Sunday, August 23, 2009

The race ratings....

Ok now for my long awaited (mostly by no one) first of my race ratings. I thought of the categorys that matter to me. I used a 1-10 rating, then weighted then for my prioritys. Very complicated sysem much like the NFL quarterback ratings. Ok not that bad but its my system to rate races. I divided them into 3 categories so I would be comparing comparable races. Marathons is one, then anything shorter then marathon but longer then 10K. And lastly 10K to 5K races are lumped together. Really isn't fair to compare a local 5K with a marathon.

The Perfect 10 Miler ratings:

Organization - Very well organized race. Easy to find the registration, tons of volunteers. In matching t-shirts so easily identified. Also had the race results posted online same day. Plenty of water on course but Lost 1 point for not having water closer to finish line. Rating 9/10

Course - It was a challenging course but fair. No major hills but several long stretches of upgrades to make you work. Finishes on track around the high school football field, nice finish. Rating 10/10

Spectators - A decnt amount of spectators for a race this size. It finishing with stands next the finishing line so perfect if some one came to watch. But alot of people were behind stands so seemed fewer were there then there actually were. Food and drink for runners were behind stands. Rating 8/10

Swag/Shirt - A good tech shirt. Logo on it is fine, worked nice first time I wore it. They
had plenty of food and water but nothing but shirt in swag bag. For cost expected something.
Rating 7/10

Corrals - I probably should take a point off organization for this one but since I gave it its own category I didnt. It was a little scattered much like you would expect in a small local 5K. I wouldn't take points off at the 5K but here a some organization would of been good. Rating 4/10

Intangibles/Atmosphere - I like the atmostphere for this race. Like its a big event in the area. Lots of good things about it I like. Rating 8/10

Overall weighted score total is is 50.8 65

The score is 8.46 out a possible 10.83

Whats all this mean? I dont know yet, but will give me something to compare races with. With over a 100 races run, Think Im close to 150 now. I should add it up. I at least know what I like in a race by now.

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Julie said...

Wow I clicked on your blog from Shut Up and Run! And noticed I knew the names of your races. I did the 10-miler I did the Salem 5k. Small world. I'm from the Akron area. Just wanted to say "hello"