Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run Vegan Run Podcast Review

I hadn't listened to this podcast much till this week. Just a few random episodes. So I took the time this week and listened to multiple episodes. This podcast is put a on by Megan, a vegan runner in California. While at first glance I thought I wouldn't like this. The odds of me going vegan is very small. Remote. Non existant. But since she has a great name, Megan which is my daughters name. Also I found out that she has a son Riley, I have a granddaughter Riley. I also decided since I listen to podcasts about triathlons with no intention of ever doing one, why not give a vegan a chance.

Megan talks, discusses while on the run. Some times while running with Eric. She also runs with her dog Scout. On more then one occasion while listening to her I forget she's also running with the dog and think she's talking to Eric for stopping on the run to go to bathroom. To me its quite funny, but unintentional.

Most of the time I enjoy listening to her on the run conversations whether with Eric, Scout or the podcast listening. Some times and this shouldnt be unexpected she gets a little too much on the high horse when talking about food. Now I know I eat horibly and too much. I get it Vegans eat great the rest of us dont. But on the optimistic side it is nice to hear many different view points. I like to listen to this in general, but will take more then a podcast to change my eating habits. I might get certain things in this podcast better if I was twitterer more often. She makes many references to her tweets with others.

Overall its usually easy to listen to like having some one to run with. I think alot of time its just nice to have someone to run with, and Megan sounds nice. Just dont tell her I eat chickens.... and beef... and sausage... and eggs...............

Monday, December 28, 2009

run, cough, run

Sunday morning I met with the usual suspects for a run, Bob and Rick and Greg, up from Columbus, showed up with his sister Suzy. So we had a fun group for a run. We passed the Youngstown Road Runners club out running early in our run. A few more and we would of had has many runners.

Bob and Suzy cut off and did around 6 plus but Rick, Greg and Me went onward making it into a 11.8 miler. I would of enjoyed the run alot more if I hadn't been coughing so much. Probably not the best idea to run that far with a cough but glad I got it in. Plus noticed I was pushing it more then usual, according to heart rate monitor. I averaged 171 bpm on the run, lot of my runs lately been in 150's or low 160's when running alone. I guess I slack off too much when running alone, or the cold made it tougher running then normal.

Either way do always look forward to my runs with Rick and Bob and Suzy. Greg dont make it up here too often, a few times a year but usually makes for a fun run with some new stories.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Running in the Center of the Universe Podcast review

I been looking for topics to blog about so I decided to add a weekly podcast review. I do have a long list of podcasts I listen to, some more regular then others. Since its based solely on my opinions and tastes feel free to ignore my reviews or make up your own mind. Anyways the reviews will be mostly mindless ramblings of what I

The first of the weekly review is Running in the Center of the Universe by Ashland Dave. Why is it first? Is it my favorite? Is it the best podcast? Ok actually its the one I listened to today. I had decided to start doing these a couple of days ago and this was one I had planned to listen to on my run today.

I find Dave easy to listen to and friendly. He's around same age has me. Sounds like the type of guy I would like to run with if I ever got the chance. And judging by the paces he mentions the right pace for me to run with. Also makes you feel alright if you take walk breaks on your runs. after all it is your run. I also find a 4:30 marathon a major challenge.

He does do Ultra events and other races which all gets mentioned in podcasts. In one of his latest podcasts he talks about his opinion on race bandits, something I would never do. After all its not an official race if I didn't register. But had some interesting thoughts on that and on his long run. His podcast often consists of him running and giving his thoughts while on the run.

I been listening to him about since I got a MP-3 player so I have to say his is a regular podcast. I also think he started about the same time, he just put out episode 85, which I still need to listen to. I often go weeks without listen to his podcast then do 3 or 4 at a time, its like catching up with an old friend, who I actually had never met. Of course Ashland, Virginia is that far away. I might be wrong but I may of listened to almost all of his podcasts.

Hopefully he keeps it up for years to come. Im sure every few weeks I will catch up with him on the run.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dark Park

Saturday evening I went to the Dark Park Pursuit adventure run 15K. Its a fun, low key event held after dark at Mosquito lake park. Its got a comination of roads and trails and headlamps or flashlights are required to run it. Last year it was in a blizzard but this year just cold. It also had a sparse crowd. Maybe a dozen or so runners. The race director was late in getting it finalized and getting the applications out. Hopefully he still holds it next year.

I went to the race with Bob, Rick and Tom. We planned to run it together and stuck to the plan. Even in the parts where we got lost at least we got lost together. Trying to watch for signs or paint on road while running in the dark can get tough at times. Our group would of been the last one's in but some guy showed up way late for the start and ran it anyways.

We ended up finishing slightly faster then we did last year in a blizzard and not sure which year we got more lost but did manage to find the finish line eventually. The 4 of us and Todd went for a beer and food after the race where we managed to basically get ignored by the waitresses for most of the time we were there. Could it be the way we smelled?

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Trying to change things a bit on this blog. Lately, I keep trying to update it more regularly without much success. Hoping to change that in the near future, after the first training will get more serious has I start preparing for the Cleveland Marathon. Of course I do have a race or 2 left this year to do. Saturday is the Dark Park adventure run 15K. Then might end year off with the Jingle Bell 5K which would give me a 150 life time races. My running life time started May of 2004.

Be sure to notice the poll on the right side!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Garmin 305

I picked up a garmin 305 yesterday. Then yesterday evening went on my first run with it last night. Wasnt even sure how to work it completely except to turn it on and run. I met up with my buddy Oboba and the Emp, also known has Bob and Rick. We had planned to do a run around Mcdonald where Rick now lives and Bob is a mailman. We started at Rick's then went to where the 5K started and ran the course. Slower then I did at the race Saturday but fast enough for a fun group run.
Then we started to "free lance" on the run, which made it the perfect run for the garmin. It was a really good run overall, has usual a fun one with Rick and Bob. I want to go test it out on some of my regular runs that I had measure with the car or mapmyrun.com. Or some that I never measured and just took the word of other runners for. Today, a planned rest day almost turned into a run day just to use the garmin. Might test it out on the trails of Mill Creek park tomorrow.
Now to go figure out all I need to know about the garmin 305. Any hints?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It seemed like a great idea at the time. 7 days, 3 races. Half marathon on Sunday, 5 miler on Thanksgiving Thursday and finish it off with a 5K on Saturday. Brillant!

But it didn't start off so great. After over an hour drive to the half we ended up with parking problem and portajohn problems. One was too far away the other there wasn't enough of. I then had stomach issues half way thru the half and ended up finishing way behind my goal time. But these thing happen. I finished in 2:10 and change. Disappointed in my time on a flat course but they had a nice shirt and a medal.

I considered changing my plans, but come Thursday morning I got up and off the Turkey trot I went. I had low expectations for this race but who knows. They had a record number of runners in the 2 races, mostly the 2 miler, with over 2200 runners in the 2 and 5 milers. I lined up for the 5 miler and was still feeling a little sore for some reason. I took off the first mile was slow, but with the crowd that was expected. The second mile was a bit quicker till I noticed my shoe was untied. I tucked behind the clock at mile 2 marker and tied it so wouldn't get run over by the crowds. Never got back to the same pace ended up finishing in 45 minutes. A couple minutes slower then I would of liked but felt I made a good effort.

I was up in the air about the last race, the Mcdonald Feed the Need 5K. I hadnt preregistered so I could always just not show. My buddy that did the half and 5 miler said he wasn't up for it. The race was actually a few blocks from his house. It's a first year event so I decided to go out and see if they get much of a crowd. Many events like this are lucky to be close to a 100 runners. But Mcdonald is a big running communtity, I got there and registered found out they were out of shirts, but they lowered the price to $10 which was fine with me. I can survive without another tshirt. THey had over 220 runners in it. The race course was tougher then I expected but had no high expectations for this race after the first 2. But made a good effort on it, with the hills it sure wasn't a PR course. I finished in 27:00. For a first time race a lot of good things about it, well marked course, plenty of volunteers, lots of door prizes. Definitely put on by people knowing how to put on a race. They even had a tv news crew there filming the awards ceremony. Ok not to film my race but cause they had raised $10,000 from sponsors for the food bank. I will be back next year for this race. Might not do the trilogy of races next year.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot

Todays Turkey was bit a let down for me. What was going to be a rematch from last year never happened. Apperantly he had something wrong with veins in his legs and got that treated and hasnt been running. So my motivation dropped for this race and I was still sore from running the half on Sunday. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So wentand got registered got the shirt and number. Waited for the start it was record crowd for the Turkey Trot, over 2000 was announced. I gave what I thought was a good effort but ended a couple minutes slower then I was hoping for in 45 minutes. I know every race doesnt go has planned. It just seems like im getting slower and in worse shape and I think im getting in plenty of miles. More then ever.

