Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got in 5.5 miles. With 3 miles at faster then the tempo pace I planned. I know the miles are my rough estimate of distances I drove but I ended doing the 3 at about same pace has my last 5K. Go figure. Then things took a turn for the worse on the way home. I was stopped at a red light when a semi truck in the left turn decided to make a right hand turn into my van. Luckily it only clipped the front bumper/fender. No bumper but driveable. The truck driver said he was part in right lane but the witness backed me up with the police about what happened. Worse part was taking it home to wife. But at least no one was hurt and I lived to run another day.

During the run I felt like I was pushing the pace but didnt think it was quite has fast has it was. In my last 5K I ran hard it was a 8:24 pace. Todays tempor was 8:31. According to the Mcmillan calculator it should be between 8:51 to 9:14. Weather permitting I will do another one next week, see what kind of pace I can hold. First mile was a little fast so want to even that out. I do think I will be better off if I keep upping my mileage will do me more good then concentrating on speedwork. But still need some speedwork.

Monday, January 28, 2008

16 weeks to go

In a review of last week, it went well has I could of hoped. The snow and cold made it tough. Mileage went up from last week. It was also second week in a row I ran 6 days in a week. And after yesterdays 10 miler my legs arent real sore. It was a fun run with Rick and Sue, which always makes for a good run. My runs were at an easy pace. Hoping to get back to some speedwork soon. My already slow pace seems to be slowing. But I never seemed to get faster when doing speedwork but I think I need it. My current plan is to keep increasing miles and hope that is what I need. I got comfortable in the weekly mileage I was doing. And without doing weekly speedwork or a race I rarely got out of my comfort zone. I dont want to take the fun out of running but still need to more miles.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chili Run picture

Just a couple pictures from the Chili run. My seat up top. The bottom one is group I run with. On the bottom Bob, Rick H, Ron J, second row is Leonard B, Susy and Me.

10 mile sunday

It was a medium long week. Did a 10 miler with Rick F and Susy, it went good. For a while had a good pace going. Did walk some of the hills, big bear was snow covered so was tough to just walk it. Susy's knee started to hurt on way back so did some extra walking on way back. But still finished in a alright pace. Have some pictures to scan that Susy gave me from after the Chili Run, will post them later today or tomorrow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

How many long runs?

How many long runs before a Marathon? - Topic Runners World Discussions

I really thought mothaudio had a great reply in this topic. Is making me consider uping my mileage even more. And trying to get a mid-week kind of long run in.

"Diane, two 20 miler for your debut is fine. I feel that overall miles are more important than LRs but that's another subject.Asking beginners to complete a 20 miler two weeks before their debut is questionable. And if that is your longest LR than even more so. I've completed 18 marathon since '81 and found that in your 1st year of marathon trainng the LRs are very hard on your body. They take longer to complete and to recover from. Most beginners enter the marathon with damaged legs. No, I don't mean an injury but legs that are so beat up from the training and LRs that they are in no position to effectively perform in the race. Here's what I've learned over the years. It's best to duplicate the highest miles you hope to run in your marathon schedule in your pre-schedule base phase. I realize this is not realistic for the vast majority of people but that's what I would suggest to reduce the negative effects of the LR. I do not like to see runners reach their highest miles in the last 4 weeks before the marathon. I try to complete my longest LR at least 5 weeks before the marathon, but I'm talking pretty long; 24-25 miles. But that would apply even if you're doing shorter LRs. Regardless of how long I stretch my LRs I also do my last 20 miler no later than 3 weeks before the marathon. For a beginner I might suggest 4 weeks. The 2nd week I'll do 17 and 12-14 the weekend before the race. Taper: I've had success with a three week taper and a two week taper. What I use now is a two week taper and run my highest mileage during the 1st 6 week phase of my marathon schedule then progressively reduce my mileage in the next two phases before the actual taper phase begins. My schedule is 18-19 weeks [including taper]. This allows me to keep my legs fresh for the longer marathon workouts [LRs, tempo runs, MP runs] in addition to the race itself. I think 20 miles is fine for your debut. More miles is better but there's always the risk of injury and like I said, I value overall mileage more than just cranking out a few decent LRs. One lesson I learned from the Pfitz schedule is that a mid-week medium long run is a great suppliment to your weekend LR. A medium long run is typically 10-15 miles done Wednesday or Friday [or for more experienced runners both days]. But if your typical run hovers around 5 miles during the week than even 8 miles might be useful. Like I was saying about overall miles, it's not just the LRs that build endurance. If you have a steady diet of 10 milers in your week that'll serve you well too. Good luck. "

