Sunday, March 30, 2008

20 miler

Today got in my first of 3 20 milers to get ready for Cleveland Marathon. Me and Rick went up to the Towpath Trail to get it in. I feel this was one of the best weeks of training I have ever done. I got in a tempo run, ran intervals and got in a 20 mile long run in. 43 miles total. Legs are sore but overall I think it went well.

I would take tomorrow off but im at 159.3 miles for the month. I try not to be to obsessive about mileage but to be that close to 160 miles and not go for a short easy 3 mile run would be tough. It's already most miles I ever ran in a month and if I was like 10 away it wouldnt bother me. Just hope I can walk normal tomorrow.

My goals for next week arent has ambitious. I just want to be over 30 for the week, with at least one day of speed work and a 10 miler next weekend. I signed up for a 5K on Saturday, not doing anything special or cutting back to run it, just doing it has a training run.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hal Higdon tip of the week.


"Tip of the Week: What you do in any one workout doesn't matter. The most important point of any training program is the totality of that program, and the results it brings. A flash speed workout with quick splits may look good in your training diary, but it could bring you to the edge of overtraining. The same with running the long runs too hard. Your time in the final 20-miler won't count three weeks later. Your success will be measured by, 1) finishing the marathon, if you're a beginner, or 2) finishing it in a time that reflects your current capabilities, if you're an experienced runner. What you did while getting there doesn't count."

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I did something different, after yesterday's hard run I did intervals. I dont think I ever did 2 hard runs in a row before so the next 2 days my runs with easy, tomorrow recovery for sure. I went to buhl park and ran the .7 mile loop around Lake Julia. The plan was to do 8, in 3:40 to 3:50. I messed up did them too fast. I still happy with way they went, feel wise it felt like my interval pace. Took 3:30 to walk/jog/rest the .2 in between.
The splits were: 3:38, 3:36, 3:36, 3:41, 3;34, 3:41, 3:40, 3:34. Overall im happy with the workout. This week has been going fairly well so fair, knock on wood.

running books

Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger

Beginners Guide to Long distance running by Sean Fishpool

Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham

The Cometitive Runners Handbook by Bob Glover

The Princples of Running by Armby Burfoot

Runners World Complete book of Running

Nutrition for Marathoners by Nancy Clark (I should read it)

Rite Aid * 2007 Cleveland Marathon Results Program (priceless)

Also have subscribed to 3 different running magazines at different times and lengths.

Runners World
Running Times
Trail Runner

Mid week run

I got in 6.5 miles. It turned out to be a great run. I was just going to go run a regular run and get the miles in. ended up running it about a minute faster then normal. Its almost my tempo pace, well actually according to the Mcmillan calculator it is my tempo pace. I guess I just felt like running yesterday. Need more runs like that.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

4 years and running

This march 23rd, will mark my fourth year of running. March 23, 2004 was the day I attempted my first run. I went out in sweat pants and not sure what type of shoes I had on. I had been doing some walking to try and lose weight and wanted to try running. It's funny I started out running to lose weight and now I am trying to lose weight to improve my running. I only remember I could barely make it a quarter mile, before I walked to catch my breath. My legs felt like they were 200 lbs each. I dont think I realized how bad of shape I was in.
Soon after that I went to store and saw a flyer for Runners World. In it they had a walk/run plan for beginners. The plan had you run a couple minutes walk a few. Built up in 10 weeks to get you running a half hour. During this time I ran my first race, "The 5K in May" in Austintown. I needed to take a few walk breaks but I finished. I was hooked on racing to say the least. Since then I have run too many races to count. OK its 113 so far. - Races
Included in that 113 is 2 marathons and 9 half marathons. Im currently training for my third marathon. I was running lots of 5K's when I started now I think I have changed. I still love to race no doubt, but with the longer races I need more training. Especially with attempting to improve my marathon time.
I dont remember exactly when but I did join the Youngstown Road Runners ( Youngstown Road Runners Club ) and try to make the Sunday runs has often has I can. I have a small group of running buddies that meet and train together. Or just run for fun together. Whichever.
Hopefully I wont forget that first day so that I know how far it is from nothing to 26.2. Or worse run and forget how to get back home. I still have lot of races I hope to do some day, if I ever get the money to travel to them. Next year is my 20th wedding anniversary, I think, some time time in June or July, I know it was long time before I started running. We went to Virginia Beach and I think it would be great to go down for the big Virginia Beach Rock and roll half they have there next year. I can dream I suppose.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Glove