Sunday, November 22, 2009



To say the race today didnt go has planned is an understatement. I got up this morning with some high hopes. I was ready when Rick showed up and we took the hour plus drive to Strongsille for the Cleveland Fall Classic Half Marathon. I have done this race twice before and it went well both times. Its a double loop and flat.

When we got there the first problem was parking. Ended up parking a half mile or more away from the packet pick up and starting line. So we ended up going to get the packet, then back to the car then back to the start. It actually left no time for what turned out to be a needed portajohn start. We were almost an hour early for the race but with all the back and fourth we had no time to spare. It was a bigger race then I remembered. Maybe it got bigger. I remember parking much closer, but didnt remember showing up much earlier.

We got to the starting line with minutes to spare. We took off, and naturally the first mile was crowded, but after 3 miles I was on pace to break 2 hours. Shortly there after I realized I was going to have to stop at a portajohn. Unfortunately I didnt see one, the only place I knew where one was was at the packet pick up area, which we pass around 6.5 miles. I actually stayed close to the pace and at 6 mile marker I was at 55 minutes. But the pit stop took longer then I had hoped it would. I took off now hoping to stay close to 2 hours. But I could never get back to the right pace. I just never felt quite right. I took a GU around mile 8 like I planned and that didn't help, may of made things worse.

I started to have stomach cramps around 10 or so. After mile 11 I was hoping to just throw up and hope that helped. But I didnt and just kept trudging along. My calves started to cramp up some which usually only happens after 18 or 20 miles. It may of gotten warmer then planned my ball cap was soaked, but didnt think I was over dressed, long sleeve tech, shorts and ball cap. I finally finished in 2:10ish. 2009 really hasnt been a good racing year for me. Too many bad races where things didn't go well.

On the good side, the race did give out a nice long sleeve tech shirt, assuming you like burgandy and a nice finishers medal.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jack Daniels with Glover

I taking it easy running this week since a few races in the coming week. Sunday is the Cleveland Fall Classic Half marathon in Strongsville. I hope for a good time, its a flat course if nothing else. Then going to the Warren Turkey Trot 5 miler. It ws supposed to be a big rematch but I heard the competitor had some medical issues and wont be there. But I will still be out there running it. Still up in the area about the 5K on Saturday but would be a great way to finish off a week. No real plan for any of the races, just show up and see what I got that day.

I have been looking at some different plans for next years Cleveland Marathon. After the Thanksgiving races I plan to get back to base building. I looked at several plans, including Bob Glovers, Jack Daniels, Galloway, Bart Yasso, among others. I like parts of several of them but cann't seem to find one I realy can and would stick to to a tee.

In Jack Daniels plan you pick the peak mileage and he gives you a percentage of mileage to run each week with 2 quality workouts a week. One of them a long run, the others speed work. I may do this using Glovers weekly mileage, long runs and speed work. And do the long runs in Galloways run/walk method. Just doing the run all the miles I think I can and a long run on Sundays isnt really working.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ask away!!

I got in a 12 miler at the park this morning with a buddy I hadn't run with in a while. He was busy running marathons. He had run 3 marathons since end of September, one of them a Boston qualifier. Made me think theres hope for me yet, last year I believe he ran Akron in 4:50ish, this year did it in 3:51. Its a hilly course, then went and ran the flat Towpath marathon in 3:18 a BQ. Finished off a week or 2 ago with a tough trail marathon. Said the winner of the trail marathon ran a 3:40. Sounded like a tough course. Now to figure out how I could do that without injurying myself.

I keep meaning to blog on a more regular basis, meaning 3 to 5 days a week but I dont think of enough things to write about. Most of my ideas come while out on the runs. So im looking for topic suggestions. I will also try to remember more from my runs to help. I also was if there's any interest in doing a Q&A. So ask your questions and next weekend they will be answered. Maybe I'll just steal some ideas from all the podcasts I listen too.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not for the squeamish...

Saturday evening me and the wife went to get something to eat. I wasn't really hungry but she was and we know how that goes. I started with soup and the rolls and almost immediately felt stuffed. Stomach hasnt been quite right for a couple days. I ate a little of the main course, chicken with rice and black beans when it got worse. I ended up losing my lunch and dinner in the restroom. But started feeling much better after I got it out of my system. I'm not blaming the restaurant cause I ended up eating the leftovers without a problem.
I went home after that hoping to lay around, watch football and try to recover for Sundays long run. Nope, a little after 8 got a call from my sister that my dad had gone to the hospital. She didnt want my mom sitting there alone and couldnt go in. So I went to hospital. He had been dizzy and wasnt sure why. Blood sugar was too high other then that nothing could be found wrong. He spent the night and came home fine on Sunday.
After all that I barely got any sleep, woke up late. It was 20 minutes to 8 and I was meeting Rick at the park for a long run. We are both signed up for a half in 2 weeks so it was definitely needed. Some how I made it thru it, lets just say I finished it time isnt important.
I got a comment yesterday from a lady running her first half and training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Societys Team in Training. She (I would give her a name but after reading her blog a bit I still dont know it) said she's having her first give away and said send readers/followers to it. So please go there Live, Love, Run, Pray and leave a comment saying I should be winner of the giveaway! Thanks, we appreciate your support.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

case of the blahs

I had a really blahhy run. The week was going good after a really interval workout on Wednesday. Then on Thursday I gave blood instead of running. I must of given the good blood cause I been blahhy since. On Friday the training group at the new job I was with went to Applebees to celebrate being done with training. I ended up eating too much. Or the chicken wings weren't mild. Ended up with very upset stomach.

So to break the blahs for tomorrows run I signed up for a half marathon on the 22nd. Yeee doggie!! CWRRC Races Its the Cleveland Fall Classic, Its put on by the Cleveland West side road runners, a nice course doing a double loop in a park. About has flat has you can get an course to be. They give long sleeve tech shirts nice to get going into the winter.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another 10 miler

The last 3 days my running went fairly well. Friday I got in a 6 miler. It was more 2 3 mile runs since I ran with Rick from his place to Bob's house. We stayed there while he told us about his trip to DC for the Marine Corp Marathon. He finished, then passed out twice in the finishing area. Left there thinking he was alright and passed out a third time on the subway. He ended up in hospital for a few days before coming home. Looks like nothing too bad, maybe some dehydration.

On saturday did a 4.6 mile run, it was mostly wet leaves covering road so made it a little tricky. Saw some guy stealing rocks. I was in Mill Creek park and this decent size rock was near edge of road in park. Obviously placed there for decoration, and he pulled up next to it and put it in his trunk while I ran past. Ok whatever.

Sunday morning I got some extra sleep since we fell back in time here. After eating too much Halloween candy, it was probably a good thing I did a 10 miler. I met with Rick at 8 and we did a nice loop around the park. Thinking the others that hadnt shown up in a while were missing a great day, if a little chilly day to run. It was fourth week in a row I did 10 miles on Sunday. I should be about ready for a half on November 22. We plan to go longer next Sunday, just so we can definitely be ready. Hopefully to add in some speedwork this week that I missed last week. Of course I had a funky knee last night/today so playing it by ear.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunny days

There's a road under there some where.

I went to the park this morning about 8 O'clock. Since no one was going to be there this week I decided no hurry. I was doing my 10 mile loop there, when I got to the closed off section thats what it looked like. Nothing but leaves for over mile. Its known has the high side, and is closed off to traffic. So the leaves stay where they fall. Which can make some interesting running not being able to see what your feet are running on.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A 5K and then some..

I got this morning and got ready to go to the Run for the Ribbon 5K. It didn't start till 10 pm so I had plenty of time to get there. This was race was part of the Make a Difference day in Warren. There was no cost to sign up, just bring a donation of canned goods or personal hygiene. In theory, you could run a race for the cost of a bar of soap or a can of corn. Yes I took more then that.

I did a short warm up before the race and just hung out till the start. I really didnt feel my best but have felt lot less stressed this week starting a new job. The park where the race was starting was kind of crowded, their were soccer games going on and collection site for the Make a difference day. It seemed like lots of volunteers and some police support when the race went and did a loop in the city . but at same time seemed a little disorganized. too much chaos. We got started doing a loop around the soccer fields then out into the city doing a bigger loop. This one of the few times I ran on bricks, trickier then I remember. Especially wet uneven bricks. Only one real hill of mention, then got near finish and it had a steep down hill finish.

