Monday, March 30, 2009

Laid off runner

I think im going to rename this podcast the Laid off Runner. It happened again and I will be off at least the next 2 weeks. At least thats what they say. I got a few applications out and plan to get some more out this week, but I dont see many places to apply to.

Any ways, I am excited about the running week ahead. I should be able to get good mileage in this week, always good. I have a few guys meeting me for a trail run Tuesday evening, Thursday probably will be running with Rick and to top it off will be running the Fools 50k/25k Fools trail race. I will be doing the 25K. No its not the big race im training for, The Cleveland Marathon, but its a race. Its only my 4th race of the year, if it gets any worse will lose my title of Race addict. Im going to it with some friends and look to have a good time there. A PR is guanrateed. I did a 12 mile trail run yesterday, Sunday, with some guys at Mill Creek Park. 2 of the guys had run the course the week before. One of them said the 12 miles at Mill Creek Park was tougher then the 25K course. So I should be in good shape for that. Hopefully this week go good, I need to get back to my speed work for the marathon. I feel good that I get the long runs with out too much difficulty. Well the expected amount of difficulty I should say.

Fools 50K and 25K Trail Run: General information

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Podcasters dilemma

I have 2 dilemmas First how do you spell dilemma? Secondly I have signed up for Why? Is it so I spend more time logging my 5 mile runs then actually running them? Nope. Its true I have too many logs. Running2win is my main one I been using the longest ever since coolrunning shut theirs down. Dailymile I do cause a friend asked me to join and its more of a social network.

So why buckeyeoutdoors? Because I kept hearing about the challenges on there while listenign to podcasts and decided I wanted to particpate in them. The newest one bye Trilogy running caught my attention. You sign up to be on your favorite podcasters team and they keep eleminating teams each month till they get to one. Runners can switch teams every month. Obviously Trilogy Running plans to win it. I looked at the list and there were a few I never heard of.

So the dilemma is which podcast team to be on. I narrowed it to a few right a way, Trilogy Running, phediations, RunRunlive, Running Stupid and 4 feet running. Im sure I could name a few more. Nigels runnign from the reaper podcast sure seems popular with the most runners currently. Im sure some late comers will be jumping in there. Im sure the popularity of Steve Runner will get a lot of runners for his podcast team. I noticed the Trilogy at 11 runners and 4 feet running at 9 were in the next best positions currently. So I am deciding between 2 of my favorites. I look forward to both of these and listen to them ASAP.

Choosing between Chris Russell at Runrunlive and Coach Ken of the Running Stupid podcast is a real tough call. I have twittered with Chris and actually got on his podcast for a couple of seconds. On the other hand I have gotten emails from Coach Ken, a supporter of my Running Bastards club and (this was the clincher) is currently sending me a kazoo. Yes my very own official Running Stupid kazoo will soon be in my possion. I understand your jealousy. So because of the kazoo I will sign up for the Running stupid podcast team. Go Team Stupid!

Of course if the kazoo doesn't show up by April 1 my mind could change. Tic toc, Clarice.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A taker

You know how some people are givers? Im speaking in the running community, how they volunteer at races, help at club events etc etc etc.... Well im not one of them. Im the guy that goes runs alot of races. They are great people who are very nice to have around. My giving has never gone well. I recently tryed to make a message board for my running clubs website. I got no response from the guy who takes care of the web site. Oh well I tried.

Right now in my life and running the club isn't fitting in. The long runs on Sundays training for the marathon makes it tough to go to club runs. The other weekly run is too far away and I usually have a buddy closer to run with on Wednesday evening. In may after the marathon training is done they switch to Monday night for the summer. Why I dont know. Why not a week day and weekend run? I dont know so all summer the club has a Monday and Wednesday runs. The Sunday runs have dramatically dropped off since I first joined the club.

My history in volunteering has not gone well. I have volunteered to help at a few races, its been a while. Once stood in the rain then got yelled at by some guy bringing his son to a race cause he was late. Another time they had me pulling tags off the bib numbers. Its a disgusting job to start with and then some girl who ran the 5K hard nearly pukes on me. Yea that was enough for me.

