Monday, August 17, 2009

The Perfect 10 MIler race report

Let me start with the good stuff. This is a well organized race in a nice town. Lots of easily recgonized volunteers. Plenty of traffic control on the intersections. A great course, not totally flat but no major hills. A challenge but not too difficult. Finishing on the track at the high school football field. Plenty of water stops on the course. Actually a good spattering of spectators along course. They had plenty of food and water after the race even some eas myplex drinks. WOOOHOO.

Much was right with race, lots of good stuff. It was even a perfect August day. Which means heat and humidity. It was nearing 80 before the start with plenty of humidity. Could feel it warming up early.

Now the bad stuff. Which mostly consisted of me. I have run a few races and sort of know what to do. First I didn't sleep enough and day before I spent all day outside at an golf outing then cornhole tournament eating and drinking too much and the wrong stuff. Top that with the heat and humidity. I know I am probably not in has good shape has last year so I had lowered my goal this year. By the end of race the goal was survival. I ran it 10 minutes slower then last year. I was actually on my adjusted goal half way thru it but it went downhill fast. It left me feeling lousy. I been worn out and no desire to run the last few days. I need to get out and run tomorrow, Wednesday. My hamstring was bothering me so a couple of days off probably did it good.

I plan to do my first ever Race Rating an idea which I stole from Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge Of course I adjusted them and made them to my liking. More on this later....

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Ted said...

It sounds like you had a proper hydration plan before the race. Wait a second. Opps. I was wrong about that. Now, you know what you need to do to eat and drink properly before the race.

Good post race report. How did you like EAS Myplex drink?