Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recovery not well

I started out planning to do 2 loops around the park, 5 miles total. I dont think im recovered from marathon, I guess after recovering quickly from my first 2 marathons having it take longer is a little frustrating. My calf still feels like its in knots but not has bad has when I ran Monday morning. I still dont feel normal. (Normal running Donna) After the first loop I was going to make to take a shorter loop and make it a 4 miler. Then before I took the shorter loop, this girl caught up to me and started to talk, asked if I wanted someone to run with. The second loop ended up going so much quicker then the first. Well takes a couple miles to warm up . I found out she forgot her Ipod and just wanted someone to talk to help past the time. I was just a Ipod substitute. Oh well, it sure helped my run having someone to talk too. And maybe some one new to run with. Ended up doing 5.5 miles total. How that happen? Then came home and did the 4 sets of 5 of perfect pushups. Those tougher then they look.

Tinman marathon training philosphy

Marathon Training

Marathon Training Philosophy : 11/05/2006by Tinman:
Marathon running is a big challenge. Covering 26.2 miles by foot at a good pace is not easy. To do the event well, one must have performed excellent training for several months. Since, I do NOT believe in “surviving” a marathon, I’ll show you how do it the right way.
Committed runners should prepare well five to six months prior to a marathon race, at least. The first two to three months should be focused on 10k training. The last two to four months should be marathon-specific training. During 10k training, one should focus on consistently doing the types of workouts that lay the foundation for marathon-specific training.
Before describing Tinman Marathon Training, let’s look at 10k training in more detail. In truth, there are many ways to prepare for this event but, in brief, two main approaches are viable:
Approach # 1: Run moderate mileage every week and do plenty of faster paced interval, tempo, or varied paced speed runs. By moderate mileage I mean ~110 miles per week for elite runners, ~90 miles per week for semi-elites, ~70 miles per week for “club” runners, ~ 50 miles per week for “local” runners, and ~30 miles per week for novice runners.
Approach # 2: Run high mileage and do less fast running. By high mileage I mean ~125 miles per week for elite runners, ~ 105 miles per week for semi-elite runners, ~ 85 miles per week for club runners, ~ 65 miles per week for local runners, and ~ 45 miles per week for novice runners. You should not do long, fast runs during 10k training, even if you are doing high mileage. However, you could do many double day runs – two runs per day - to elevate aerobic volume. An elite and semi-elite runner using this method would run 90-120 minute per day in most cases. A club and local runner would cover 60-90 minutes of running most days (a weekly single run of 90-120 minutes is fine). A novice runner would cover 30-60 minutes of running most days (a weekly 90 minute run would be fine) and have 1-2 days of rest per week, too.
In my book I’ll show you examples of 10k training schedules. Various schedules will be shown, relative to ability classification and mileage per week. For now, just think “balanced training.” It should be consistent and moderate in how much fast running you do.
You should reach the end of your 10k training phase without fatigue, injury or malaise! Avoid the trap of racing too often: it would deplete your adaptive reserves. Use common sense and be patient. Never run “super-hero workouts” and be sure to take care of the little details like icing sore spots, backing off when you feel pain or exhaustion, eating right, and getting enough sleep. Remember, you want to be “hungry” to start marathon-specific training!
Tinman Marathon Training is all about two words: Big Workouts. It really is that simple. Whenever you prepare for the marathon, you need to do workouts that last a long time, twice per week. If you have a history of injuries or breaking down easily that may mean you should do only One Big Workout per week. However, most runners who do it the Tinman Way find that the shorter, slower runs between the Big Workouts make all the difference in the world. Many runners I’ve coached have made comments about how good they feel doing Big Workouts because they aren’t running too much distance work between each Big Workout. That is, they are using a bigger variance between the important (key) workouts and the regular, every day, runs. For example, a club runner using a different training program might be running 10 milers every day between harder workouts but when using Tinman Marathon Training they run just 7 miles between key workouts.
I’ve never believed that high mileage is necessarily the best way to train for marathons. Though mileage builds aerobic capacity, it is not specific. Big Workouts, on the other hand, are specific. They simulate the demands of the event. That’s the key!
Big workouts vary in length or duration relative to a runner’s ability and experience, but generally “Big” means at least 90 minutes of continuous running. When you run more than 90 minutes three important elements of exercise physiology are improved: glycogen storing, fat burning, and shock absorption. This doesn’t even include the mental elements: relaxation while tired, concentration, and tenacity. Since I am not a sports psychologist, I’ll focus on the exercise physiology elements – in my book.
So, let’s get to the core of Tinman Marathon Training: Big Workouts. I’ll provide samples of Big Workouts that one might do (see table 1.0). Note there are many combinations and types of Big Workouts. I show them in my book. Hopefully, however, what I show below gives you a reasonably good enough idea of what Big Workouts are like.
One final note, do take care to build up to Big Workouts slowly. Be sure to have a graded exercise test from your cardiologist or sports medicine physician before attempting any training schedule or workout provided by me. It is assumed that you are healthy and have no injuries. It is also assumed that you have built up to such workouts over many weeks and months. If in doubt, consult a doctor who is specialist in exercise.
Tinman All Rights ReservedNovember 5,