Friday, January 25, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

Last night went with Rick to see Spirit of the Marathon. It was a very inspiring movie. I left there revved up and ready to go. I liked the way they showed how elites and mid packers prepared. Wish I had those training groups around here, would be great to have that many training to run same pace to run with. OH well cann't have it all. I do have some nice places to run, especially Mill Creek Park. The movie makes you want to run a marathon. Which is good since im signed up for one. The one scene where they panned out and just kept scrolling along showing all the people running the Chicago. I thought there was alot in Cleveland last year, which had 4841 finishers in the marathon and half compared to around 35,000 in Chicago. Maybe one year I will get to NY for marathon with 40,000. For time being have to stick to the ones closer to home. In driving distance I can go to Akron, Cleveland, the Towpath. Short drive but at least a one night stay I could get to Columbus, Detriot, Cincinnati, to name a few. Now if it would just warm up I would be ready to really run.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another cold one

Global warming my ass. I got in 5 miles this morning. It was only 11* when I left the house. Supposed to be in 30's over weekend, I sure hope its a sign of things to come. I was hoping for a mild winter but not sure thats going to happen, unless this week was the worse of it.

Otherwise the run was ok but some leg pain. Maybe the plantaar fascisitis is coming back. It was hurting in about same place. I think it could be related to when I slipped on ice running last week. It was also bothering me in hip and upper quad some too. Hopefully it will work itself out. I don't want to take any time off now, just starting my training plan for Cleveland Marathon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I got in 6.5 miles at Buhl park, ran on my 1.6 mile loop. The roads were covered with snow, only a few parts plowed at all. It was 28* out and windy. Real slow pace but got the miles in. I cann't wait for spring.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rest day

Took a rest day after running 6 days in a row. The first week of my 18 week Training plan went fairly well. The cold weather right now is making it tough. I hope to keep upping mileage. Wont be has easy since only planning on 10 miles sunday. If it would only warm up real soon, at least stay in the 30's be alot easier. I agree with Rick and probably wont do speedwork unless its over 40.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 degrees

I went to meet Rick for my long run this morning and it was 5*F. Tough run but have done a few harder ones. I got in 12 miles and temp never got over 10 if that. Pace felt slow but it was in my pace range Im following for the Marathon. I am following the pace ranges from Mcmillanrunning.com race calculater for a 4:15 marathon. Hoping this is coldest of my long runs. Next week planning on 10 on sunday but want to try to keep MPW in mid 30's.

I weighed in this morning, last week it was 193.4, this week 191. Hopefully I can back down to where I think I should be. Upping my mileage should help. And have been watching what I eating better. Started using fitday.com again to watch calories. At least keep it close.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Nothing new

Missed a couple of days posting. Nothing exciting, just cold easy runs in. Getting colder for weekend. Got in 18 miles with the weekend to go so should be a real good mileage wise. Next week it will be just has cold so probably will be just easy miles. Will do speedwork weather permitting, try to do some up tempo runs, but prefer to skip it till its a little warmer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tempo Interval

I had my best run in weeks. After trying to run with a cold I would try to run for a few minutes maybe 5 and have to walk to catch breath at what I thought was my easy pace. Then today I went to park and did the 1.6 loop for 5 miles. After first loop I decided to do some tempo intervals cause I was feeling good. Did a mile at a good pace, then did an easy pace back to start of loop. I did a second hard mile but got slowed twice by traffic. I only saw 3 cars going thru park entire run so naturally 2 pulled in front of me while trying to go hard. I was still happy with pace, first mile was probably a little too fast. Real happy with the run especially since it was done in snow, wind and 28*F. Hopefully this is a good sign, even if its going to be bitterly cold this weekend.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chili Run

Got in 9 miles this morning. Breathing seemed labored too much, guess im not has over the cold has I hoped. Ran it with Rick F and we did a run/walk thingie. Thinking of trying the Gallow way, might try to find the right ratio for me. Just a thought

