since I do little if any cross training normally its not like I suddenly started doing a lot of (fill in a form of cross training) Basically did nothing since monday. Of course its actually less then a week.

On top of it I feel more stressed. Which adds to the excessive eating. Or I eat because Im stressed. Its a vicious cycle.

So Ready or not! Tomorrow Im going to run. Probably not real far. And certainly not fast. But Im going to test out the ankle. I got a slip on ankle support. I wish the swelling was down a little more but I think I should be alright. Worse case if it starts to bother me I can walk. Plus it is the Road Runners club Pancake run. Can you think a better reason to run then pancakes?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Twist and shout

My foot is swollen. It just seems to get worse. Had a ankle brace I wore at work and think it sort of cut circulation down. Maybe thats hurt it. I have iced it alot the last couple days. After working last night my toes are purple and the top of foot looks even bigger. I normally wouldnt consider going to a doctor for a twisted ankle but with all the twisted ankles I have had I aint seen it ever do this. Maybe I need to get that ace bandage I was going to get and see if it evens out the compression tightness on ankle.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I went for a trail run at Mill Creek Park yesterday with a couple friends. It's a trail I have run a 100 or so times. The plan was to do 5.5 miles on trails, an easy pace. Less then a mile into it I stepped on a root or rock or something wrong. Down I went. Hard. Twisted my right ankle pretty bad. I stayed on the ground for a minute or so then tryed to walk it off. A little blood on my other knee and my palm but nothing serious. The ankle on the other hand maybe more serious then I thought at first. I had got up and walked a few minutes then ran the rest of it at a slow pace. That may of been a mistake.

Today my ankle foot is very swollen. Almost twice its normal size. Lots of purple and red on it. very colorfull.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat....... a day late

The Runs

Yesterday and today I got in a couple of good runs. Yesterday I ran during trick or treating. Actually makes for a fun run. At least I wasnt alone, usally if I run from home I dont see too many people. Only a 4 miles but a good run. Today I got up and went over to Ricks place and we did a 10 miler around Hubbard. Got done before 9 am and it was nice to do a new route. I found a dollar on the run so it was a profitable run. I drive thru Hubbard all the time but never ran there before.

For october I got in a total of 124.5 miles. Not bad considering I was in marathon recovery. If I stick to my plan of base building for rest of year I should hit 1600 for the year. That's just under 145 miles a month. So I think if I get a really good November, and 10 today should help that. I also plan to add a short easy run for a sixth day of running each week so that will help. Long has it dont interfere with the long runs it shouldn't hurt.