Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week in Review

This was kind of a cutback week. No real long run, the last 20 is next Sunday. I started it off with a 4 mile group run with the YRRC. It went ok and considering I did 20 miler day before. Took Tuesday off. Wednesday was speedwork day, me and Rick went up to Buhl park and did 8 half mile intervals around Casino loop. I initally felt it went well. It was pouring rain and shoes got heavier has I went. Started at 3:35, slowest was 3:38. I hit my fastest time of 3:31 twice including on the last one. Overall I averaged 3:34. Then I looked in my log and I realized that I was 8 seconds slower on average then last time I ran them. I try not to worry about that too much, I try to run but percieved pace. I just run intervals hard. But to qualify it 3 things,
* Last time I only ran 6 so in back of mind I knew I was running 2 more.
* It was raining pretty good, shoes were waterlogged when I finished.
* I had run 20 miles on Sunday, last time I had only run 9 on Sunday before.
So perhaps all those things added up to a little slower time.
Tomorrow I got a 10 or 12 miler planned. Whatever everyone there feels like doing. Then Monday doing the Buhl day 5K.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another 20 miler

I met with Rick, and got to Lilli Pond a little after 7. A little later then I wanted since we were going to meet up with some others at 9. I felt good for about a mile when I started to have GI problems. Luckily it was less then a mile to facilities. They were those wonderfull park type. Basically a hole in the ground with a board and a seat. At the time I didnt care. After that the run went much smoother. Along way I took 2 hammer gels, banana and apple cinnamon. banana wasnt bad but not has good has i was hoping. It started to heat up last few miles, got over 80 before we finished. Struggled some last couple miles, but made it. Did the same 10 mile loop twice. Its a hilly enough to be ready for most races. Did first loop in 1:45:53 and second loop in 1:46:08. So was a fairly consistent pace. Well at least at the end they were. A 10:34 pace which is about where I think I should be.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perfect 10 Miler

I went up to Cleveland for the Perfect 10 miler. I had what I thought would be a challenging goal for me. Considering last month I ran a half in 2:01 I thought it was a good goal. I started off too fast, I ran first 3 miles in 24:41. Earlier this month I ran a 5K in 25:26. But I had to try to hold on. Got to 5 mile mark at 42:08 so I doubted I could negative split the race, but way ahead of goal pace. I took a hammer gel and got some water just after mile 5. they had a total of 6 water stops I only got water at 3. 6 was a little much for me. I had a couple of miles off pace in last half. No real hills but a few long upgrades that made you work a little harder on miles 8 and 9. I finished strong. Very happy overall, finished in 1:25:23, watch time, about 12 seconds different then official clock but thats how long it took to get to starting line. They used chips but had to starting mat. Well at least they got results done fast.
Lots of good things about the race, nice finishing medal, nice course, water stops, lots of volunteers, a wicking shirt. If I can I will be back.

1 8:06
2 8:15
3 8:19
4 8:36
5 8:50
6 8:59
7 8:05
8 8:54
9 9:01
10 8:14

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New shoes

Today I went to Mill Creek park for my run, got in 4.6 at an easy pace. Whatever that is. I was a little worried about this run since I up thru the night with some intestinal problems. Must of got them out. This was my first run in my new shoes, same brand I been running in Mizuno Waveriders. I had them sitting on shelf in box till for over a month. I was waiting till I got over 500 miles on the oldest pair I was running in. Hoping to get rid of this foot pain. It seems to be getting better slowly, I been icing it after run, stretching, new work boots, changed my walking around shoes. Hopefully these things will get rid of this silly pain. It acts almost like planataar fascitis but its on top of foot. I had already redid laces so they wouldnt be right on top of foot where pain is.
I went to the Bycycle shop in Austintown today. I got some Hammer Gel. They didn't have boxes of them and I really didn't want to get the big bottle so I went with a variety. They only had 2 apple cinnamon so I got them and 2 banana, an orange and a tropical. They had a couple other flavors that didnt appeal to me. Might get the raspberry next time.
Tomorrow I race in the Its only my 2nd 10 mile race ever and to be honest my PR is a soft one I feel. I hope to hit 1:30:00. Its a 9 minute pace and for that distance I feel its a enough of a challenge. I wasn't going to say I had a goal but I do, so now to hope I got reach it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ice Cream Race 5K

This evening I went with Rick to Grove City to run The Ice Cream Race 5K. I will keep this short since im still on an ice cream ice. They had gallons and gallons of ice cream. I had a plate of strawberry, mint chocalate chip, strawberry and what best described has birthday cake. Nothing beats ice cream for dinner.

