Monday, January 28, 2008

16 weeks to go

In a review of last week, it went well has I could of hoped. The snow and cold made it tough. Mileage went up from last week. It was also second week in a row I ran 6 days in a week. And after yesterdays 10 miler my legs arent real sore. It was a fun run with Rick and Sue, which always makes for a good run. My runs were at an easy pace. Hoping to get back to some speedwork soon. My already slow pace seems to be slowing. But I never seemed to get faster when doing speedwork but I think I need it. My current plan is to keep increasing miles and hope that is what I need. I got comfortable in the weekly mileage I was doing. And without doing weekly speedwork or a race I rarely got out of my comfort zone. I dont want to take the fun out of running but still need to more miles.

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