Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yak Trax

I splurged yesterday. We got our tax return in. Not alot but enough to get a few items I been wanting/needing. We got the car tired we been needing. Among the other things I went and got Yak Trax to make this snow running easier. I did first run in them this morning and was happy with them. Second thing was a digital camera. I now can start adding more pictures to this blog. Quit groaning, I didnt say of me. I took a few at the park this morning to test it out.

Some pictures from the bridge over the old mill.

Me after my run.

Edit: Next time I add 1 picture at a time. They came up wrong order. Remember this is a work in progress.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running podcasts

Hello, my names Bruce and im a running podcast addict. Does that make me a poddict? I just stated using a MP3 player this past summer. I started with music. I would and still never take it when IM running with some one else. That would be rude. Then I started to listen to an occasionaly podcast. I had read about Steve Runner and Phedippidations. I liked it and qickly started to look for more. Now I have about 15 podcasts im listening to. Or trying too. A few im trying to listen to past episodes, sometimes while just sitting at computer. I save new episodes for on the run. Its hard to fit in back podcasts while keeping up with the current ones while running without upping my mileage a bunch.

The last month or so its gotten worse. I even considered making my own but have 2 major obstacles. First I dont have the needed epuipment. Second I have a lousy speaking voice. I sound much better on blogspot. I even considered starting a second blog to rate them and maybe give out unofficail unsponsored virtual awards. I thought I would call them the PRE awards, Podcast for Running Entertainment.

But for now I will give a review of the ones I like to listen too. I am willing to try any podcasts someone might reccomend. If you've never given them a try you might like them. I know they're not for everyone but many of them make you feel like your running with a friend. In no particular order....

Trilogy running
Just some good ole boys.... Shawn and Jason are 2 brothers living in Georgia and training for a marathon. You can tell they love to podcast and to run. They are the type of guys I like to run with, just having fun while the time goes bye. After I started listening to them they quickly became a favorite.

I only heard this one once and think I need to give it another chance. The english accent takes a little to get used to.

Confessions of a runner
This one is deceased. Not the runner just the podcast. Jodi has decided to stop her podcast after finishing a marathon. Maybe some day she will start another.

Dump Runners Club
Not enough in put to make a opinion. Seems to know what he's talking about.

Early Morning Runner
This one stars Denise from Ohio. A good knoweldgable runner with a good running history. But I got 2 problems with it. First its too short. I have to put another podcast on to finish run. Secondly in a way I find it sad cause he is training to run Boston marathon then his running career is over. I just find that sad.

Kelownagurl tris
A Canadian lady who training for triathlons. funny at times but the tri training parts really dont interest me.

The Runners Roundtable
A great idea. My favorite podcasters getting together in one podcast. Brillant!

Running from the Reaper
Another English man. I need to give it a listen.

Runnign From...
What is she running from?

Running in the center for the Universe
Ashland Dave puts on a good podcast. He usually keeps me enteretained.

Running Stupid
I like Coach Ken and his Kazoo. Unfortunately I cannt take it on my runs. He puts it out in MP4 format and my MP3 player only plays MP3's. But I do get weird looks from my wife when I blast the kazoo over the comptuer speakers.

RunRun Live 2.0
This is one of my favorites. A good fun podcast. I love his style and the interviews are interesting.

Ultradad Podcast
After hearing it mentioned in other podcasts I like I finally listended to his 2 latest and liked them. Him and wife in costco was hilarous.

A great podcast put out by a married couple runnign together. Biggest problem is its only biweekly. Guess they have lives besides podcasting.

Steve Runner was who got me started on podcasts. Almost always interesting, funny at times. Love the skits. John Michael his son is great.

Day 12

Its a mess out there. It snowed over night was raining when I started my run, turned to snow, at times would be sleeting. Feet got soaked and freezing. The roads were just snow and slush and ice. I was supposed to get in 6 but got so far out and just turned around. It was still more then 5. I estimate 5.2. Still lots better then nothing. Im really starting to dislike winter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

porter and Stout

I got in the 6 miles according to my plan. Real easy pace. That makes 11 days in a row. But I might end it for the wrong reasons. My foot is starting to bother me. Its the top of the foot and best I can figure out its caused but my calf being too tight. Did some extra stretching the last couple days but today it still felt real tight when I stretched it. If that isnt whats causing it I have no idea what to do then. I've had this problem off and on for a long time now, need to finally figure out what to do. I suppose I could stop running for a while. NAHHHHHHHHHh

Article sent by RW today, 10 tips for running in the cold,7120,s6-238-267-269-12420-0,00.html?cm_mmc=training-_-2009_01_27-_-training-_-TRAINING%3a%2010%20Tips%20For%20Running%20in%20the%20Cold%20

According to them I regularly overdress. I agree some times but lately I dont think I have been, except occasionaly wearing an oversized balacava.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

pabst Blue Ribbon

Sunday, I did 9 miles on day 9 of my streak. No end in sight for running streak. Hopefully my Run till I get back to Work streak will end in the near future. I did 4 miles today and it was a bitter 5* degrees out. I suppose I could wait till later in day when it will be a balmy 20* but in some ways its nice to get it out of the way.