So I am accepting who I am. A taker. I go to races to run, not volunteer. I go for shirts and goodie bags. Maybe some day that will change. Maybe not but you gotta be who you are.

On a different subject tomorrow is my wifes 46th birthday. Any gift ideas?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trail run

I went and ran the 5.5 trail loop from the Lilly Pond with Bob. Unfortunately Bob got crushed by a large Rock that fell on to the trail. It was a pain dragging him 3 miles on the trail but had to get my run in. We'll miss you Bob.

Here the Bob Memorial trail Rock.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

20 miler

Today's 20 miler wiped me out. I hit the couch when I got home, was going to post. But it took much effort to sit here and think of something to write. Even though I could talk about the 20 miles I just ran I was unable too. I was exhausted.

Ok for the bare details of the run, met Rick at the Lilly Pond parking lot in Mill Creek Park to run at 7:30. It was a cool 30* at the start, got up near 50* before we finished. Yea we're slow. The park would is really great place to run, would be better if it wasnt so dang hilly. Not sure how many hills there are too many to count. But since I keep the pace easy on long runs we end up walking some of the hills, especially later in the run. The walk breaks dont bother me and are part of my long run and marathon race plan. I dont follow a set pattern of walk breaks ala Galloway but plan to walk thru water stops, perhaps any major hills in marathon so no reason not to train that way so your used to stoping and starting.

Overall it went well, finished in 3:37 that included refilling water bottles, Rick had stashed earlier, a couple of pit stops and a couple traffic stops. A few of those things cannt be avoided, even on race day. Right now I think things are going better then a few weeks back. Not sure im on track for a 4:15 but I think I will finish. Since DNF isnt in my vocabulary Im sure I will. Please dont tell me what DNF stands for either.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I havent had much time to post lately. Been working overtime and trying to get runs in most days. Between all that havent had time or felt like posting much. 20 miler planned tomorrow. Hopefully get a better post in soon. But so you all know this week was best week running so far in a while.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is what I look like after 18 miles. I was trying to capture all the salt on my face but its hard to get that to come out. The top one you can see some of it.

18 miles and a fruit salad

Today I met Rick for our planned 18 miler. It was a chilly start in the mid 30's. But would warm up to 50. Was sunny out the whole run about a perfect day to run. I had good company, interesting conversation covering major topics, like baseball and football.

Of course things didnt stay perfect. I tryed something new. During the course of my long run I ended up taking strawberry cliff shot bloks, orange sports beans and strawberry-banana GU. Not quite the tasty sensation you might imagine. And with 5 miles to go started to have some stomach problems. Now Im not blaming anyone of these products. Im just saying not to take all 3 on the same run, cause if it gives you the same effect it did on my you wont have a fun run. Mostly just an upset stomach, did let out some belchs that were loud. The one Rick said he was afraid to look back fearing I had blown GU.

But we finished, not a great time but good enough. I had few things to do then mostly rested. Did collapse on couch later. 9 weeks till the Cleveland marathon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I got my rejection email from GU energy gels. Needless to say I was expecting it. But they did put a coupon code in it for 20% off of GU products on there online store. So probably will take this chance to stock up on some GU. With 2 marathons and a couple of half's planned this year I willing be using it. Anyways its their lose has my number of followers has doubled in the last couple weeks.

Some bad news on the running front. I was supposed to do some intervals today but when I tryed to run at interval pace my hamstring was hurting. Now I could run at an easy pace with out much problem. So im hoping this is gone in a week or so and I can keep running, even if its at a slow pace for now.

So I have made further adjustments to my plan. Taking tomorrow has a rest day, Saturday will be easy miles on the trails. Then I will get in my 18 mile long run. Super easy pace there. Monday is a planned rest day. Then I will see how things feel on Tuesday to decide what to do. Part of me feels a week off might be needed. But im worried if that dont fix things how long off do I need or what do I do? Of course I know myself well enough to know I wont drop out of the marathon. Heck im already makng fall plans to run another.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hilly Half from Hell

I got up Sunday morning to get ready for this race. I havent flet like writing about it after 2 days. Blah. Greg has renamed the Mill Creek Distance Classic Half marathon the Hilly Half from Hell. Apperantly its imported from Michigan. I got done to the park a little after 8 about like I planned. It was pouring rain. Blah. I didnt get much sleep last night and with daylight savings time going into effect I lost an hour there. This was a race not much went right.

