Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday headcheese

I went to Buhl park and did 1/2 mile interval on the loop around Lake Julia. Its about .7 miles around the lake so I walk/jog/rest/stretch the .2. I actually did them faster then I was planning too. I averaged 3:39, with 3:30 recovery in between. 6.5 miles total with warm up and cooldown. I keep wondering if doing them faster then pace I need if its doing good or not. But one good thing is I looked at last years total mileage the week after the Mill Creek Distance Classic and it was like 15 miles. I know have 16.5 miles and 10 planned for Sunday. So I didn't crash after the half like last year. I actually felt good running them today.

1 3:39
2 3:38
3 3:43
4 3:36
5 3:45
6 3:37

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