Thursday, March 26, 2009

A taker

You know how some people are givers? Im speaking in the running community, how they volunteer at races, help at club events etc etc etc.... Well im not one of them. Im the guy that goes runs alot of races. They are great people who are very nice to have around. My giving has never gone well. I recently tryed to make a message board for my running clubs website. I got no response from the guy who takes care of the web site. Oh well I tried.

Right now in my life and running the club isn't fitting in. The long runs on Sundays training for the marathon makes it tough to go to club runs. The other weekly run is too far away and I usually have a buddy closer to run with on Wednesday evening. In may after the marathon training is done they switch to Monday night for the summer. Why I dont know. Why not a week day and weekend run? I dont know so all summer the club has a Monday and Wednesday runs. The Sunday runs have dramatically dropped off since I first joined the club.

My history in volunteering has not gone well. I have volunteered to help at a few races, its been a while. Once stood in the rain then got yelled at by some guy bringing his son to a race cause he was late. Another time they had me pulling tags off the bib numbers. Its a disgusting job to start with and then some girl who ran the 5K hard nearly pukes on me. Yea that was enough for me.

So I am accepting who I am. A taker. I go to races to run, not volunteer. I go for shirts and goodie bags. Maybe some day that will change. Maybe not but you gotta be who you are.

On a different subject tomorrow is my wifes 46th birthday. Any gift ideas?

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