Monday, May 26, 2008

Songs about me.

In the Runago forum I read a question in one of those get to know this person threads. They asked for a song or 2 that described who you are. Tough question. I started to think about it. None really came to mind right away. After I thought about it I remembered someone once said that YouTube - Alannah Myles - "Black Velvet" Music Video someone once said that the song "Black Velvet". I guess it could. Depending on how you look at it. Of course some think I got a "Hollywood smile" more so then a little boys smiles.
Then I thought of Tim McGraws Cowboy in me. YouTube - Tim McGraw - The Cowboy In Me I cannt remember when the last time I was on a horse. But more then once I have been my own worse enemy. Even in my running. This week I am trying to not be mileage obsessed. But if I come up short May will be first month in a year and a half I didn't make it to 100 miles for the month. I know its basically just an abitrary number. But its a monthly mileage goal. And you would think with a marathon this month it would be easy. But during taper I was nursing a shin splint. The week after I barely ran while recovering. This week still got some lower leg issues. So do I give up the streak and take most of week off to rest leg or run enough to make it too 100. I probably will take tomorrow off, so it will depend on how I feel wednesday. Even just running wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I could still make it without going over board. That is if I wasn't hurting.

memorial day

I met Rick and Bob for a run this morning. It was a different route then we normally run. Actually a totally different location. We ran in Sharon, going out and thru part of Buhl park and then back down the hill into Sharon. Only second time we ever ran out there. I run in Buhl Park alot but not normally thru town. Good run and luckily not much rain or traffic.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

race pictures

The pictures from the Cleveland Marathon are up. If i dont go right there put in bib #1150.

brightroom event photography

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictures from Cleveland

This shirt, race bib and medal.

This is Bart Yasso and a poster advertising his book.

This is me and Bill Rodgers. Im on the left.

Bill talking at the expo.

Me and Rick before the race.

Me and Rick after the race showing off our medals. At least im still standing.

This was me on Saturday before the expo.