I looked at my watch when I thought I had less then a half mile to go and realized I had never started my watch. There hadnt been any mile markers so I hadnt looked at it the whole way. Oh well maybe next time. I went down hill saw the clock at the finish line and was like "what the hell????" It said 27:22 when I was finishing. Almost 2 minutes slower then last week. I got some water and something to eat and talked to 4 people with Garmins and they were all at 3.27 to 3.3. So I figured it was long. One Garmin I might believe was wrong but 4?

I ate, they had hamburgers and hot dogs, then watched the awards. There was a bus there for the Red Cross so I went to donate blood but got deferred. My pulse was still too high, over an hour later. Oh well maybe another day. Not the greatest race or most organized one but was a fun day and for a good cause.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

5K Pictures

Some pictures that were posted on gopherarun.com from yesterdays race.

Here's a rarity. Me lining up in the front line.

And the start.

Just finished.

Awards cermemony. The 40-44 Age group winners.

Additional notes about race, I just looked at the results online and I finished 15th of 43 total runners. I also was 3rd of 5 in my age group.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A quick race report

I wasn't sure if I was going to go this race today or not, the Howland Pumpkin run 5K, I woke up it was raining and 36* degrees out. But since it was only about 10 minutes away, one of the closet races I could go to I dragged myself out of bed and got there before 7:30, for the 8 Oclock start. I paid my $12 and got 2 Tshirts. They had some leftovers from last years race so they were giving them out too. Only had XL's left but who complains about shirt size when paying on race day for a shirt from last year?
So I did a little warm up and it was about race time. Has I said it was a real small race. I dont even remember them having it last year, thats small. Also, I lined up in the first row. Talk about small. I think less then 50 were there (will get official results later from gopherarun.com) Of course I took off too fast for the most of the first mile. Saw a mile marker on road but not sure if it was right or not, then another first mile marker just after that? (later found out one of them were right and the 2 mile marker was too.) I was under 8 the first mile, got to the second mile marker about 16:30. Which was still faster then I had thought I would be. Tryed to pick it up the last mile but there was a nice little hill in it keeping me from going all out. But finished in 25:30, I was happy finishing in that time. It was about best I thought I had today.
I got happier when I found out I got 3rd in my age group. I later got home and checked my logs and found out this is first 5K under 26 minutes since last October.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I got in a 7.5 miles today, on what looks to be my last Friday off work for a while. I had been struggling at the job I had, I know hard to believe, and then mine along with many others had our hours cut for the past week and maybe longer. So I was able to find another job. Similar to what Im doing, but its just customer service. I start training on Monday morning. For the next 3 weeks I am training on day turn, then I have to work evening after that. Hopefully thats not permant but its nice to have the mornings off to run.

So anyways, its been a stressful week. Luckily running has relieved some of that. Hopefully things will improve shortly. In 90 days I actually will be making more money then I do now, so hopefully things will start to get better. Finicially its been toughest year ever here.

Monday, October 12, 2009


After 2 weeks of iffy stuff, I had a good week. I feel I had a good week of running. I did some intervals Wednesday, trail run Thursday and a 10 miler on sunday. I ran a total of 42.6 over 6 days. No back problems. Dont feel sick. Yea me!

So hoping for another decent week. I am gearing up for a good Turkey Trot this year. Confessions of a race addict: Turkey coughing Thats for those that dont remember last years Turkey Trot. Hopefully I dont get sick again.

I been meaning to do my race rating, im 2 race behind now but wanted to adjust the ratings cause I realized they made no sense to me. I also mean to update the blog more often if only for me and been slacking at that too. Hopefully things ease up soon and I get around to updating more often.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Peace Race 10K

Yesterday, I went to down Youngstown for the 35th annual Peace Race 10K. Biggest race in the area, they get over a 600 in the 2 miler and 700 to 800 in the 10K. Luckily I left early or I would of been late since I forgot my bag with the chip an bib number in it and had to go back. Good way to start race day. I had low expectations for this race for a few reasons. First I hadnt been running fast lately, I knew I wasnt in has good shape for this has last year. Secondly, on Tuesday felt I pulled something in my back. Actually it felt like I speared at the time. But since theres rarely a spearing in Mill Creek Park I ruled that out.

So I took it easy the next couple of days and decided to race anyways. Common sense and my racing rarely cross paths.

So I got down there and parked near the finish line, and made way to the buses. I found my buddy Rick waiting in the school for the start. After a bathroom break, we did a short warm up. I wasnt taking the race too seriously, might has well have fun. The starting gun went off while I was taking pictures to show how seriously I was running.

Its a point to point race going thru Mill Creek park and Youngstown. I run in Mill Creek park all the time but going thru it with 700-800 other runners is fun. The course was slightly different this year the starting line was further back and finished in a different spot. I really liked the changes. Even though the start had a hill it was mostly a down hill course overall.
After the race started I tryed to keep a hard but pace I thought I could handle. Mile one I was at 8:28, and thats with alot of downhill in the first couple miles. Decided to just try to finish under a 9 minute pace. Seemed possible. Mile 2 was also 8:28. Now the uphills would be starting, still a few downhills though. Mile 3 was 9:05 and mile 4 8:47. I was doing alright at that point, wasnt sure I could pick it up so stayed kind of conservative. Mile 5 split was 9:02, I figured a strong finish and I would be alright. Once I got over the bridge I was fairly certain it was flat rest of way. Best of all it was shorter then previous years. I did the last 1.2 miles in 10:38, If mile 6 was marked I missed it. Finished in 54:31 (watch time) for a 8:46 pace. So I guess overall It was a good race.
Afterwards never found my buddy, did get so see some others I knew from other races. I ended up going to get some free wings and a beer at Buffalo Wild wings. Making it home just in time for the game.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Run around Erie 15K

I woke up Sunday morning early for the hour and a half drive to Presque Isle in Erie, PA. I usually go up there for a half in July, but added another race this year, Run around Erie 15K. Me and the wife got up there just a little later then planned and the walk to the check in was longer walk then I anticipated too. I got my shirt and number. Its a small race like I thought it would be. They also had a 5K and I think lot of the people there were doing that. Since I had been sick this week I had lowered my goal for this race, I figured I could still do 1:25.

Didn't really have time for a warm up so went with the long race theory and hoped to use first mile has warm up. It was such a small race I could of lined up in the first row, but held back a couple of rows. The race started one way quickly turned, got us going back the other way. Before long we were going out doing the big loop around Presque Isle.

I felt ok but had no speed to speak of. It was such a small race and my pace was off every else's I ended up running much of it alone, no one within about 50 or 100 yards at times. But I had beautiful scenery and there was lots of volunteers on the course and water stops every 2 miles. I honestly think their were more volunteers then runners! Thank you volunteers!

I got near the finish and wasn't able to pick it up. My legs felt dead, breathing just wasn't rightish. I finished in 1:26:34 short of what I thought was my realistic goal. It sucks being in my age group, I finished 47th overall, remember I said it was a small race, but 6th in my age group. The had lots of medals and awards plus plenty of door prizes. Not that I won any but nice to see so many of them at such a small race.

We then went to the casino, which is why I think my wife went with me to the race. I met an old friend Tina I went to high school there and we had lunch and walked around talking for most of the afternoon. A good day, but little disappointed in my race time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This week

This week didnt go has planned. After realizing I had the date wrong for my race this Sunday. which means I most likely will be doing 2 races in 2 weeks. The Peace Race 2009 10K is next Sunday. So I wasnt sure how to prepare for this. I had mini tapered last week and so I decided to just go out and run, since I would like to have a good race at the Peace Race. The 15K Im running Sunday is almost sure to be a PR. How can I be I so confident? Is it my first 15K? Nope, but the only other one I did was in December during a blizzard in the dark. Confessions of a race addict: Dark Park Pursiut 15K Adventure Run#links

THis weeks running started off good. Decided to make Monday a rest day, then Tuesday had a good hard 6 mile hill run. Then things got worse. Later that evening just started feeling blah. Blah. Had a sore stratchy throat. Body aches and just no energy. So I took some nyquil to try and knock it out of me. Woke up Wednesday feeling sluggish, almost hung over. Canceled my run. Thursday felt about the same but tryed to run. Cut it short, did 3 miles. Been long time since I went out and did an easy 3 mile run. But started to feel little better, no speed demon but got in 7.6 miles today. Feeling almost back to normal.

No plans to cancel the race Sunday, after running last years Turkey Trot having coughing fits im sure a stratchy thtoat wont keep me from showing up. Its one of the advantage of being a mid pack race addict. You know theres always another race coming up if you dont do well. And most people dont know if you did well or not.

