Saturday, January 5, 2008

2007 Racing Review

Overall last year was a good racing year. The highlight was finishing the Cleveland Marathon in 4:26. Real happy finishing under 4:30 which really was the best I think I could of hoped for. I figure the low point was the Fredonia 5K, which felt like I pulled a hamstring a little. I walked most of the second half of race but finished. That was closest I have come to an DNF. Luckily it wasn't that bad and was back to running in a couple weeks. I do feel I did not run enough weekly mileage to improve the way I want too. I I concentrate on the shorter races, 10K and shorter I might get away with it. But if I want to get better in marathons I need more miles. I looked at the miles leading up to Cleveland and while it was an improvement still not really enough. My mileage did improve and maybe its a good thing I didn't jump up too fast in mileage.

Total races: 23
14 5k's
1 5 miler
3 10K's
1 10 miler
3 half marathons
1 marathon

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