This winter I had a hard time holding on to gloves. I have 3 pairs and then got a couple more cheap pair gloves at walmart. Not running gloves but they kind of work. This way I could let them dry between runs. Now they were all differnt mind you, a black pair of mizuno that fit tight, nice for wearing 2 pairs. Then 2 looser gray pairs, one I bought at the Turkey Trot a couple years ago.
Some where along the way I lost the right hand of the black mizuno's and the left of the gray turkey trot gloves. Not exactly sure when or I would of known where to look. So I still had a "pair'. Mismatched but a glove for each hand.
Then on today's 5 miler I was on way back towards home coming down the big hill and looked over and there was a gray glove on the side of the road. Next to a snow bank it was laying there, to telling where I lost it on the hill with all the snow we had since I know I lost. A plow must of pushed it to side of road and now enough melted for me to see it. It was soaking wet, and had some dirt on it but the Turkey Trot logo was on it. What were the chances of some one else losing the same type of glove, same hand some where I run. So Im going to wash it and dry it and I will have a matching pair again. And a spare left hand handed glove.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cougar Challenge

I may run a 5K race much sooner then planned. I wasn't going to run one while in marathon training, but according to the Bob Glover plan I have been loosely following has a 5K race the same weekend. The Cougar Challenge 5K is April 5th and no real long run planned. I know the course is a tough hilly course. So this seems to be a good time to go run a race, I mean I can always use some more race experience.

Tempo Intervals

After Tuesdays terrible run where I had to make like a bear in the woods I needed a good run. Yesterday I think I got in. I went to Buhl park to run and wanted to do some speedwork. I ended up doing 2 - 1.5 mile tempo intervals. Not sure I would want to go has hard has I normally do intervals but the description of a comfortable hard pace didnt sound has bad. I did them in 12:49 and 12:38. I am not sure if that was right pace or not but felt about right. I took a 3 minute rest between them. Two minutes may of been enough, not sure. 6.2 total miles for the day and that put me over 100 miles for the month. Im shooting for 150 for March which will be most ever in a month for me. With a 20 miler planned for the 30th I should be able to do it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I got in 6 miles. Thats all I should say. It was an out and back course from home and had intestinal problems on way back. It could of been a real good run otherwise. At best it was just embarassing but I guess these things happen. Yet another reason to go to park to run.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today I got in 18 miles to finish off the week with 40.6 miles. I ran every day but monday and over all a good week. Got in a tempo run tuesday. I just like the sound of that, Tempo Tuesday! Yea im strange. Wednesday I got in an easy 5 miles, ran the first 3 with Katie. If shes going to track and cross country again she needs to get in some running. Thursday was almost a waste but got in 3 miles after eating way too much at lunch. Friday and Saturday were just easy runs but thats what I had planned.

This morning I met Rick at 7:30 am outside his apartment building. Orginally it was just us but I got an email late last night from Bob and him and Leonard and Ron were running 16. It was at a different spot in the park. But they were starting till 8:20 which gave us just enough time to get in 2 miles then join them. Gotta love it when plan works out perfectly. Got done and had just a couple minutes between finishing and them showing up. With the 5 of us turned out to be a real fun 16 miles. Well has much fun has 16 miles could be. Leonard is training for the marathon also but I can tell he will finish way ahead of me. Bob and Ron are both training for halfs, Ron is doing the one in Cleveland. They both seem to be ready for a half.

This morning I did my regular Sunday morning weigh in first thing this morning and was187.2. Then went and ate a banana and bagel. Then went to my run and did 18. I had 2 bottles of water, a 20oz. bottle of gatorade afterwards, a package of fig newtons and a GU while running then another fig newton on way home. I reweigh myself out of curiosity and I weighed 186.2. I know it was just water weight but I wanted to know how much I lost running. Of course eating and drinking all that probably kept me from losing too much while running. Of course I been eating like crazy rest of day but do you know how many calories you burn running 18 miles? Still need to watch it better during week, would like to be under 180 before May 18.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tempo Tuesday