Speaking of the Turkey Trot Monday Im starting to do a 8 and half week training plan for it so I can get a good time for it. Im adopting a 10K training plan from Bob Glovers book The Competitive Runers Handbook.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Acorns and Turkeys

I made a big mental slip. A Brain fart. I really thought my 15K race in Erie was today. Last night I went on the race web site to check something and discovered that its next Sunday the 27th. Sure glad I discovered this before I drove the hour and half to Erie, PA.

So today I went to Mill Creek park and ran 10 miles by myself. I thought maybe one of the people I normally run with might be there but no luck. A group of speedsters were there I figured if I ran with them I could keep up for a 100 yards or so on a good day. I kid you not, one of them is a nationally ranked age grouper in Running Times. So I put on the MP-3 player and went off alone.

I ran in to a family of 4 turkeys a couple hundred yards after I started. Then I realized it was also acorn season has they were all over the place. also dropping off trees has I run, including one hitting brim of my cap. I then ran thru another group of turkeys, 7 more this time. This park is in the middle of Youngstown so I assume theres no hunting I would imagine this helps the turkeys stick around so long. I also saw a coupld of deer.

All the while I listened to the podcast Phedippadations episode #204 by Steve Runner. This episode he interviewed Jim Keady of TeamSweat He's on a mission to get Nike to treat and pay its workers around the world a liveable wage. With the millions that Nike spends on advertising and gives to spokespeople IM sure it could afford to do that. I dont expect the workers in third world countrys to get rich making Nike or other companys running shoes and clothes but would be nice to be able to buy the stuff guilt free (or close to it) At least not wondering if it was made by some child in a sweat shop forced to work long hot hours. Corporate greed is ruining this country, no reason a company cannt make millions and pay/treat its workers decently.

I normally not into listening to things about causes but being a runner this one hit closer to home. Yes I know I wont change the world or get Nike's attention. I was never a big fan of Nike but the Nike stuff I do have I think is good stuff. No complaints. His plan to try to get Nike to change, since they are the industry leader makes sense. Others would most likely follow. He doesnt advocate a boycott, but if one company led the way, a boycott of the others that didn't follow suit might make sense.

Anyways if you get a chance go listen to it yourself.
Phedippidations PodCast Website


TeamSweat » A Marathon Runner Speaks Out on Nike’s Sweatshops

Monday, September 14, 2009

Looking ahead

I went and did a trail run. I have started to doubt whether its 5.5 miles or not. I never used to when I was running it in 58 to 60 minutes I never did but now that I regularly do it in 55 to 56 minutes I start to. If anyones wondering what to get me for Christmas think Garmin.

Im already starting to look at training plans for next years Cleveland Marathon in May. Im thinking of trying Pfitzingers or Jack Daniels plan. It will be tougher then any I have done in past but maybe I need a more serious detailed approach.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Im feeling better. Since mid week I just felt lousy. I went to a golf outing on Saturday and golfed 18 holes feeling like I had a nyquil hangover. Then I dragged myself out of bed this morning when the alarm went off at 6 AM. 6 AM. On a Sunday morning so I could go run with Rick.

I got there passing up my buddy Bob on the way. Found out his route and then me and Rick joined him for part of his 20 miler. He's training for the Marine Corp Marathon. Me and Rick got in around 8.5 or there abouts. And other then feeling a little tired today I feeling much better.

I have signed up for my next race, had to get at least one in during September, mailed my application in to RunAroundErie.com No idea about the race but real sure I should get a PR and I do like the other races I have done at Presque Isle. Octobers race is going to be the Peace Race 2009 After that we will see.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sad blog

I really do think of many good topics and things to say while out running. Of course by the time I get here to post anything I have forgotten it or got distracted reading other blogs. My goal of at least 2 posts per week is sadly being missed.

This was actually a good week running wise. I got in some speed work. I got in a few intervals on Tuesday which is supposed to be tempo Tuesday but some times those things dont work out has planned. I did a tough hill run on Thursday. I ran the hills hard even if my pace doesnt show it. Then did a 10 miler on Friday. Since Sunday is supposed to be my long day I did 12 miles today. I got in a total of 39 miles with 2 days of rest. Hoping for another good week this week. I think im going to sign up for a 15k in Erie on the 20th. That may be my race of the month.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Riley and Megan

It's been a little bit a odd week running wise. I was hoping for a big week for me mileage wise. I had an outside chance to hit 150 miles for month which is alot for me, especially when Im not in marathon training. So I went and did a 5.5 mile trail run on Monday. Not sure what happened but it must of flaired up my IT band. The side of my knee really started hurting later that evening and the next day I wake up all stiff and sore. So took an extra day off and spent some time stretching it with the jump stretch band.

I went out Thursday for a run and had a good 5 miler even in the rain. Then I gave blood Thursday evening and wondered how it would effect my running. I was light headed after it for a while, luckily I wasnt driving any where. I went on a 8 miler today and got soaked it poured thruout the most of the run. I didn't notice no ill effects from the vampire encounter. So heading into the weekend I probably wont be able to hit 150 miles for August. Saturday is a planned rest day and since I will be working all day and possibly overtime probably a good thing. Sunday I plan to go long. Hopefully no more knee problems.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The race ratings....

Ok now for my long awaited (mostly by no one) first of my race ratings. I thought of the categorys that matter to me. I used a 1-10 rating, then weighted then for my prioritys. Very complicated sysem much like the NFL quarterback ratings. Ok not that bad but its my system to rate races. I divided them into 3 categories so I would be comparing comparable races. Marathons is one, then anything shorter then marathon but longer then 10K. And lastly 10K to 5K races are lumped together. Really isn't fair to compare a local 5K with a marathon.

The Perfect 10 Miler ratings:

Organization - Very well organized race. Easy to find the registration, tons of volunteers. In matching t-shirts so easily identified. Also had the race results posted online same day. Plenty of water on course but Lost 1 point for not having water closer to finish line. Rating 9/10

Course - It was a challenging course but fair. No major hills but several long stretches of upgrades to make you work. Finishes on track around the high school football field, nice finish. Rating 10/10

Spectators - A decnt amount of spectators for a race this size. It finishing with stands next the finishing line so perfect if some one came to watch. But alot of people were behind stands so seemed fewer were there then there actually were. Food and drink for runners were behind stands. Rating 8/10

Swag/Shirt - A good tech shirt. Logo on it is fine, worked nice first time I wore it. They
had plenty of food and water but nothing but shirt in swag bag. For cost expected something.
Rating 7/10

Corrals - I probably should take a point off organization for this one but since I gave it its own category I didnt. It was a little scattered much like you would expect in a small local 5K. I wouldn't take points off at the 5K but here a some organization would of been good. Rating 4/10

Intangibles/Atmosphere - I like the atmostphere for this race. Like its a big event in the area. Lots of good things about it I like. Rating 8/10

Overall weighted score total is is 50.8 65

The score is 8.46 out a possible 10.83

Whats all this mean? I dont know yet, but will give me something to compare races with. With over a 100 races run, Think Im close to 150 now. I should add it up. I at least know what I like in a race by now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Perfect 10 MIler race report

Let me start with the good stuff. This is a well organized race in a nice town. Lots of easily recgonized volunteers. Plenty of traffic control on the intersections. A great course, not totally flat but no major hills. A challenge but not too difficult. Finishing on the track at the high school football field. Plenty of water stops on the course. Actually a good spattering of spectators along course. They had plenty of food and water after the race even some eas myplex drinks. WOOOHOO.

Much was right with race, lots of good stuff. It was even a perfect August day. Which means heat and humidity. It was nearing 80 before the start with plenty of humidity. Could feel it warming up early.

Now the bad stuff. Which mostly consisted of me. I have run a few races and sort of know what to do. First I didn't sleep enough and day before I spent all day outside at an golf outing then cornhole tournament eating and drinking too much and the wrong stuff. Top that with the heat and humidity. I know I am probably not in has good shape has last year so I had lowered my goal this year. By the end of race the goal was survival. I ran it 10 minutes slower then last year. I was actually on my adjusted goal half way thru it but it went downhill fast. It left me feeling lousy. I been worn out and no desire to run the last few days. I need to get out and run tomorrow, Wednesday. My hamstring was bothering me so a couple of days off probably did it good.

I plan to do my first ever Race Rating an idea which I stole from Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge Of course I adjusted them and made them to my liking. More on this later....

Friday, August 14, 2009

And the WInner is...........

Me. Apperantly. I got an email yesterday from Greg at Racevine - Triathlon, Marathon, Half Marathon Schedule and User Reviews that I had won entry into the contest they had held to win entries into races and other great prizes. So I did a review of a race cause they did have a free entry to Columbus Marathon and for free I would sure give it a try.

