Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got in 5.5 miles. With 3 miles at faster then the tempo pace I planned. I know the miles are my rough estimate of distances I drove but I ended doing the 3 at about same pace has my last 5K. Go figure. Then things took a turn for the worse on the way home. I was stopped at a red light when a semi truck in the left turn decided to make a right hand turn into my van. Luckily it only clipped the front bumper/fender. No bumper but driveable. The truck driver said he was part in right lane but the witness backed me up with the police about what happened. Worse part was taking it home to wife. But at least no one was hurt and I lived to run another day.

During the run I felt like I was pushing the pace but didnt think it was quite has fast has it was. In my last 5K I ran hard it was a 8:24 pace. Todays tempor was 8:31. According to the Mcmillan calculator it should be between 8:51 to 9:14. Weather permitting I will do another one next week, see what kind of pace I can hold. First mile was a little fast so want to even that out. I do think I will be better off if I keep upping my mileage will do me more good then concentrating on speedwork. But still need some speedwork.

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