Monday, September 28, 2009

Run around Erie 15K

I woke up Sunday morning early for the hour and a half drive to Presque Isle in Erie, PA. I usually go up there for a half in July, but added another race this year, Run around Erie 15K. Me and the wife got up there just a little later then planned and the walk to the check in was longer walk then I anticipated too. I got my shirt and number. Its a small race like I thought it would be. They also had a 5K and I think lot of the people there were doing that. Since I had been sick this week I had lowered my goal for this race, I figured I could still do 1:25.

Didn't really have time for a warm up so went with the long race theory and hoped to use first mile has warm up. It was such a small race I could of lined up in the first row, but held back a couple of rows. The race started one way quickly turned, got us going back the other way. Before long we were going out doing the big loop around Presque Isle.

I felt ok but had no speed to speak of. It was such a small race and my pace was off every else's I ended up running much of it alone, no one within about 50 or 100 yards at times. But I had beautiful scenery and there was lots of volunteers on the course and water stops every 2 miles. I honestly think their were more volunteers then runners! Thank you volunteers!

I got near the finish and wasn't able to pick it up. My legs felt dead, breathing just wasn't rightish. I finished in 1:26:34 short of what I thought was my realistic goal. It sucks being in my age group, I finished 47th overall, remember I said it was a small race, but 6th in my age group. The had lots of medals and awards plus plenty of door prizes. Not that I won any but nice to see so many of them at such a small race.

We then went to the casino, which is why I think my wife went with me to the race. I met an old friend Tina I went to high school there and we had lunch and walked around talking for most of the afternoon. A good day, but little disappointed in my race time.

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