Cleveland Marathon

Im trying to keep things has postive has possible. Some times its just not your day. But to the start. I got up early to meet Rick and the others for the trip up to Cleveland. We Met Bob, Leonard and Ron at 4:30 on the way there. We got up there about 6 and it was pouring. Made a pit stop and finished getting ready to run putting the chronotrack disposable tag on my shoe. I hadn't felt like eating but I ate some fig newtons to have something. I tend to over eat the night before and getting up early didn't put me in mood to eat.
It starting pouring good has me and Rick stood at the starting line. So we got soaked before we even started. Just stood there getting rained on, no room to move around. A few minutes late the race started. Me and Rick planned to run it together and got off to good start. The first few miles went real well. Mile 3 had some hills on it and still made our goal pace. But in beginning we were going too hard.
Between miles 5 or 7 miles the rain let up. But it was enough to be soaked for the rest of the race. Then the wind picked up. Seemed like you were running into a wind for alot of the race from there on. We did too many early miles below our goal pace. We should be running 9:44 if it was perfect, so the 9:09 at mile 7 was way too fast for me. But I was feeling strong I kept getting water every stop. Grab some water, walk a few seconds to drink it and get going again. Alot of the miles were close to goal.
Some where before mile 10 someone told me I was loosing my timing tag. The adhision had come undone. So I took it and put in my pocket, and held it in my hand when I went over a timing mat hoping it would pick it up. It didn't so no official time. About mile 12 we saw our buddy Bob there taking pictures. He came up to support/watch. At this point I was feeling strong. Around mile 14 things started to feel worse. I kept pushing on, didnt actually slow too much yet. Then around 17 things started to go from bad to worse, my right calf started to cramp up. I couldnt run on it, I could feel it spasming. I would run rest of way when I could and walk to work it out. I took a few times to try and stretch it. That would only help for a few minutes. I went from trying to run a goal time to just finishing.
Just past mile 18 a woman came up to and told me she had thought I was her husband and wondered why I didn't answer. So I was like sorry honey I didnt hear you and gave her an on the run hug. I told my buddy, she better have a good looking husband. Hope I didnt get him in to too much trouble. I saw her and her real husband in the finishing area after the race. At least I had something to laugh about. Its nice to have a marathon wife.
The miles 20-24 is into a strong headwind coming off lake Erie. You would think some where on this course you would have wind to your back but I dont remember it. I kept the run/walk going has best I could. My calves just weren't allowing alot of running. My buddy stayed with me the whole time, I think he could of done better but said at end he wasn't too sure cause he had a cold this past week.
I saw the finishline and tryed to finish running. Nope. I did finish running across the finish line but apperantly I should of reached down with my tag. So no official time. But im not sure I would of been able too. I finished in 4:37:44 (watch time). Not close to the 4:15 I wanted but it is what it is I guess.
The positives are: I have finished my third marathon. I hopefully will learn something for my next one. I liked the medal. I feel I can do better. Between the weather and barely running for 3 weeks do to shin splints maybe I should of lowered my goal time. But I started off going after it too hard.

1 9:45
2 9:20
3 9:42
4 9:16
5 9:37
6 9:47
7 9:09
8 9:41
9 9:44
10 9:29
11 9:51
12 10:00
13 9:41
14 9:54
15 10:12
16 10:03
17 11:51
18 10:39
19 12:49
20 11:05
21 11:58
22 11:41
23 12:47
24 12:41
25 12:20
26 12:20
26.2 2:15

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cleveland Marathon Expo

I went up to the Cleveland Marathon expo this morning. Couldnt find a traveling companion so I went solo. I left too early, so I got there with time to kill. I took a short walk to this little park across the street from the convention center and there was a great view of Cleveland Browns stadium and the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Some guy was there and took a picture of me with Browns stadium in back ground. It was real windy out there, hope that calms down by tomorrow morning.
I walked back to the convention center, finally all the runners were allowed in. Some woman had commented us runners are such trouble makers dont be letting us in. So I went and got all mine and 3 other numbers and packets for buddies. I liked the shirts, black with guitars on back, Rock and roll hall fame is a sponsor. Then I walked around a while, got some free samples, wonder what I ate there? I ended up getting Bart Yasso's new book My life on the Run, he was there autographing them. And got a new pair of sunglasses to run in. I didn't exactly need them but lets just say there was a blonde involved.
I thought about leaving but Bill Rodgers was going to be there to speak in about a half hour so I stuck around for that. Glad I did, it was nice to see a running legend. He stressed determination and hydration during a marathon for everyone. Him and the other speakers that were there, John Bingham and Anne Audain, all said to be a great runner genetics played apart. After he spoke he stayed to sign autographs, so I was able to get my bid number signed and my picture taken with with him. Now to hope some good karma rubs off on me.
Overall happy with the day. Now to just rest up for tomorrow. I hear some expos have more and all but this is biggest race I been to. Tomorrows going to be a long day.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A week to go. Trying to rest this shin so it wont be bad at the marathon. So now I need to decide whether or not to run this week. If I run it might not let it heal enough. So the question is it worth running. At this point the couple of short runs I would do probably wont matter one way or the other. So if I ice and stretch a bunch I may get thru this. The week after marathon or more I dont care if I have to take off from running to heal. Lots of people end up taking a week or so off after running a marathon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Speaker Schedule

10 days, 7 hours till marathon.............

