Saturday, July 11, 2009

run tomorrow

I didnt run 2 days in a row. Just too busy, and this hasnt happened in a long time. Right now I felt wore out. But I did run monday thru Thursday. Then Friday I went golfing in different golf shoes and ended up with a blister on back of foot right where top of shoe was. So I took today off too. I have long run planned in morning and meeting some others so all is good. Nex week I do a taper for my half next Sunday. So im cutting back on the push up and sit up plans I been following too.

Now about that charity link on the side, Epilepsy Association VIRTUAL RUNNER Hosted By DonorPages, Its something new to me. Ok so why epilepsy? its one of the 3 diseases that affects someone close to me. Luckily my wife hasnt had a seizure since 1995. Then I got a email from one of the running groups Im on the Emailing list for and they had an thing about signing up for this. So if I can get some donations thru racing thats great! Heart disease and diabetes both run in my family. Of course since I run I of course this im invisible.

Now it officially starts on racing starting August first. I am signed up for a half on the 19th of July so that doesn't count. Luckily I have a 5K on the night of the first. Good way to kick it off. I am trying to come up with a few prizes for top donors at end of the thirtenn weeks. I was thinking one prize will be a race tshirt from one of the races I do in the challenge. Still trying to figure this out yet.

I will thank my first donor , Ken Michael. Or has I know him better has Coach Ken of the running stupid podcast. Give it a listen, dont let the kazoo scare you off. You can find it on Itunes or try

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