About the only good thing in this race was my bib number and that's only cause im a pervert. I have decided to keep this ral short for 2 reasons. I want to stay positive and secondly I dont want to dwell on it.

here's the details. It poured. Soaked at the start. First mile was down hill so it was fast. Did first 3 miles too fast. Lots and lots of hills, big hills, little hills, uphills and even some down hills. Then at 6 miles I felt like I tweaked something in my hamstring. I kept running, then walked a little. Tryed to stretch it a little seemed to help. I kept going and finished while it started to down pour again in 2:12. Realisticly I knew the course and how hard it is. 2:10 was probably going to be a good day for me but thought I could do 2:05 or better.

Anyways, I havent run since. Ok todays the only real missed run but didn't feel right. Something about my right leg. I feeling old and falling apart the last couple days. Hopefully things will change in near future. The foot was starting to feel better and shin splint was doing better, till Sunday.

So for time being, Im doing a plan change. Trust me I know what im doing. For the time being , a week or 3, I will concentrate getting in long run and try for 4 or 5 runs a week. Maybe 3 but really want 4 or 5. I think the twice a week speed work might be to much. Not sure. I think I may of over done it trying to start a running streak. Guess im not cut out for it. I am actually considering taking a entire week off to see if thats what I need to get rid of this shin pain. Either way more icing and more stretching. Im not a time obsessed type of runner but this bothered me and to leave it hurt was worse. I have plans to meet some guys for a run tomorrow hoping that goes well.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I met a running buddy this morning. The plan was to do a easy 5.5 miles on the trails, since I got a half marathon tomorrow I didn't want to overdo it. He was there waiting. It was pouring rain with lightening in the area. Luckily we dont let common sense rule our lives and got out and ran in the mud. There was a FA event going on with the local trail club and ran into several people I know. No injurys. They were running a 8 mile loop, some planned to do 50K. Luckily the lightening stopped about 10 minutes into the run the rain slowed after we were totally soaked. Also with the trees it kept us a little protected. Now to rest up for tomorrow's half.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have really cut back the running to try and get this foot pain and shin pain to go away. Increased icing them about 1000%. Of course being on my feet standing on cement floors for 10 hours at work isnt helping it. But it has been feeling better. I went and did my tough hill run according to my marathon training plan and the shin splint didnt hurt, a few noticable twinges. But nothing bad. My foot was a little worse. The top of the arch was noticable most of the time. Not debilatating or anything but it let me know it was there. I keep running on it long has it dont get worse. I think the cutback in miles the last couple weeks has helped in general.

But of course I did the 6 mile work out like Planed anyways. Lots of hills in this route. Its also part of the Mill Creek DisanceClassic Half Marathon I am running in this Sunday. I have been signed up for a while and I know this is a very tough half. Of my 10 half marathons I have run, the 3 worse times were at the Mill Creek half. Well If I can PR for the course im doing great. The plan says a 12 mile easy run for Sunday so Im doing a half instead. Makes sense to me.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long run sunday

It was long run day. Met my buddy this morning and we did the 17 mile loop around Mill Creek park. (there be hills) It went better then last weeks 15 miler. I guess I did need those extra days off this week. I have been having trouble with foot pain specificaly on the top the arch. So today I tried (I know brillant trying this first time on a long run) an arch support. Nothing fancy just slips into the heel of shoe and goes up to about ball of foot. I thought i had used them years ago without a problem maybe it was a different kind. Any ways I got done and had a large red spot about size of a quarter right below the ball of the foot from it rubbing me wrong. Much longer would of had a nice blister. I guess I might still. In 5 years of running I have had 1 blister. I quit wearing socks below shoe and never had problem again. Not even sure how you treat blisters. Well tomorrows an rest day so see how it is later.