Sunday, August 3, 2008

Star Trax

I sat around most of the day. I may of over rested for the race. Then I made what I thought was going to be a fatal mistake. I went to get pizza, and this was about all I did all day. But the mistake was how much of it I ate. TOOO MUCH!! I ate at 4 and race was at 9 so I was hoping for best after wards. I really should know better. I went over to Rick's and off we went to Salem. The Star Trax 5k is a night race that starts at 9 PM. They light lumanaries all along the route. It starts on the high school track. Do a loop around track, then thru the streets of town. You finish back on track, come into the stadium with all the lights on, big crowd for race and do a loop around track, to finish in front of grandstand. I fun race.
We did some warm up and lined up for the race. It was a good night to run, not too humid, not too hot. Good size race for area with around 450 runners. I actually got off to a slow start due to the crowd. I didnt think I could PR here but wanted a good race, since it was my last one has a 42 year old. I reached first mile marker at 8:27. I set my goal there to run it negatively. Along the next couple miles people along route set up sprinklers. Could of done without but didnt change route to avoid them. A little hotter they would of felt great. I got to 2 miles at 8:21, so plan was in place. And it wasn't real hilly but second half of race had more down inclines then the first. I entered the stadium to do loop on the track, they had the 3 mile marked, unlike alot of 5K's in area. So gotta love that, ran mile 3 in 8:02. Then I surprised myself, and sprinted the last tenth of a mile. Well for me it felt like a sprint. I pasted 4 or 5 runners on that last tenth. Saw a guy pushing a stroller for race in front of me and was able to past him right before finish line. The part thats hard to believe is that I didn't puke at the finish line. Finished in 25:26, Not a bad race overall.
Today, Sunday, was a busier then normal, went and met my normal running group and ran 9 miles. About half of it was on trails. Then took a ride up to Lake Erie. Went to Geneva on the Lake, and we went swimming. Not what you call a workout but more fun. Then went to eat at a place on the strip called Eddies Grill. Good food. The place was a motorcycle heaven up there. Long day.

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