I got in 6 miles with 3 at tempo pace. Actually it was a little faster then what I thought I should do them. Ran the tempo part in 25:54, a 8:38 pace. According to the Mcmillan calculator I should be doing them at an 8:51 to 9:14 pace. Maybe next time. I keep thinking I going a little faster will be good but others say it wont help.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Saving Time

Overall this week wasn't too bad training wise, I got in a speedwork day, recovered from last weekends half marathon, and then ran the medium long run planned for Sunday. Sunday kicked my butt all the way thru Monday. Im blaming it on daylight savings time. I like the extra daylight since I usually run after work in the evening. But Sunday I got up to meet Rick at 8 Am, what would of been 9 and didnt feel like I got enough sleep. Then went to a friends house and stayed lot later then I thought I would be there. So not enough sleep today, almost half what I normally sleep. Maybe I normally sleep too much but since I aint been real sick in a while I figure maybe thats part of it. Today I just felp wore out, almost like I was hung over. Since I haven't had a beer or anything since the first of the year I am sure its not that. Hopefully get a good nights sleep tonight and be ready and feel like running to get the new week started right. Hoping to reach 35 to 40 with some sort of speed work and get my 18 mile long run in next Sunday.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Yesterday a storm rolled in, today it just got worse. Snowed around 8 to 12 inches. After not running Friday I had to get a run in. I figured I had to do at least 4 miles to get to the 30 mile minnum I want to keep for MPW during marathon training, hoping to get it much higher then that. So out I went, hoping tomorrows 10 miler is better conditions. It was 26*, windy, slushy or snow covered slippery roads. Then it began to rain. Not actually rain but more like ice. What wonderful conditions to run in. Then going up the big hill of my 4 mile loop a plow started coming down at me. Luckily, no traffic and I had time to get to other side of street. At least it made it easier to run on. I could barely walk up the hill before. I got done, soaked and cold. But I got 20.5 miles in so far witha 10 miler planned with Rick tomorrow. Crossing fingers tomorrow is better.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday headcheese

I went to Buhl park and did 1/2 mile interval on the loop around Lake Julia. Its about .7 miles around the lake so I walk/jog/rest/stretch the .2. I actually did them faster then I was planning too. I averaged 3:39, with 3:30 recovery in between. 6.5 miles total with warm up and cooldown. I keep wondering if doing them faster then pace I need if its doing good or not. But one good thing is I looked at last years total mileage the week after the Mill Creek Distance Classic and it was like 15 miles. I know have 16.5 miles and 10 planned for Sunday. So I didn't crash after the half like last year. I actually felt good running them today.

1 3:39
2 3:38
3 3:43
4 3:36
5 3:45
6 3:37

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I stole this,

The 20 Strictly Running Commandments.
1. Don't be a whiner. Nobody likes a whiner, not even other whiners.
2. Don't make running your life, make it part of your life.
3. When doing group runs, start on time no matter who is missing.
4. Don't compare yourself to other runners.
5. When standing in starting lines, remind yourself how fortunate you are to be there.
6. The faster you are the less you should talk about your times.
7. Don't always run alone.
8. Don't always run with people.
9. The best runs sometimes come on the days you didn't feel like running.
10. Be modest after a race, especially if you have reason to brag.
11. All runners are equal; some are just faster than others.
12. There are no short cuts to run excellence.
13. There is nothing boring about running, there are, however, boring people who run.
14. Look at hills as opportunities to pass people.
15. Don't try to out run dogs.
16. With out goals, training has no purpose.
17. Go for broke, but prepare to be broken.
18. Unless you make your living as a runner, don't take running too seriously.
19. Runners who never fail are runners who never tried anything great.
20. Running is simple. Don't make it complicated.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Roast Beef

Today is a rest day. And since its raining and 32* after a 64* it wasn't hard to do. Im sore from last week

Last week I felt it was an alright week. I would of liked to have a few more miles in but I got in a half marathon. I looked at my splits and was able to get a couple good miles after running 10 so thats a good thing I figure. Mill Creek is very hilly so overall I should be happy. I probably would of got more miles in if not for the weather. Im hoping it breaks real soon, this week doesnt look too good rest of week, I want to start doing speed work once a week and I between bad roads and cold its really hard to do.

Now this week im keeping it simple. Just be over 30 miles this week. My long run Sunday is only 10 miles and I did 4 monday so between wednesday and Saturday I need 16 or more miles. I think if all goes well wednesday or thursday I might go a little longer then normal. Hopefully nothing will get in way. Like the weather.

