Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 degrees

I went to meet Rick for my long run this morning and it was 5*F. Tough run but have done a few harder ones. I got in 12 miles and temp never got over 10 if that. Pace felt slow but it was in my pace range Im following for the Marathon. I am following the pace ranges from race calculater for a 4:15 marathon. Hoping this is coldest of my long runs. Next week planning on 10 on sunday but want to try to keep MPW in mid 30's.

I weighed in this morning, last week it was 193.4, this week 191. Hopefully I can back down to where I think I should be. Upping my mileage should help. And have been watching what I eating better. Started using again to watch calories. At least keep it close.

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