The speaker schedule for the expo at Cleveland marathon is below. I know I will be going up on Saturday, not certain what time yet. I would like to see Bill Rodgers. Maybe Bart Yasso too if I decide to be up there that long. Might just go up and play it by ear. Of course I need to get shin healed and get thru the race, preferably no worse then I am now.

The speaker schedule is as follows:
Friday May 16, 2008
Saturday May 17, 2008
11:30am - Course Talk
12:00pm - Pace Team
12:30pm – Bart Yasso
1:00pm – Bill Rodgers
1:30pm - Doug Kurtis
2:00pm – Anne Audain
2:30pm – Course Talk
3:00pm – Pace Team
3:30pm – Bart Yasso
4:00pm – Bill Rodgers
4:30pm – Doug Kurtis
5:00pm – Anne Audain

10:30am – Course Talk
11:00am – Pace Team
11:30am – John Bingham
12:00pm - Bill Rodgers
12:30pm – Anne Audain
1:00pm – Doug Kurtis
1:30pm – Bart Yasso
2:00pm – Course Talk
2:30pm – Pace Team
3:00pm – John Bingham
3:30pm – Bart Yasso
4:00pm – Doug Kurtis
4:30pm – Bill Rodgers
5:00pm – Anne Audain

Monday, May 5, 2008

13 days to go....

till the Cleveland Marathon.

In a totally different subject, my buddy Rick, who I have done most of my long runs to prepare for Cleveland with, has written a letter to the editor of our running club. (letter below) He sent it in to be in the newsletter. Niether of us has liked the direction our club has been headed. Basically the club has moved from a more fun/social club to one that seems to be more worried about making money/image in running world. I actually pointed out some of the things to him that spurred him to write it. Now whether or not they actually put it in newsletter remains to be seen. Alot of it is being done by a few. I give them credit for making the effort for the club but it seems like they are taking it in wrong way. I hear from people that have been in club lot longer then me how we used to have alot more people showing up for the club runs. Matter of fact when the guys I regularly run with dont make it, the attendance has become kind of pathetic. A few weeks ago, 5 of us met some where else, 3 of us were going long, and had more runners then they had at the club run. A recent email/newsletter sent out by the president listed things that they had done to save the club money. Quite a few of the things listed were doing about with getting rid of fun things for the club members, like fun runs(hamburger run gone) pizza during packet stuffing for race. Ok enough complaints for today. Back to my tapering.

I wanted to say a couple of things, and make clear that I am not trying to single out anyone, because I think everyone in the club has allowed the situation to become what it has.
First, I feel like we have gotten away from the main idea of our running club, which is to have fun (or at least I think so). We are starting to run this club like a business, attempting to determine how much money can be made by doing different events. It seems like we worry more about our profit margin than whether or not our members have a good time. While our profits keep increasing, attendance at the club seems to be decreasing. We have done away with the friendly rivalry of the 100 mile club, the comeraderie of the corn roast and hamburger runs. I would rather operate on a bare bones budget if we would have more social types of events and creative runs. Things like Pub runs, or other creative runs are staples of other clubs. All of this was brought about by my recent visit to Baltimore, and looking for tips on running there. I looked at the Baltimore Running Club website ( and all I could think was, "why doesn't our club do fun things like that?"
We worry so much about how we are perceived in the running community, with our YSU scholarship and state championship half marathon. While those things are nice, does it really matter if the members don't enjoy the club, and fewer people are running together?
It seems like somewhere along the way, we have lost our focus, a bunch of crazy people getting together to run and enjoy each other's company. I don't care how much money we make, I would like to have more fun and encourage more people to attend.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

2 weeks to Cleveland

I got in 9 miles on trails. After not running Monday thru Friday felt good to get this in at least. It was a real fun run on the trails with Bob, Ron, Tim, Suzy, Christine and Melissa. Up until a week and a half ago I thought my training was going good. Now I seem to of lost the confidence I had to run 4:15. I did get most of the training in. Only missed a few runs before the taper. Then all these lower leg problems started. Taking 5 days this week, even though its in the taper, cannt help. At least its feeling better. Todays run didnt seem to make it worse.

2 weeks to go...........