Oh yea there was a race too. It was the 25th Ice Cream race and the 100th race of the Courtney twilight quad series races, real big race, had to be close to 700 or 800 runners which makes for a crowded 5K. And Bill Rodgers showed up for the race too. Yes Boston Billy was there. I got registered, got my chip, tshirt and spoon. We went and did a mile warm up and waited. Went up to the starting line, it was getting real crowded. Bill said something over the loud speaker, I have no idea what though. And off we went. A real crowded start. And it took me almost took me 15 seconds to reach starting mat. Lot longer then usual for a 5K in this area. I tryed to go with the flow but ended up doing alot weaving around people the first mile. Then it spread out some. I ended up pacing it pretty well, the splits weren't too erratic. (8:04, 7:57, 8:05) I finished in 24:47 watch time. I hope to get chip time tomorrow. It was first time in almost 2 years since I was in the 24's. Everybody who finished got a ribbon saying 100th Twilight quad, which I got signed by Bill Rodgers.
A good race and ice cream. Does life get any better.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Improving? knock on wood...

Today I got in my 18 miler. It went well, ran with Rick. We both finished in good shape or so it seemed. Other then the foot pain I feel good about it. It was one of my best long training runs I think I ever did. Felt better at end then I usually do.

I might actually be improving. I had a good interval workout on Wednesday. I averaged 10 seconds faster then last time I ran them at Buhl park, in March. It was faster then last week I ran them, but that was at Harding park, not sure distance was right and there was some rolling hills.

Wednesday I plan to run the Ice Cream Race 5K. Its part of my training plan not just race madness. A nice 5K race with ice cream afterwards. What more could you ask for. My plan called for alternating intervals, hill runs and 5K races on Wednesdays. The races replace tempo runs. More fun then running alone. Besides who doesnt need a dresser full of race Tshirts?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I dont know why but 43 is bothering me. 40 didnt bother me and that was supposely a big one. Im no longer the meaning of life? At least its a beautiful day out. Im about to go run some speedwork with my buddy, what else would you do on your birthday when theres no races? Now does this mean I can start my new PR's? Naww I usually start that stuff over first of the year. Not sure how many miles I have done since last birthday any ways. Ok I know I could figure it out but who has the time. Dont answer that.

Ok I should get going the plan is to go run, some intervals at the park. Am I too old to hope there some nice legs there? Then out too dinner some where to be decided.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Star Trax

I sat around most of the day. I may of over rested for the race. Then I made what I thought was going to be a fatal mistake. I went to get pizza, and this was about all I did all day. But the mistake was how much of it I ate. TOOO MUCH!! I ate at 4 and race was at 9 so I was hoping for best after wards. I really should know better. I went over to Rick's and off we went to Salem. The Star Trax 5k is a night race that starts at 9 PM. They light lumanaries all along the route. It starts on the high school track. Do a loop around track, then thru the streets of town. You finish back on track, come into the stadium with all the lights on, big crowd for race and do a loop around track, to finish in front of grandstand. I fun race.
We did some warm up and lined up for the race. It was a good night to run, not too humid, not too hot. Good size race for area with around 450 runners. I actually got off to a slow start due to the crowd. I didnt think I could PR here but wanted a good race, since it was my last one has a 42 year old. I reached first mile marker at 8:27. I set my goal there to run it negatively. Along the next couple miles people along route set up sprinklers. Could of done without but didnt change route to avoid them. A little hotter they would of felt great. I got to 2 miles at 8:21, so plan was in place. And it wasn't real hilly but second half of race had more down inclines then the first. I entered the stadium to do loop on the track, they had the 3 mile marked, unlike alot of 5K's in area. So gotta love that, ran mile 3 in 8:02. Then I surprised myself, and sprinted the last tenth of a mile. Well for me it felt like a sprint. I pasted 4 or 5 runners on that last tenth. Saw a guy pushing a stroller for race in front of me and was able to past him right before finish line. The part thats hard to believe is that I didn't puke at the finish line. Finished in 25:26, Not a bad race overall.
Today, Sunday, was a busier then normal, went and met my normal running group and ran 9 miles. About half of it was on trails. Then took a ride up to Lake Erie. Went to Geneva on the Lake, and we went swimming. Not what you call a workout but more fun. Then went to eat at a place on the strip called Eddies Grill. Good food. The place was a motorcycle heaven up there. Long day.

Friday, August 1, 2008


No running today. Went to golf found out my sister lost 310 pounds of fat. She got rid of her current husband last week. (she works at golf course in evening, doesnt golf) Then ended up at a local festival. Ran into my running buddy Rick. Then saw my sister and her husband. Been a pretty full day. Why am I posting when I'm this tired? I dont know either.
I did an experiment with adding pictures, trying to spice it up. Wasn't sure it worked till I posted it, thats why no explantions of the pictures, not that any are needed.
Tomorrow I am sleeping in. Or hope too. I usually take wife to work then go to park and run. Since I got a race planned tomorrow evening. I know I race too much, deal with it. So I dont need to get up and do anything in morning. So thats tomorrows plan. Of course I need something to do till I leave for the race at 7 PM. The race course is lined with lumanaries. Ok there candles in empty milk cartons. Well more later.