Monday, September 28, 2009

Run around Erie 15K

I woke up Sunday morning early for the hour and a half drive to Presque Isle in Erie, PA. I usually go up there for a half in July, but added another race this year, Run around Erie 15K. Me and the wife got up there just a little later then planned and the walk to the check in was longer walk then I anticipated too. I got my shirt and number. Its a small race like I thought it would be. They also had a 5K and I think lot of the people there were doing that. Since I had been sick this week I had lowered my goal for this race, I figured I could still do 1:25.

Didn't really have time for a warm up so went with the long race theory and hoped to use first mile has warm up. It was such a small race I could of lined up in the first row, but held back a couple of rows. The race started one way quickly turned, got us going back the other way. Before long we were going out doing the big loop around Presque Isle.

I felt ok but had no speed to speak of. It was such a small race and my pace was off every else's I ended up running much of it alone, no one within about 50 or 100 yards at times. But I had beautiful scenery and there was lots of volunteers on the course and water stops every 2 miles. I honestly think their were more volunteers then runners! Thank you volunteers!

I got near the finish and wasn't able to pick it up. My legs felt dead, breathing just wasn't rightish. I finished in 1:26:34 short of what I thought was my realistic goal. It sucks being in my age group, I finished 47th overall, remember I said it was a small race, but 6th in my age group. The had lots of medals and awards plus plenty of door prizes. Not that I won any but nice to see so many of them at such a small race.

We then went to the casino, which is why I think my wife went with me to the race. I met an old friend Tina I went to high school there and we had lunch and walked around talking for most of the afternoon. A good day, but little disappointed in my race time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This week

This week didnt go has planned. After realizing I had the date wrong for my race this Sunday. which means I most likely will be doing 2 races in 2 weeks. The Peace Race 2009 10K is next Sunday. So I wasnt sure how to prepare for this. I had mini tapered last week and so I decided to just go out and run, since I would like to have a good race at the Peace Race. The 15K Im running Sunday is almost sure to be a PR. How can I be I so confident? Is it my first 15K? Nope, but the only other one I did was in December during a blizzard in the dark. Confessions of a race addict: Dark Park Pursiut 15K Adventure Run#links

THis weeks running started off good. Decided to make Monday a rest day, then Tuesday had a good hard 6 mile hill run. Then things got worse. Later that evening just started feeling blah. Blah. Had a sore stratchy throat. Body aches and just no energy. So I took some nyquil to try and knock it out of me. Woke up Wednesday feeling sluggish, almost hung over. Canceled my run. Thursday felt about the same but tryed to run. Cut it short, did 3 miles. Been long time since I went out and did an easy 3 mile run. But started to feel little better, no speed demon but got in 7.6 miles today. Feeling almost back to normal.

No plans to cancel the race Sunday, after running last years Turkey Trot having coughing fits im sure a stratchy thtoat wont keep me from showing up. Its one of the advantage of being a mid pack race addict. You know theres always another race coming up if you dont do well. And most people dont know if you did well or not.

Speaking of the Turkey Trot Monday Im starting to do a 8 and half week training plan for it so I can get a good time for it. Im adopting a 10K training plan from Bob Glovers book The Competitive Runers Handbook.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Acorns and Turkeys

I made a big mental slip. A Brain fart. I really thought my 15K race in Erie was today. Last night I went on the race web site to check something and discovered that its next Sunday the 27th. Sure glad I discovered this before I drove the hour and half to Erie, PA.

So today I went to Mill Creek park and ran 10 miles by myself. I thought maybe one of the people I normally run with might be there but no luck. A group of speedsters were there I figured if I ran with them I could keep up for a 100 yards or so on a good day. I kid you not, one of them is a nationally ranked age grouper in Running Times. So I put on the MP-3 player and went off alone.

I ran in to a family of 4 turkeys a couple hundred yards after I started. Then I realized it was also acorn season has they were all over the place. also dropping off trees has I run, including one hitting brim of my cap. I then ran thru another group of turkeys, 7 more this time. This park is in the middle of Youngstown so I assume theres no hunting I would imagine this helps the turkeys stick around so long. I also saw a coupld of deer.

All the while I listened to the podcast Phedippadations episode #204 by Steve Runner. This episode he interviewed Jim Keady of TeamSweat He's on a mission to get Nike to treat and pay its workers around the world a liveable wage. With the millions that Nike spends on advertising and gives to spokespeople IM sure it could afford to do that. I dont expect the workers in third world countrys to get rich making Nike or other companys running shoes and clothes but would be nice to be able to buy the stuff guilt free (or close to it) At least not wondering if it was made by some child in a sweat shop forced to work long hot hours. Corporate greed is ruining this country, no reason a company cannt make millions and pay/treat its workers decently.

I normally not into listening to things about causes but being a runner this one hit closer to home. Yes I know I wont change the world or get Nike's attention. I was never a big fan of Nike but the Nike stuff I do have I think is good stuff. No complaints. His plan to try to get Nike to change, since they are the industry leader makes sense. Others would most likely follow. He doesnt advocate a boycott, but if one company led the way, a boycott of the others that didn't follow suit might make sense.

Anyways if you get a chance go listen to it yourself.
Phedippidations PodCast Website


TeamSweat » A Marathon Runner Speaks Out on Nike’s Sweatshops

Monday, September 14, 2009

Looking ahead

I went and did a trail run. I have started to doubt whether its 5.5 miles or not. I never used to when I was running it in 58 to 60 minutes I never did but now that I regularly do it in 55 to 56 minutes I start to. If anyones wondering what to get me for Christmas think Garmin.

Im already starting to look at training plans for next years Cleveland Marathon in May. Im thinking of trying Pfitzingers or Jack Daniels plan. It will be tougher then any I have done in past but maybe I need a more serious detailed approach.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Im feeling better. Since mid week I just felt lousy. I went to a golf outing on Saturday and golfed 18 holes feeling like I had a nyquil hangover. Then I dragged myself out of bed this morning when the alarm went off at 6 AM. 6 AM. On a Sunday morning so I could go run with Rick.

I got there passing up my buddy Bob on the way. Found out his route and then me and Rick joined him for part of his 20 miler. He's training for the Marine Corp Marathon. Me and Rick got in around 8.5 or there abouts. And other then feeling a little tired today I feeling much better.

I have signed up for my next race, had to get at least one in during September, mailed my application in to No idea about the race but real sure I should get a PR and I do like the other races I have done at Presque Isle. Octobers race is going to be the Peace Race 2009 After that we will see.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sad blog

I really do think of many good topics and things to say while out running. Of course by the time I get here to post anything I have forgotten it or got distracted reading other blogs. My goal of at least 2 posts per week is sadly being missed.

This was actually a good week running wise. I got in some speed work. I got in a few intervals on Tuesday which is supposed to be tempo Tuesday but some times those things dont work out has planned. I did a tough hill run on Thursday. I ran the hills hard even if my pace doesnt show it. Then did a 10 miler on Friday. Since Sunday is supposed to be my long day I did 12 miles today. I got in a total of 39 miles with 2 days of rest. Hoping for another good week this week. I think im going to sign up for a 15k in Erie on the 20th. That may be my race of the month.