Friday, August 28, 2009


Riley and Megan

It's been a little bit a odd week running wise. I was hoping for a big week for me mileage wise. I had an outside chance to hit 150 miles for month which is alot for me, especially when Im not in marathon training. So I went and did a 5.5 mile trail run on Monday. Not sure what happened but it must of flaired up my IT band. The side of my knee really started hurting later that evening and the next day I wake up all stiff and sore. So took an extra day off and spent some time stretching it with the jump stretch band.

I went out Thursday for a run and had a good 5 miler even in the rain. Then I gave blood Thursday evening and wondered how it would effect my running. I was light headed after it for a while, luckily I wasnt driving any where. I went on a 8 miler today and got soaked it poured thruout the most of the run. I didn't notice no ill effects from the vampire encounter. So heading into the weekend I probably wont be able to hit 150 miles for August. Saturday is a planned rest day and since I will be working all day and possibly overtime probably a good thing. Sunday I plan to go long. Hopefully no more knee problems.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The race ratings....

Ok now for my long awaited (mostly by no one) first of my race ratings. I thought of the categorys that matter to me. I used a 1-10 rating, then weighted then for my prioritys. Very complicated sysem much like the NFL quarterback ratings. Ok not that bad but its my system to rate races. I divided them into 3 categories so I would be comparing comparable races. Marathons is one, then anything shorter then marathon but longer then 10K. And lastly 10K to 5K races are lumped together. Really isn't fair to compare a local 5K with a marathon.

The Perfect 10 Miler ratings:

Organization - Very well organized race. Easy to find the registration, tons of volunteers. In matching t-shirts so easily identified. Also had the race results posted online same day. Plenty of water on course but Lost 1 point for not having water closer to finish line. Rating 9/10

Course - It was a challenging course but fair. No major hills but several long stretches of upgrades to make you work. Finishes on track around the high school football field, nice finish. Rating 10/10

Spectators - A decnt amount of spectators for a race this size. It finishing with stands next the finishing line so perfect if some one came to watch. But alot of people were behind stands so seemed fewer were there then there actually were. Food and drink for runners were behind stands. Rating 8/10

Swag/Shirt - A good tech shirt. Logo on it is fine, worked nice first time I wore it. They
had plenty of food and water but nothing but shirt in swag bag. For cost expected something.
Rating 7/10

Corrals - I probably should take a point off organization for this one but since I gave it its own category I didnt. It was a little scattered much like you would expect in a small local 5K. I wouldn't take points off at the 5K but here a some organization would of been good. Rating 4/10

Intangibles/Atmosphere - I like the atmostphere for this race. Like its a big event in the area. Lots of good things about it I like. Rating 8/10

Overall weighted score total is is 50.8 65

The score is 8.46 out a possible 10.83

Whats all this mean? I dont know yet, but will give me something to compare races with. With over a 100 races run, Think Im close to 150 now. I should add it up. I at least know what I like in a race by now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Perfect 10 MIler race report

Let me start with the good stuff. This is a well organized race in a nice town. Lots of easily recgonized volunteers. Plenty of traffic control on the intersections. A great course, not totally flat but no major hills. A challenge but not too difficult. Finishing on the track at the high school football field. Plenty of water stops on the course. Actually a good spattering of spectators along course. They had plenty of food and water after the race even some eas myplex drinks. WOOOHOO.

Much was right with race, lots of good stuff. It was even a perfect August day. Which means heat and humidity. It was nearing 80 before the start with plenty of humidity. Could feel it warming up early.

Now the bad stuff. Which mostly consisted of me. I have run a few races and sort of know what to do. First I didn't sleep enough and day before I spent all day outside at an golf outing then cornhole tournament eating and drinking too much and the wrong stuff. Top that with the heat and humidity. I know I am probably not in has good shape has last year so I had lowered my goal this year. By the end of race the goal was survival. I ran it 10 minutes slower then last year. I was actually on my adjusted goal half way thru it but it went downhill fast. It left me feeling lousy. I been worn out and no desire to run the last few days. I need to get out and run tomorrow, Wednesday. My hamstring was bothering me so a couple of days off probably did it good.