Today starts week 3 of my marathon training. Heres how the week is supposed to go:

Monday Rest (so much for that)
tuesday 6 miles
Wednesday 6 miles
Thursday 4 miles
Friday 6 miles
Saturday 5 miles
Sunday 11 miles

lest see how it goes. A few more weeks and we start with speed work. Are you has excited has I am?? I just hope it warms up a little. At least to freezing.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Days of beer and ale

I made it thru day 8 of my streak. It got cold again after yesterdays warm up. Ohh I miss running in 40* degrees. I really miss a beautiful 60* day to run in where I dont worry about layering up. I hate worrying if I got too many layers on or not enough layers? I have noticed if the temp dips below 10*F its hard to overdress.

One thing I have noticed the longer I run the easier the consecutive days is becoming easier. Some things just take time. Running teaches patience. Or ways to injure yourself. Even though im on day 8 I dont feel like I need a day off right now. I plan to take a day off first day I return to work. Hopefully not too much longer, money wise I need to get back to work. Running wise its great.

Tomorrow I plan to meet Rick at 8:30 for a 9 miler. The plan im following called for a total of 33 miles this week. I currently have 32, and if all goes has planned will finish the week with 41.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The genetics in my family are not good. Both parents have had heart trouble. My dad has had stints put in twice. Or is it 3 times. My moms had a heart attack once, while I was driving her to the hospital, and other problems. Now my brother is going in for a heart catherization tomorrow morning. Im not that worried, after seeing my dad go thru it a few times I know he should be alright.

Thing is he isnt that old. He is actually just a year and a half older then me, will be 45 in March. I realize 45 isnt a year and half older then 29 but we arent discussing my screwed up math age. But after our parents I think our similaritys end. After growing up in same house, I havent felt like we were very much alike. I know in some ways we are. One difference is that im a runner. Yes I didnt start till I was 38 five years ago I still think I was generally more physically active then him.

Secondly, he's a smoker. Not sure how much or how long but he definitely is one. Hopefully if nothing else this will get him to quit. The third thing I actually thought worked in his favor. I used to think he ate better then me. Well I know he ate less, simply cause he weighted less. Plus he doesnt suffer from pepsi addiction like I do. He used to drink mostly water. Some beer but I dont think he over does it. Other then his job he isnt very active. Other then my job and averaging over 30 miles per week running im not that active either. I actually have a bigger gut then him. I think he eats less then me.

Anyways, it now got me motivated to run more. Perhaps even start watching diet closer. I decided to not start smoking either. Alright I wasnt going to do that one anyways. Im too dang cheap to buy cigarettes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cold has rum

I keep meaning to post the weeks plan. Not that I have stuck to it either week but I view it has a guide. Heres what I was planning to do this week.

Mon- rest
Tue- 4 miles
Wed- 6 miles
Thu- 4 miles
Fri- 4 miles
Sat- 4 miles
Sun- 9 miles

Well since im laid off I have decided to run evry day till I return to work. My own little mini streak. So I have made adjustments on the run. Monday was 4.4 miles, Tuesday was 7.4 miles and today I got in 4 miles. I kind of view it has getting in the miles this time of year especially. Long has my total is good for the week and I get my long run in I feel ok with what I did. In a few weeks when they add in speed work then I will have to make sure I get those in right. Some warmer weather that is closer to freezing would be nice too. Right now im basically slogging along just to get some miles in. This type of cold seems to sap my energy, and I take alot time worrying about keeping warm and not freezing important body parts off.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Running Pervert

The short story is I got in 7.4 miles. But what would of been a good run started rough when I had to use a latrine at the park. Those seats are cold. Then things were going good on the run. Park roads werent perfect but runnable. Slush and snow but they had been plowed. It was a cold 14* colder with a little wind. Then around half way I realize I may of needed one more lower layer. It got very "uncomfortable. Definitely a male only problem. I considered using a glove to warm "things" after all where would I prefer frostbite?? No one was around ran/walked a few minutes basically looking like a pervert. But after that I made it back to my car with no further complications.
Note to self, below 20 get a little extra coverage in scrotal area.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tack on 6 more miles run with a sparse amount of Road runner club runners. That means im only a couple miles short for my total for the week even with missing a day I was supposed to run.

Running wise next week should be better. Weather should be better and im laid off again for a week or more so I should be able to get in some extra miles. Only 2 good things about being laid off, the second one is more time to run.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

cold runnings

This week hasnt gone exactly has planned. I tryed to work around the frigid cold. I think it worked to a point but think my mileage will be a little lower then I would like. Heres what it was supposed to look like.

Monday - rest
tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 5 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - 5 miles
Saturday - 3 miles
Sunday - 7 miles

So thru Saturday heres how its gone, Monday 4.4 miles. I knew the frigid cold was coming and got in a run so I could take at least one day off later in week.

Tuesday I changed up plans after finding out some guys from the trail club were meeting to run at same place I was going just later. Didn't get in has many miles they did but got in what I had planned for the day, only tougher on snow covered trails. A couple of the guys blogged about it and included pictures.