But I didnt win that but I did win entry into another race. Yes the first of November I will be running in the inaugural Spirit of Pittsburgh - Half Marathon I expcet to recieve the details for signing up for it the coming week.

I took a look at the web site and seems to be a good organized race with lots of swag. Of course anyone who knows me, knows I wont pass up a free race entry. So looks like I got another race to add to the schedule.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tempo Tuesday

Got my tempo run in today, of course it was Wednesday. I ran it slower then last time. On the same course, I ended about a minute and half slower. More or less. I think it could of been the humidity since according to Heart rate monitor on the tempo portion I was only 1 beat less. Go figure. Or im just slow.

This weekend could be busy. Work schedule is in flux, I have a golf outing Saturday and a 10 mile race Sunday. Any one interested in a good 10 miler?

Perfect 10 Miler

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I didnt race this weekend. I decided 3 weeks in a row was enough. But have no fear, I have a race planned for next Sunday. Perfect 10 Miler This week didnt go has planned. I had wanted to run at least 5 days and get in over 30 miles. But missed one day cause of some foot pain sidelined me on Thursday and stomach problems made me miss my Friday morning run.

I got some new shoes, I got Under Armour Illusions I havent worn them before so see how they do in the months ahead. I think I figured the one toe/top of foot problem was caused by the one pair of shoes, so hoping it goes away.

Not much else is coming to mind, except my Brillant idea that GU should combine with Pez but that might need to wait for the patent.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Its my birthday. Chronologically Im 44, but since I act 12 and probably in better shape then my 30's I will say im 29. I really dont view it has a birthday has the 15th anniversarry of my 29th birthday. Of course having a granddaughter makes it tougher and tougher to convince people that im 29.

For those of you, im sure there's none, pondering what to get me. Sure, running clothes or shoes seem perfect but just make a donation. Epilepsy Association VIRTUAL RUNNER Hosted By DonorPages

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Star Trax

Last night I headed to Salem for the Start Trax 5K. It starts at 9 pM and has luminaries lighting the course. There were some ominous looking clouds on the way there. I got registered, nice red Tshirt, even some swag. A tooth brush, floss, (I guess a dentist is one of the sponsors) some Udderly smooth foot cream, and a coupon for a free dunkin doughnut. Better then most area races. We did a warm up and it started to pour has we finished. It was a quick down pour, just enough to turn it into a sauna. I love humidity!
We got lined up for the start on the high school track, about 500 runners. It was a slow start but opened up some soon has we completed the loop and onto the roads. Someone later told me it was cool sight watching that many runners on track in unison. Still the first mile was slow, crowded. I got to first mile in 8:58, and threw out any orginal goals. Except the one about not finishing in an ambulance. I made a new goal to negaive split every mile. I was passed by local weatherman Rick Morgan some where around here. He's usually around my pace but he pulled away a little. Plus harder to follow in the dark.
I made the negative splits the next 2 miles, mile 2 in 8:33 and mile 3 in 8:10. I had caught sight of the weatherman again right before entering the stadium. the finish was a little over a loop of the track. I gained a little the weather man, passed the 3 mile marker and then decided to try and sprint it in, since I had recently got over my fear of yaking up at the finish line. I passed Rich Morgan and then this young kid started to sprint in so I wouldnt pass him. Im going to say I let up a little so he finished right in front of me. I had negative split it, beat the weather man and couldnt PR so no point yakking up at the finish line.
I finished in 26:10ish (not positive on time yet). It's a fun race and I was a little faster last year but if things had gone a little better I would of been in the 25's. Some day I might even train for 5K's. But that might take the fun out of it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July was a big month

Running wise July has been a good and big month. It was actually the highest mileage month of the year so far! And to think earlier in year I was training for a marathon if im not mistaken. Le tme check.... Yep I was. I know I have one day to go this month but I was planning a rest day, my only one this week to rest legs a little before the Star Trax 5k Saturday night.

So, tempting has it was to wake early and go out for an 8 miler to make a new record, I decided to take the day off to rest my legs. My last rest day was last Thursday. Of course now my goal is to make August an even bigger month. (and PR at the perfect 10 miler.)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Indian Trails Adventure run.

I got up this morning and prepared to get ready to race again this weekend. My work scheduled on Wednesday and now will be off work on Saturdays temporarily, probably till end of August. Sooo, try not to be too shocked by this I have decided to run a few races and go to a golf outing. I know, I know hard to believe. Then Greg emailed me and said he was going to be town and asked if I wanted to go for a run. I told him I was thinking of going to a race, a local 5K or a trail race an hour away in Ashtabula.

I met up with Greg and Suzy and we made the trip up to Ashtabula. I cann't remember last time I was there but now I can check Ashtabula off the list of Ohio citys I have to run yet. We registered and got our numbers and t-shirts. It's definitely a bare bones race. We warmed up, got a bath room break and it was time to get lined up Small race, I think less then 50 people for both races, they had a 8 miler and 3 miler. We were doing the 8 miler. The registration had said it was muddy, had a river crossing, and reccomended wearing insect repellant. Sounds fun!

Unfortunately, due to weather they decided the river was too rough to cross. Apperantly after talking to some people the course is different almost every year depending on conditions. It ended up being this 2 different out and backs. You actually did this one 2 mile loop 3 times. The one mile loop you did twice. It was basically flat but definitely had some mud which made it tough at spots. A few logs crossing. On the first loop a bunch of us took a wrong turn, a minute or 2 later I was back on track. There were a few tricky spots if not carefull would end up on your rear. By the second loop I quit worrying about avoiding the poddles and was going straight thru them. I actually ran it harder then I thought I might. I just did an hard half 6 days ago. I really had no plans to run this at all till 2 nights ago.

But I made it to the finish. Plenty of mud but no river crossing. I finished in 1:18:17, happy enough with it. Mud doesnt usually make for fast time.

Pros: Low key race. Muddy fun run.
Cons: No river crossing. Running same loop 3 times is a little monotonous. I thought it was a little over priced for what you got.
Overall still a good fun race.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Presque Isle Half Marathon

I woke before my alarm went off at 4 AM for the Presque Isle half marathon in Erie, PA. I got ready and we got on the road about 5. After the 90 or so minute drive I went and got my number, chip and shirt. They did gender specific shirts so when she checked the list and saw I was down for a medium female shirt she gave me a funny look. Since my wife and daughter "borrow" so many of my races shirts I got one just for them. I have so "few" I wish they would run there own races.

I got ready which consisted of getting in line for the bathroom. This would be my fifth running of the Presque Isle half marathon, this was the coolest day I had run it in. Today was considerably cooler then normal mid July. So I got lined up, didn't see anyone I knew so lined up midpack or further back. I wanted to go sub 2 hours today. I wasnt sure I was in shape for it though.

Off we went! I waited to get to starting line to start watch, IM normally good at matching watch to chip time. I got off to a little bit of a slow start but made it up the second mile. I kept going up back and forthe around 9 then 9:15 starting out. They did have plenty of water stops, 9 in all. I didn't count they had them numbered. The Erie Runners club had signs before the water stops, "Water stop #5", kind of nice to know which water stop I was coming up on.

I started talking to these 2 sisters, Lisa and Karrie if I remember right, which really helped pass about 4 miles. They were running about same pace so that helped. I wasnt too far off pace but picked it up some to try to make my goal at mile 8. Apperantly the one was telling the other to catch up to me for motivation.

At Mile 10 I couldnt believe it. They lady giving times had me at 1:33ish, My watch said I did a 10:01 split that mile. Sure its just a 10 mile warm up with a 5K. I was ready to give up on goal, I know I had some leeway with chip time, (dont have chiptime from web site yet) but was a couple minutes off where I thought I would be and thought I had done a good mile and ended with my worse of day.

But I gave it my best effort to try and finish with a strong 5K. I did manage my 2 best miles in the last 3 miles. I grabbed a water from water stop #9 right before I got to the 12 mile marker which turned out to be a big mistake. I got to 13 mile marker and had already been able to see finish line. It was real close to 2 hour mark. I saw it go over 2 hours shortly before I got to the finish line but my watch said 1:59:49, which was probably my chip time. Good enough for me. But after "sprinting" to the finish line, the water I had taken didn't settle well. So for the second time this year I lost it at the finish line of a race. Luckily it was just some water. After I got it "out" I felt fine. Some guy walking past the finishing chute gave me some gatorade. While I was bent over. Then the guy cutting the timing chips off offered to wait for it. I assured him I was, which I was. No ill effects.

The girls I ran part of the race with finish about a minute and half behind me, about where they were planning to so great job! Also, this was the first time they gave out finishers medals. I like going because its a beautiful place to run a half around Presque Isle park. Often having a view of Lake Erie. Overall a good day, just short of a PR but was my best time for this course.

