Saturday, July 4, 2009

Firecracker fizzler.

Me and Riley before race.

I will keep this short. I went to the Firecracker 4 mile run this morning. I did about my normal mile warm up with Rick. Then got finished prepping for race. While I wont say it was a horrible race I just thought I could do better. I was hoping low 33's or better. Dare to dream. To keep this short I ended at 34:50.

After the race I looked at my splits and I probably could of done slightly better. I wore heart rate monitor, but tryed to ignor during race. Need to decide whether to wear or not during a race. One nice thing is harder to see time for splits. Mile one it was real crowded, 700 or 800 runners in race. I got to mile marker at 8:30, with crowd it was best I could do, maybe too much weaving around people. If it was longer that would of bothered me more. Average heart rate (AHR) was 177.

Mile 2 I ran about same pace, at 8:32, AHR was 188. I kind of fell into a rhythem I guess. Mile 3 was alot of hils. Not steep but long upgrades. I ran it in 9:10 with AHR of 188. I tryed to pick it up for mile 4, especially the last half. Once I saw the finish line I got into a sprint with 3 or 4 others. Well it is a race. But had to pull up to avoid crashing at finish line, it was congested and backed up so far you could barely get into finishing chute much less run into it at full speed. I did last mile in 8:37, with AHR of 195, including a max of 198 on that finishing sprint.

Well thats it, best part of it was taking granddaughter to her first race. Im sure she was thrilled.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

cute pic! Great job on the race too!

Gina Harris said...

What a darling granddaughter! I'm sure she was cheering you on the whole time. Great race!

Ted said...

Great pix! A perfect Kodak moment. Congrats on the race1