Wednesday, I was about to go run and got a call that my dad had a flat tire and needed help. It was cold, single digits. I drove to where he was and was able to get tire changed. Then since he was on a donut tire in snowy weather I followed him home. Then ended up going to get my mom at work. By time I got home I was exhausted and it was too late to run.

Thursday I got in 4 miles. Motivation was missing.

Friday I had planned to take off cause I knew I had stuff to do and never got the missed run in.

Today, Saturday, I got in a 7.4 miler with the temp at -1 when I started. Didnt warm up much at all. Winchill was saying -16 but I dont notice alot of wind. Maybe I had too many layers on.

So now to figure out what to do tomorrow. I could do 8 and the weekly mileage will be right there. Probably do something a little shorter since I will be going to run with the Road runners club. Well not the best week ever but not the worse. I should be able to do some extra next week and it shouldnt be quite so cold next week. These days around 0 degrees just sap your energy out running.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Goals are a tough thing. If you put them down for people to see is like putting yourself on the line. Of course keeping them secret is like your scared to admit to your goals and want a fall out plan or easy out like I never said I was going for that if you fail. I like Bob Glovers 3 goal method for races. First the dream goal if all goes right and your touched by the toe of god. Second a realistic but hard goal. The goal you walk away happy and most things went right. And thirdly the acceptable goal that you wont be upset with. If some things go right.

So heres my 3 goals for the Cleveland marathon. The miracle goal would be 4 hours or less. I would say Boston qualifier but that would take more then a miracle at this point. The second goal the one im actually shooting for is to hit 4:15. I think its possible but not easy. Definitely need some things to go my way. Its also the third time im shooting for it. Hopefully the third times the charm. And finally the third goal the acceptable one. I live with 4:30. I hope to be under it.

Now so in May this post cannt come back to haunt me it will self destruct in 10 seconds..................................

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow, snow more snow

I got in 4.5 miles today. It had snowed overnight and hasnt stopped yet. We got the 6 inches they were calling for and more. Toughest part of run was actually getting to the park. Roads were snowed covered still and road crews hadnt made much progress yet. I really dont feel comfortable on the roads here in this weather. Actually its just the one road with at least a half mile each way. In daylight with clear roads there is enough on side of road to feel safe. In a snow storm I rather run in the park.
I did run into a few runners I knew. No injuries. Made it nice for about 3 miles I did with them. Even though it interrputed listening to SteveRunner podcast but thats for when Im runnign alone.

Tomorrow is the Chili run at the road runners club and I plan to announce my goal for the marathon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cleveland here I come

This evening I signed up for the Cleveland marathon on May 17th. Early sign up saved me 10 bucks and I get a early bird gift. Last year it was a running hat I like, the year before a bag I got alot of use out of. The training plan starts monday. Well sort of its supposed to be a rest day. But I might run Monday and during winter take rest day on a bad weather day. Anyways im signed up, so here we go again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a quickie

Its kind of a cutback week for me. I have no plan for the week running when I feel like it how far I feel like going. So far I have 19.2 miles after taking Tuesday off cause of a ice storm. Next week starts the Official "Daa Daa" (enter the kazoo sound from running stupid) Dean Karanzes Cleveland Marathon training plan!!!! Ok its not officially for Cleveland but it was in his book 50/50. My buddy wanted to us it to train for Cleveland Marathon and since we did train together alot for my last 3 marathons what the heck. Im in for doing the Karnazes plan. More details on the plan soon, it starts on Monday! Just over 18 weeks till Cleveland Marahon on May 17th. Arent you excited??????? Who am I talking to???

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Day turn

Tomorrow I go back to working day turn. It should help in a few areas, like I wont eat has much. I dont know why but midnight shift screws up my eating. I eat breakfast when I get home from work, a snack when I wake up, dinner, something before going to work, then something to eat at first break, and then something at lunch break. Not to mention some in between snacking. Its a vicious cycle. Now back to my regular overeating habits.

1 week till I start my Cleveland marathon training plan. Arent you thrilled?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hangover Classic

I ran the Hangover Classic 5K this morning. If 11 am is still considered morning. Its a real fun race a guy puts on out of his house. Its sponsored by his brothers carpet cleaning business and is free with lots of great door prizes. They even give cars away to the race winners. Porssche for first I believe. Ok there match box cars. Its a prediction run, no watches, and I predicted a slow time. Hopefully my slowest 5K of the year. But I was taking it realllllllll serious. Those that know me know I always serious at race time.
I had got together with my buddys and the 4 of us turned it into a group run doing the race together. It was like 20* out and road had icy spots on them. The course was a double loop around the town and when we by the guys house where the race director lives and grabbed the beer he had stashed in bushes in front of house. We drank the beer while running the second loop. Ok we actually walked the first hill while drinking it but has you can see very serious racing here.
After the race got a little bit to eat, lots of people bring covered dishes so plenty of good food. They have lots of good door prizes and odd ball prizes you dont get at normal races like predicted time, last to finish, best costume, oldest, youngest finishers. I didnt get a door prize but did walk out of there with the Tallest Runner prize. Not an easy feat unless im racing in lollipop land. OK my 6'5" buddy had left and I said I would get it to him. It was a good way to start the year.