Saturday, January 24, 2009

Days of beer and ale

I made it thru day 8 of my streak. It got cold again after yesterdays warm up. Ohh I miss running in 40* degrees. I really miss a beautiful 60* day to run in where I dont worry about layering up. I hate worrying if I got too many layers on or not enough layers? I have noticed if the temp dips below 10*F its hard to overdress.

One thing I have noticed the longer I run the easier the consecutive days is becoming easier. Some things just take time. Running teaches patience. Or ways to injure yourself. Even though im on day 8 I dont feel like I need a day off right now. I plan to take a day off first day I return to work. Hopefully not too much longer, money wise I need to get back to work. Running wise its great.

Tomorrow I plan to meet Rick at 8:30 for a 9 miler. The plan im following called for a total of 33 miles this week. I currently have 32, and if all goes has planned will finish the week with 41.


Melanie said...

congrats on the streak and the mileage! And I certainly agree with your comment about running teaching patience! For sure!!! Good luck on the 9 miles tomorrow :)

Denise said...

Good job with the streak!! And that's great mileage!