Mile HR
1 9:19 108 ( I dont think it was on the first mile)
2 9:00 173
3 9:14 174
4 8:58 179
5 8:57 181
6 9:12 183
7 9:10 181
8 9:23 182
9 9:16 183
10 10:01 182
11 8:28 182
12 9:15 184
13 8:51 193
.1 0:41 196

AHR 177 ( I think thats low, considering I dont think it took first mile correctly it might be)
Max 201 (must of been the dash to finish)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I got in a good tempo run this morning. A little warm but still not too bad out for July. My time was same has last week but heart rate was higher for run. Of course it was over 10 degrees warmer almost 70 out this week, so im sure that made a difference.

This week is a short taper for the Presque Isle half marathon in Erie, PA. Im taking tomorrow and Saturday off and easy run on Friday. Hopefully I am ready.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

run tomorrow

I didnt run 2 days in a row. Just too busy, and this hasnt happened in a long time. Right now I felt wore out. But I did run monday thru Thursday. Then Friday I went golfing in different golf shoes and ended up with a blister on back of foot right where top of shoe was. So I took today off too. I have long run planned in morning and meeting some others so all is good. Nex week I do a taper for my half next Sunday. So im cutting back on the push up and sit up plans I been following too.

Now about that charity link on the side, Epilepsy Association VIRTUAL RUNNER Hosted By DonorPages, Its something new to me. Ok so why epilepsy? its one of the 3 diseases that affects someone close to me. Luckily my wife hasnt had a seizure since 1995. Then I got a email from one of the running groups Im on the Emailing list for and they had an thing about signing up for this. So if I can get some donations thru racing thats great! Heart disease and diabetes both run in my family. Of course since I run I of course this im invisible.

Now it officially starts on racing starting August first. I am signed up for a half on the 19th of July so that doesn't count. Luckily I have a 5K on the night of the first. Good way to kick it off. I am trying to come up with a few prizes for top donors at end of the thirtenn weeks. I was thinking one prize will be a race tshirt from one of the races I do in the challenge. Still trying to figure this out yet.

I will thank my first donor , Ken Michael. Or has I know him better has Coach Ken of the running stupid podcast. Give it a listen, dont let the kazoo scare you off. You can find it on Itunes or try runningstupid.net.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Firecracker fizzler.

Me and Riley before race.

I will keep this short. I went to the Firecracker 4 mile run this morning. I did about my normal mile warm up with Rick. Then got finished prepping for race. While I wont say it was a horrible race I just thought I could do better. I was hoping low 33's or better. Dare to dream. To keep this short I ended at 34:50.

After the race I looked at my splits and I probably could of done slightly better. I wore heart rate monitor, but tryed to ignor during race. Need to decide whether to wear or not during a race. One nice thing is harder to see time for splits. Mile one it was real crowded, 700 or 800 runners in race. I got to mile marker at 8:30, with crowd it was best I could do, maybe too much weaving around people. If it was longer that would of bothered me more. Average heart rate (AHR) was 177.

Mile 2 I ran about same pace, at 8:32, AHR was 188. I kind of fell into a rhythem I guess. Mile 3 was alot of hils. Not steep but long upgrades. I ran it in 9:10 with AHR of 188. I tryed to pick it up for mile 4, especially the last half. Once I saw the finish line I got into a sprint with 3 or 4 others. Well it is a race. But had to pull up to avoid crashing at finish line, it was congested and backed up so far you could barely get into finishing chute much less run into it at full speed. I did last mile in 8:37, with AHR of 195, including a max of 198 on that finishing sprint.

Well thats it, best part of it was taking granddaughter to her first race. Im sure she was thrilled.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Epilepsy Associaton Virtual Runner

Epilepsy Association VIRTUAL RUNNER Hosted By DonorPages

I have never done anything like this before, but if I could raise funds thru racing why not give it a try. More details later.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hawiian Pizza Fiasco 5K

I went and ran a 5K nearby last night. Its not actually called the Hawiian Pizza Fiasco 5K, but that could be a great name. I went to Canfield and ran in the Cardinal Classic 5K. I have only run one 5K this year so I wanted to see where I was at. And the only 5K I ran was the Hangover classic which included a beer stop.

I wanted to see where I was at. A late night speed session with a couple hundred people. Im hoping to do good in the Firecracker 4 miler next week so this was a good chance to see if it was possible. But with it starting at 9 PM makes it tough to figure out what to eat. I had ordered a Hawiian pizza Friday night. Of course there was leftovers. Took them in my lunch to work. And it felt like they stayed there till some time today.

Now I dont think it was a total distater. I really wasn't sure what to expect. I been doing speedwork but not really for long enough. And this wasn't a goal race to me. I got 2 of them next month. But I do need to do at least one race a month. This was one of my last chances. So I ran it with what felt like a brick in my stomach. I made it to the finish line without losing it on the course. In a 5K that might mean I didn't run it hard enough, a matter of opinion.

I finished in a alright time of 26:05. I wore my heart rate monitor, didnt look at during race. Still figuring out my Max and paces for workouts. (Mel did you get my email?) Heres the splits with the average HR after it. I imagine its normal that I got slower and heart rate went up in a race. If I figured my max heart rate from the intervals Wednesday has 200 then I dont think I could of run this much faster.
split AHR
Mile 1 7:59 184
Mile 2 8:30 189
Mile 3 8:52 195
mile .1 0:44 196
total 26:05 191

PS I liked the shirt so thats another plus for the race.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ta da

I went to track met my buddy and got in some intervals. This weekly speed workout is getting habit forming. We did 5 800 meters, with a lap walk/jog in between. For a twist you had to do second lap faster then first. I must of done the first one too fast at 3:43. Next 2 were a bit slower at 3:48, 3:47. But really fell off the last 2 at 3:58 and 3:53.
I wore a heart rate monitor during the intervals. I need to figure out if the signal is wacked, or my max is way higher then the simple formulas. The simple formula of 220 minus age woudl put me at 173. But according to monitor I maxed out at 198. Ok granted this is a cheap walmart on sale heart rate monitor. And from other places checking normal resting heart rate it was close. So is my max that high or is the monitor messed up? Or use it based on that heart rate, assuming its consistent to figure out training zones. From when I wore it that might be consistent.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


NOTE: I got on here 3 times this week to post and finally today got it done. I really do try for 2 to 4 posts per week.

Since I started new job back in April I still trying to find the right schedule to run. My plan since the marathon was to run 5 or 6 days with Saturdays off. In these days do 1 day of speedwork, 1 or 2 days hit the trails, a longer run on the weekends and some easy runs to fill it in. My normal work schedule right now is Monday thru Thursday 2-11 and Saturday 8-5. This is why Saturdays became my rest day. I run mornings rest of week. This is my plan on non race weeks. Yes there will be races if you had any doubts.

So the problem was I would end up not running on Saturday go long Sunday then take monday off. Then have to run 4 days in a row, which is fine if your running 6 days but would make more sense to split the days up better. This week I ran monday, then Tuesday I ran just cause it was so nice out. And then Rick asked me to do speed work at the track on Wednesday so I went. Then took Thursday off and Saturday off. Which means I ended up doing same thing just different day. I think best plan is to run the days I can and not worry about it. If my OCD will let me do that.

Today I had a good run I met a buddy at the park to run trails. With all the rain last night it was sure to be muddy. They had a couple sections of the trail roped taped off. You know the yellow caution tape. so we had to run those sections. The one part must of been flooded the night before it was fine just lots of sticks on the trail. The other area taped off was a little tougher. A large tree was down on it, but we were able to climb over it and keep going. Got in around 9 miles total for the day on just a fun day of trail running.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day

I got up and headed to the park to meet up for the 8 mile trail run we had planned. I wasnt exactly sure who was going to be there but had a good idea. Bob, Rick, Greg, Suzy, Ron, and Adam were there has expected but someone I never met before was there Todd. He had read about it on the trail running website where I posted it in case anyone wanted to join. Apperantly he did. Bruce the Moose was there in parking lot finishing his run when we were starting. I guess 8 Am is late for some.

We got started out on whats part of the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic 50K & 25K route. We quickly hit the monkey trails and made a wrong turn. We usually run this the opposite direction, guess we should mix it up a little more often. After we climbed back up a steep hill we got back on course and was alright the rest of the way. We did go thru some downed trees, first time it was bunch of branches. Next time 2 trees on top of each other and I had to climb thru it. Much closer that would of been real interesting to try.

