Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Roast Beef

Today is a rest day. And since its raining and 32* after a 64* it wasn't hard to do. Im sore from last week

Last week I felt it was an alright week. I would of liked to have a few more miles in but I got in a half marathon. I looked at my splits and was able to get a couple good miles after running 10 so thats a good thing I figure. Mill Creek is very hilly so overall I should be happy. I probably would of got more miles in if not for the weather. Im hoping it breaks real soon, this week doesnt look too good rest of week, I want to start doing speed work once a week and I between bad roads and cold its really hard to do.

Now this week im keeping it simple. Just be over 30 miles this week. My long run Sunday is only 10 miles and I did 4 monday so between wednesday and Saturday I need 16 or more miles. I think if all goes well wednesday or thursday I might go a little longer then normal. Hopefully nothing will get in way. Like the weather.

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