Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cold has rum

I keep meaning to post the weeks plan. Not that I have stuck to it either week but I view it has a guide. Heres what I was planning to do this week.

Mon- rest
Tue- 4 miles
Wed- 6 miles
Thu- 4 miles
Fri- 4 miles
Sat- 4 miles
Sun- 9 miles

Well since im laid off I have decided to run evry day till I return to work. My own little mini streak. So I have made adjustments on the run. Monday was 4.4 miles, Tuesday was 7.4 miles and today I got in 4 miles. I kind of view it has getting in the miles this time of year especially. Long has my total is good for the week and I get my long run in I feel ok with what I did. In a few weeks when they add in speed work then I will have to make sure I get those in right. Some warmer weather that is closer to freezing would be nice too. Right now im basically slogging along just to get some miles in. This type of cold seems to sap my energy, and I take alot time worrying about keeping warm and not freezing important body parts off.


Melanie said...

it's hard to find motivation at this time of year... but to be honest, I do prefer running in the cooler air than the hot sticky humidity. There's only so many layers of clothing i can take off...before it becomes indecent exposure :) At least in winter you can layer until you're comfortable. :) Great job on your runs!

Bruce said...

When you get to illegale, lets go for a run.