3 or so miles into it Suzy and her brother Greg turned back, I figured she would since she rarely goes beyond 5 or 6 miles. Rest of went on has planned. After we got around more then half way to the boat docks Rick decided he had enough trails and needed to get done. So took the shorter route on roads back. Down to 5.

Before we got to Big Bear trails Adam decided he had enough of the trails. So the last couple mile plus was the 4 of us. I wasnt surprised Bob was still there, no idea what expect from the new guy but he seemed fine. He might even be back to run with us. Ron finished it, he must be running good right now.

Overall, a really fun run day. Finished in under 2 hours, about 1:50. Always slower on trails and we had a few short stops I didnt stop watch for. We had 2 longer pit stops that I did stop it for. I felt I ran good today, feeling better about the running. Now to decide which race to run this month............

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Other day my buddy emailed me and asked me to meet him at the track to "run up and down the ladder." IN Glovers book I think he calls it pyramid intervals. Remind me not to answer his emails any more. It went like this:
Dist time rest
400 1:43 1:17
800 3:51 2:49
1200 6:04 4:00
1600 8:25 4:18
1200 6:13 2:33
800 3:58 2:00?
400 1:48

Monday, June 8, 2009

push up plan start

I tried to start the 100 push plan today. Well I barely got thru it. It was supposed to be 5 sets of pushups going 10, 12, 7,7 and maz of at least 9. I was starting in column 3 the toughest of the program. I got thru it but was losing form the last 2 sets. After one day Im thinking maybe I should drop down to Column 2 and go with that.

I have very little upper body or core workouts the last couple years. Fogot how much push ups could work the core. If Wednesday isnt any better I am going to drop it down and go from there. Tomorrow running and sit ups plan. What am I thinking?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Not much

I havent felt like much to write about lately. I been running sporadicly, but did do some speedwork. Nice things about the weeks after a marathon you can say your still in marathon recovery. But I am starting to pick up some. Did some speedwork this week in anticpation of the upcoming summer races I got planned. hoping for a real fun summer of racing. One of favorite halfs in July and possibly a new (for me) 10K this summer.
I also am thinking of starting to do something new to strengthen upper body and core, starting next week. I saw these links on Just Finish! about doing 100 pushups and 200 sit ups.
one hundred push ups
two hundred sit-ups

So, the question is do I go for it? Can I stick to it the way I do with running? Both are 3 day a week plans, so I thought of alternating them and taking Saturdays off completely. Its become an off day from running too. So I would do whatever running I have planned then whatever the number of pushups or situps that are scheduled in the plan. I think it would be me Monday, wednesday and Friday pushups, and situps on Tueday, Thursday and Sunday. So has anyone esle tried either of these with any success?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cannt think of a catchy title....

I got in about 9.5 miles this morning. Did the first loop about Newport with Rick, then got joined by Bob, Suzy, Len and Ron. Beautiful morning to run it turned into a real fun run.

Now that I have had to 2 weeks to rest up from the marathon I have decided starting next week to start getting serious about it again. My goal is to run 2 to 4 more halfs, with a nice assortment of other races thrown in there. I also want to do the work to PR in at the Presque Isle half. Im making a 7 week plan to start tomorrow. I figure I should still have a good base of miles under me from marathon training, so starting mixing in some different, more, better speedwork into it and I should be to do it. I have never broken 2 hours at Presque Isle and I cannt blame the hills there. The heat, yes.

Any good half training plans out there?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Upcoming races and Goals

Has of right now my plan is to not run a fall marathon. Please try and hide your disappointment. But in case you had any doubts about it i will be filling the summer and fall with plenty of races from 5K to Half marathon. I made a list races I can make it to and not interfere with my current work schedule. (see below) For most part there is nothing definite.

But I did set some goals for a couple races. I want to break 2 hours in the half. I only did once so I want to get a new PR, preferably at Presque Isle in July. I plan to run at least 2 more halfs this year.

My other goal is to get a PR in the 10K. I will probably run 2 to 4 of them. I ideally I hope to break 50 minutes, did 51:00 at the Peace Race last year.

Now this week coming up im just running what I feel like running, then hoping to get serious again, that gives me 7 weeks till the Presque Isle half in July. I know I have the endurance for a half just need to do more speed work. Same old story there.

Possible Races. subject to change

21 Dads Day Run 5 miles Shaker Heights **
27 Cardinal classic twilight 5K
28 Run for the Hills 10K Willoughby Hills *

4 Firecracker 4 miler Canfield
4 Stars and stripes 5k Howland
19 Presque Isle Half Erie, PA ***
25 FCA Twilight 5K Canfield
26 Amish Buggy 5K Middlefield

1 Star Trax 5K Salem *
16 Perfect 10 miler
16 Hamot 10K Erie
23 Safe Harbor 5K Mill Creek park

7 Buhl Day 5K Hermitage
13 Erie Marathon & half
13 River Run Half Cleveland
20 Apple cider festival 5K Lordstown

4 Peace Race 10K Youngstown
11 Towpath Marathon Half & 10K

1 Autumn Leaves 5 miler Kirtland
22 Cwrrc Fall Classic Half Strongsville
26 Turkey Trot 5 miler Warren


Saturday, May 23, 2009


The other day I heard the podcast by Dirtydawg, Dirty dawgs rambling diatribes, his podcasts often get me thinking. He can be found on Itunes if your interested, which im sure you are. He mentioned orgnaization last time I liestened that I thought had a great idea. Welcome to Medals4Mettle! They ask you to donate your medals to be given to people dealing with diseases or handicap. Now I think this is a great concept. I mean for many people their medals just sit there. But while I am considering donating a medal I find it hard to part with one of my medals. They ask for marathon, half marathon and triathlon medals.

I know the reason to give, to reward those facing a horrible disease with a medal for their courage. Great idea, yet I am reluctant to part with any of mine yet. True it doesnt make running a marathon any less of an accomplishment, I even applaud those that are able to do it. No one can take away finishing a marathon from you.

They do accept monetary donations to help cover their costs if anyone is interested. But parting with medals may prove tougher then money for me. And what little money I do have is pretty dear to me. I could part with the 3 half medals from the Mill Creek Distance classic half. But compared to the Marathon medals they are much smaller in size. Of course a half should be.

I am considering parting with one of my Cleveland Marathon medals, afterall do I really need 3 spinning guitar medals?????

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cleveland Marathon Race Report

I woke up at 4 am to get ready for race. I had a hard time sleeping probably only got a few hours sleep. Rick was picking me up at 4:30 so I had everything ready laid out and ready to go. We got on road got there about an hour before race time. Plenty of time to hit porta johns and get to starting line. I had lowered my expectations for this race because too many things got in my way of training. But had completed a 22 miler couple weeks ago so felt I could finish, if not in the 4:15 I orginally planned.

We got to the starting line waiting for the start, it was windy. Very Windy. We lined up near the 4:15 pace group leader but I wasnt sure I was going to stick close to that. I had made a plan to walk a minute every mile but didn't stick exactly to it. But did get in some here and there first half of race.

The first 5 miles or so went uneventful then we got to the side of road at a waterstop. I was carrying my own gatorade, the powerade on course doesnt always agree with me. We were going to walk a minute and get some water. Me and Rick were about a foot apart walking together when I heard some yell "passing thru". I thought she would be passing on my left, since there was plenty of room there at the time, but I turned to my right to make sure I must of moved a little that way and she must of stepped on back of my foot and she went down hard. I didn't realize how close she was. I helped her up and said I was sorry. I felt bad but really wasnt much room there to pass, why I thought she was on my left. She said she was OK, and got to side of road to put batterys back in her radio. So we got going again. Joking, we said that will teach her to pass us again.

Me and Rick got seperated, due to pit stops. I talked to this woman doing the half for a few miles. She had just started running over a year ago and was doing third or fourth half. Shortly after the 12 mile mark we split off. The crowd definitely thinned out. Shortly after mile 17 I pulled off and pushed against a tree to stretch my calves out for a second. Then I heard Rick behind me "keep running you p*$$y." Nice to see you again too. We kept running together for a few more miles. He started to fade, I was slowing, but tried to keep about the same pace. About mile 20 I couldnt see him any more. But I was getting nausous. Apperantly the comination of gatorade, water and GU wasnt working for me today.

Mile 22 I pulled into a porta john to see if I could relieve the nausea. No luck so I started going again. My calves had started cramping bad. I have yet to figure out how to get rid of this, of course it only happens after miles 20-22. So iI kept a run a minute or 3, walk minute or 2 into the finish. I got to the 26 mile marker, hoping to run it in. Lots of crowds, but calves cramped up so did an off an on run to try and finish it. Not sure I even want to see the finishing photos.