I plan to do my first ever Race Rating an idea which I stole from Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge Of course I adjusted them and made them to my liking. More on this later....

Friday, August 14, 2009

And the WInner is...........

Me. Apperantly. I got an email yesterday from Greg at Racevine - Triathlon, Marathon, Half Marathon Schedule and User Reviews that I had won entry into the contest they had held to win entries into races and other great prizes. So I did a review of a race cause they did have a free entry to Columbus Marathon and for free I would sure give it a try.

But I didnt win that but I did win entry into another race. Yes the first of November I will be running in the inaugural Spirit of Pittsburgh - Half Marathon I expcet to recieve the details for signing up for it the coming week.

I took a look at the web site and seems to be a good organized race with lots of swag. Of course anyone who knows me, knows I wont pass up a free race entry. So looks like I got another race to add to the schedule.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tempo Tuesday

Got my tempo run in today, of course it was Wednesday. I ran it slower then last time. On the same course, I ended about a minute and half slower. More or less. I think it could of been the humidity since according to Heart rate monitor on the tempo portion I was only 1 beat less. Go figure. Or im just slow.

This weekend could be busy. Work schedule is in flux, I have a golf outing Saturday and a 10 mile race Sunday. Any one interested in a good 10 miler?

Perfect 10 Miler

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I didnt race this weekend. I decided 3 weeks in a row was enough. But have no fear, I have a race planned for next Sunday. Perfect 10 Miler This week didnt go has planned. I had wanted to run at least 5 days and get in over 30 miles. But missed one day cause of some foot pain sidelined me on Thursday and stomach problems made me miss my Friday morning run.

I got some new shoes, I got Under Armour Illusions I havent worn them before so see how they do in the months ahead. I think I figured the one toe/top of foot problem was caused by the one pair of shoes, so hoping it goes away.

Not much else is coming to mind, except my Brillant idea that GU should combine with Pez but that might need to wait for the patent.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Its my birthday. Chronologically Im 44, but since I act 12 and probably in better shape then my 30's I will say im 29. I really dont view it has a birthday has the 15th anniversarry of my 29th birthday. Of course having a granddaughter makes it tougher and tougher to convince people that im 29.

For those of you, im sure there's none, pondering what to get me. Sure, running clothes or shoes seem perfect but just make a donation. Epilepsy Association VIRTUAL RUNNER Hosted By DonorPages

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Star Trax

Last night I headed to Salem for the Start Trax 5K. It starts at 9 pM and has luminaries lighting the course. There were some ominous looking clouds on the way there. I got registered, nice red Tshirt, even some swag. A tooth brush, floss, (I guess a dentist is one of the sponsors) some Udderly smooth foot cream, and a coupon for a free dunkin doughnut. Better then most area races. We did a warm up and it started to pour has we finished. It was a quick down pour, just enough to turn it into a sauna. I love humidity!
We got lined up for the start on the high school track, about 500 runners. It was a slow start but opened up some soon has we completed the loop and onto the roads. Someone later told me it was cool sight watching that many runners on track in unison. Still the first mile was slow, crowded. I got to first mile in 8:58, and threw out any orginal goals. Except the one about not finishing in an ambulance. I made a new goal to negaive split every mile. I was passed by local weatherman Rick Morgan some where around here. He's usually around my pace but he pulled away a little. Plus harder to follow in the dark.
I made the negative splits the next 2 miles, mile 2 in 8:33 and mile 3 in 8:10. I had caught sight of the weatherman again right before entering the stadium. the finish was a little over a loop of the track. I gained a little the weather man, passed the 3 mile marker and then decided to try and sprint it in, since I had recently got over my fear of yaking up at the finish line. I passed Rich Morgan and then this young kid started to sprint in so I wouldnt pass him. Im going to say I let up a little so he finished right in front of me. I had negative split it, beat the weather man and couldnt PR so no point yakking up at the finish line.
I finished in 26:10ish (not positive on time yet). It's a fun race and I was a little faster last year but if things had gone a little better I would of been in the 25's. Some day I might even train for 5K's. But that might take the fun out of it.