Masury, OH weather forecast and current conditions - AOL Weather

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mill Creek Distance Classic

***Not this is cross posted on Runners World Beginners Forum.***

I got up this morning to get ready for my race, The Mill Creek Distance Classic Half marathon. My stomach wasn't at first agreeing with my plans. After a trip or 3 to the bathroom and eating a bagel it seemed better. It could of been caused by the ice cream I had last night, I knew I shouldn't of but I rarely have it (thats a lie) but really was in mood for some.
I thought I got enough sleep but I was dragging getting ready. Good thing I had most of the stuff ready and set out the night before. So I dont have to think in the morning. I drove over to my buddy Ricks place and rode in with him.
We got there in plenty of time and just had to pick up our timing chips and we were ready to go. I did about a mile warm up before the race. Then I ran into a couple of other buddys from my running club. A short BS session later and the race was started. This is my third time running this race, and it never gets easier. Its extremely hilly course. But starts with a couple of down hills, of course finishs with a huge up hill since we start and finish same place. there was 6 of us at start running has a group but that wouldnt last long. This is where the fun started has we took advantage of the down hill and near sprinted to get position with each other. Then we settled a bit has thing spread out a little.
We got to another steep downhill and Leonard and Rick were starting to pull away a little I looked at Bob and he said "want to pass them?" So we sprinted down this hill and passed them, got right in front of them and slowed down. Smart? Nope. Funny? Hell yes. I had trouble running from laughing. It set the tone for the first 8 or so miles for me. Rick and Leonard took off and we didnt see them again till the finish. But we kicked there butt on that downhill.
The first few miles or so went good, ran with Bob and Ron. Ron would keep a steady pace and we lost him around mile 4 or 5. I think some of the mile markers were off the splits early didnt make sense to me. I ran along talking to some different runners, one guy from Chicago, a woman I know from the Trail running club. She said her son an 8th grader was running first half with her husband. He ran slow since he did a 70 miler last weekend. I lost Bob before 7 mile marker because he stopped at the water stop to talk to someone. Then just past 8 mile marker a woman I know from the running club was directing runners and taking pictures. So of course I stopped and struck my superman pose. Of course by time she got her digi camera to work I probably looked like a dork.
Then oddly enough I started to run this like it was an actual race. I started to pick up the pace, or at least my effort. Maybe it was because I ended up in no ones land running alone for a bit. But I decided to see if I could catch up to Ron who was out of sight at the time. I must of passed about 20 people last 4 plus miles and a little past the 12 mile mark I caught up to Ron on the start of what they call the staircase, my favorite place to run. (thats a lie) Its a series of hills and then the finish up a big hill. It's one of the worse finishes to a half I can imagine. I was able to pass Ron and then up the last big hill with him a minute or so behind, I see Leonard, Rick and Bob's wife looking for us. I finished in 2:15:11 according to my watch. It's my worse time ever in a half but I had more fun running it then I can remember. (no lie)
I did have 2 complaints. First they could start the 5K race a little later so us not has fast halfers arent sharing road with them. Second and worse at finish I couldn't find any water at finish. They had in the cabin which ended up being so crowded I couldn't find it till a little later. I thought there was enough water on course though. Otherwise a great race!

The Splits:
2 20:02 (forgot to hit watch at 1)
3 11:47
4 9:16 (and I thought I was going same pace for miles 3 and 4)
5 10:25
6 10:33
7 11:11
8 10:26
9 10:04
10 10:48 (huge hill then a waterstop)
11 9:36
12 9:25
13.1 11:36 (13 was marked and I forgot to hit watch)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feb. Review

Overall it was a pretty good month for running, especially if I go by total mileage, 140.6 miles. Second best month ever. I had thought of going for my best month ever but Thursday I decided I needed a rest day more. Then Friday I got so busy by time I got done I didn't feel like going out in dark and cold with even more snow to run. We finally got a new car. After our van got totaled its been a royal pain. I hope no one that reads this works for a insurance company but they really sucked this time and took their good ole time getting things done. Now that that is taken care of it should be easire for me to get to park to run or whatever. Fewer worrys at least. Now about the weather. Im sick of it. Had enough, cold and snow. I hoping the forecast for the next couple days is right.