Then it got worse. I got my medal and my stomach was hurting bad. Something about stopping and being done made it worse. I really wish all the people hadnt been standing around. I then lost it and ended up throwing up right there, nothign but water. luckily had enoughs sense to put medal inside my shirt to avoid getting anything on it. Then 2 ladies that had been helping in the finishing area took me to medical tent.

I actually didnt feel that light headed just very nausous. After I laid there a bit and some guy held my legs up in air, got some more gatorade I was feeling much better. Guess I got whatever it was bothering me out. I was feeling much better, and went out to get some more water. Then looked for Rick. After seeing he wasn't in beer tent, I went to where car was parked. He said he saw I got sick but then didnt know what happened to me.

I guess I should be happy I finished, not sure when the next marathon is. I have some shorter races, 5K to half, planned for rest of year. Next time I want to make sure I can get in all the training I think I need. Knowing me there probably be another.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A week to go...

Just one week till the Cleveland Marathon. I feel I can finish it. Not sure I will be near my orginal goal time but I still think I can finish it. I probably will start off going for it but will cut back if I have too. Right now I will be fine if I finish. I am going to use run/walk plan to survive it. The plan is sort of a 9/1 ratio. I plan to run to the mile markers, walk for a minute then run to next mile marker. But to make sure I hydrate properly, I will walk 30 seconds at the water stops if there in between mile markers, then another 30 seconds at the mile marker. I have done enough runs like this it shouldnt be a problem for me.

I did run 14 miles this morning and it well really well. Rick ran the whole way with me, Bob and Suzy came out and did 6.5 so it was a really fun run. This week just plan to do a few easy runs nothing hard or longer then 5 miles. Maybe shorter. Im looking forward to going to the expo next Friday.

Cleveland here I come..............

Sunday, May 3, 2009

time to taper

I got in a 22 miler this morning. Me and a buddy went up to the Towpath Trail and ran it. Made at least 2 mistakes, first over dressed at the start. I should of adjusted sooner, was a bowtie type route we were running so went past car once. Second mistake was I forgot to use any body glide. 5 miles I can get away without it. NOT 22 miles. When we went past the car I put some on quickly but the damage was already done. My buddy has been doing more running then me but he crashed and walked it in the last couple miles, I had some bad calf cramps and did a run/walk alternating every 3-4 minutes to finish. But I got it done now im tapering till the Cleveland marathon. We went to the Winking Lizard after for a sandwich and Arrogant Bastard beer, great way to recover. Now I need someone to blame for the calf cramps.............

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Riley again

I just really like this picture!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crash and burn

Todays plan was to run 16 miles. Running wise this was a bad week for running, but a great week for other reasons. But given that I had run a 22 miler 2 weeks ago and was meeting some friends to run most of the run with, mostly on trails, I thought I would be fine. What I didn't anticpate was the heat. Normally I think run good in the heat. But it would be over 80* by the time I finished. I guess I need some adjusting to the heat.
It started good. I got to the park a little later then planned and only ran 2 miles before the others showed up. But all is well. Suzy showed up first and I showed her some pictures of my granddaughter. Bob and Len showed up right on time. Then we did the loop around Lake Newport. The trails had more shade then the roads but was still hot. While I dont think it was a killer pace for the loop normally but to me going longer, in this heat, on trails it seemed to be more then I should of done. 6 miles into a run and was wasted.
We got done with the loop and Suzy called it day and went back to car. Bob, Len and me went on for a mile or so more together. Then they decided to double back, mostly I think cause of the heat. Running with Len on a long run isnt a good sometimes cause he is such a better runner. They said my face was really red. But I decided to go my way and get in a few more miles. At least get close to 16. I took a hammer gel then and walked for a bit. I kept going on the trail doing mostly a walk/run till I got off the trail and Pioneer pavillon. (Yes I know people that dont know Mill Creek park wont know where im talking about)
I sat down for like 5 minutes just trying to cool off a bit. I had to get back to my car so took the other trail back, just for some variety. Some trees were down and blocked the trails so I had to climb up the hill to get around.
I got done and was glad I survived, even though I didn't get in the 16 miles has planned. I figure I did about 11.5 miles on the trails. Im really hoping its not this hot on May 17th.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful day

A few more pictures of Riley Jane.
I havent been able to run last few days but its a great day out and I got a chance so going out now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Riley Jane

The first pictures of my granddaughter, Riley Jane. Less then an hour old in the picture.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been rethinking my goal for the Cleveland marathon. I orginally was going for a 4:15. But things haven't gone has good has planned. I had some shin and foot problems so my mileage hasnt been quite as high has I would like. Plus I missed a large chunk of the speed training I was going to do. I have veered off my plan too much. But the shin and foot are doing better. Lots of icing is helping. I may of had the wrong shoes too. Also hitting the trails more often might help, even though there tough technical trails. Its not totally gone but is improved.

But I did a 22 miler last saturday so I feel confident now I can finish. Without some race day magic a 4:15 might be a dream right now.

Now I amthink of dropping my goal time and basically run it to just finish the race. so now Im considering a few options. Just so you know, not running it was never an option.

First choice is still go out at a 4:15 pace and try to hold on long has I can. Hopefully things will go good and make it! If do this Im going to try and get in some speed work. I still have time to do some mile repeats and tempos.

Option 2 is go out slower at a 4:30 pace. For this I wouldnt need to kill myself. Just get some decent mileage and maybe a tempo or 3 and some runs with some easy speed work like fartleks.

Option 3 is forget the speedwork just do the miles planned and run the race, just to finish in whatever time.

Decisions, decisions.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Long runs, potato soup and Kazoo's

This has been a hectic week starting a new job and all. Hopefully next week will be better.

Today I got in my 22 mile long run with Rick. Went fairly well, even though I did kind of die at the end. Last mile got ugly. while I dont think I will set any time records it left me feeling confident I could finish. I haven't done any speedwork in a while and I really want to get in something but it seems to bother my shin more then the long runs. So if I just finish the Cleveland marathon I will still be happy I did that, regardless of time. Of course if I happen to get some race day magic and meet my goal of 4:15 I will be thrilled. Any suggestions on how to get some good race day karma??

When I got home today I had a package. It was my kazoo's from Coach Ken of the running stupid podcast. You can go to Runningstupid.net to check it out. That was a totally unpaid endorsement of the podcast. The kazoo's are a beautiful bright orange. It only took minutes after I opened them to have the wife annoyed. What can I say I need practice. Thanks again Coach Ken. Also if anyone is on Buckeyeoutdoors.com sign up for the podcasters challenge, there can be only one is the name. Join me and Coach Ken on Team Running Stupid. Hey you can even go ahead and sign up for buckeyeoutdoors.com and join. Nobodys stopping you.

One last note on last weekends race. I think after the race I had the best tasting bowl of potato soup I have ever had. Its so good a week later I still talking about it. I even considered asking about a recipe, but I think it had something to do with being outside, after the race that enhanced the flavor. But it was really good soup!! I would run that race again for the soup. But im keeping the shorts anyways.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fools 50K/25K Trail Race

On Sunday, all 3 members of the RBRC, myself, Bob and Rick, went to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to particpate in the Fools Trail Race. It has a 50K and 25K, we were doing the 25K. I had woken up at 4 am. Exactly what you want to do on a Sunday morning. We planned to get there an hour before the start of the race. Me and Rick got to Bob's house at 5:30 and off we went. I had gone toVertical Runner - Ohio's Premier Running Store the day before for packet pickup. No shirt for this race they did something different and gave away a pair of shorts. Nice Brooks shorts almost worth the price of admission. They also put in 2 Hammer energy Gels.
We arrived there and sun was coming up. We made some bath room breaks and waited for the start. For those that haven't done a trail race the whole atmosphere is differnt, lot more laid back.

So the race starts and its lot more muddier then I thought it would be. It is also hillier then I thought it would be. I run in a hilly place with tough technical trails on a regular basis. This was different. I was prepared for the mud. The hills seemed longer then I was ready for. Some of them had wood steps which at time may of been tougher to climb. But a large portion of the trail was smoother then im used to from running at Mill Creek park. Then you would have to climb a big hill. Then another hill.

Then we started to have to do pit stops. Some things simply cannt be controlled. Other then a few road crossings there was no pavement. If your someone who doesnt like to get dirty and dont want your new running shoes to get dirty, this wasnt the race for you.

For someone who wants a fun race where getting dirty is part of the fun this was a good race for you. The 3 of us stuck together for the race, eventually finishing. It was a tough run, But we did all PR in the race. Being it was our first time running a 25K had nothing to do with it. They had some good food afterwards, the potato soup was great. After a few beers and trip to the Winking Lizard we were on a way home. Ready to pass out.