Afterwards had Chili with the club good attendance for club. Maybe they need to have food every week. Overall the clubs been a good experience and met my favorite running buddies there. But at times some of them are too money oriented. Guess im not charitable enough, but one week I was asked for suggestions to improve attenandce and then the next week they said the club has over $2000. And this is from a club that used to have things like a 100 mile club but decided it was too expensive.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I got in a 5 miler from the Lilli Pond this morning. Then went and got a new scale. I knew I had gained some weight back. I can feel it. Im back over 190 lbs. I need to start watching what I eat, less junk, less pepsi, more water, more salads. I been running enough but guess my body adjusted to it. Or I have been eating more.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am registered for the Cleveland marathon, May 18th. I have just over 18 weeks to be ready. I have a plan, close to what I did last year but want to up my weekly mileage. I think that is biggest thing I am missing. Now to just get over this little cold and get off to a good start next week. I do plan to do the Mill Creek Distance Classic half marathon has a long training run for it. But also trying to incorporate some trail runs in this time, some with my other running club, NEOTC - North East Ohio Trail Club


After not taking a couple days off cause I had a cold, I got an easy 4 miler in. Real easy pace. But felt good after I got done. And I beat the rain. And now I got my appetite back. I think im almost over this.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

sort of sick

I think I could run today but decided against it. One extra rest day wont hurt that much. I still coughing a little. Small sore throat. I could feel a little bit of congestion this morning, but after I got up and moving around it seemed better. Sucks missing 2 nice days to run but yesterday really didnt feel up to it. Hopefully be back on track tomorrow or in another day or 3. HOping this week doesnt become a complete wash.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Warm januaray run

It was a good thing this was supposd to be an easy/recovery run. I think I ate too much at lunch, felt like a brick. Have to watch that. Only 3 miles and probably wouldnt of been that many, since I normally dont run mondays, but it was too nice out especially for January not too run. Hope tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday run

I got 10.5 total miles in today. Went to club run early to run with Rick F, I hadn't seen him in weeks. Hopefully todays run didnt make his knee worse. Has of now Rick F and Leonard B are running the Cleveland Marathon. So 3 us are going. We talked about going to towpath trail for some long runs, more likely when we get to the 18 or 20 milers.

Some time this week I want a goals post for the year. I think there different when you actually write them some where.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

2007 Racing Review

Overall last year was a good racing year. The highlight was finishing the Cleveland Marathon in 4:26. Real happy finishing under 4:30 which really was the best I think I could of hoped for. I figure the low point was the Fredonia 5K, which felt like I pulled a hamstring a little. I walked most of the second half of race but finished. That was closest I have come to an DNF. Luckily it wasn't that bad and was back to running in a couple weeks. I do feel I did not run enough weekly mileage to improve the way I want too. I I concentrate on the shorter races, 10K and shorter I might get away with it. But if I want to get better in marathons I need more miles. I looked at the miles leading up to Cleveland and while it was an improvement still not really enough. My mileage did improve and maybe its a good thing I didn't jump up too fast in mileage.

Total races: 23
14 5k's
1 5 miler
3 10K's
1 10 miler
3 half marathons
1 marathon

6 miles

I got in 6 miles today. I got in a late start, slept in a little. Now I feel like I got a little sore throat. On the run I kept having trouble with breathing like I was going faster then I was. Hopefully just a one day, bad thingie. My time wasnt bad, I estimated I did 6 miles of loops at Buhl park. After first loop stayed in lower part of the park where the roads were plowed. Slipped a couple times on ice.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I hate running in cold. Got in 4 miles today, it was dark, cold and miserable. 18 degrees and windchill was 2. Hopefully it will warm up like the weather is forcasting. I was planning a cutback week this week after overdoing it a little last week but still want to be between 25 and 30 miles.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hangover Classic

I ran in a 5K race the 21st annual Hangover Classic. I just do it has a fun run, and weather conditions werent for a good time today. Snowing and windy out today about 30 degrees but windchill was lot colder. Just ran it with some friends, no watches cause they do a prizes for predictions, closest to predicted time. I was off, and didnt finish in top for a prize. But did win a gift Reed Lobster gift certificate in the door prize drawing. Gotta love it for a free race.