Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book giveaway Ep. 6

Book giveaway Ep. 6

If your interested in winning a copy of The Extra Mile by Pam Reed listen to see how to get it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day

I got up this morning and met Steve at the Lilly pond parking lot in Mill Creek park. I had planned to do an 11 mile run, staying on roads most likely. Steve suggested jumping on the trails and I agreed. I figured it was hot and sunny the shade would help.

Well I was right about the shade, we did lot of the run on trails, a little bit of back and forth between roads and trails. But we totally changed what I had planned, really no big deal, my garmin kept the mileage. Trying to get ready for a half so the fact that we did 12.3 instead of 11 is fine.

During the day it kept heating up, which is normal . But Steve who claimed he had not done long run over 10 miles in long time sure didnt show it. He started picking it up the second half of the run. We did the first 6 miles in 1:16:58. Then did the next 6.3 miles in 1:11:56. Now I know its not a blazing fast pace (i know im slow and slower on trails.) but to do it in the heat on, on trails and then run longer then planed is a diffent story.

I got the run done and I had started the run looking for ways to add on to the run to reach 11 miles then in after 8 or 9 miles I started looking for fastest way back to the Lilly Pond parking lot.

Well overall it was a pretty good training week. Decent mileage for week, a good long run and speedwork. A couple more weeks like this I should do good in the Presque Half marathon.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Thursday night I went to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Festival 5K. My daughter Megan and Granddaughter Riley went with me. They have a festival with 5K race, or is it other way around? I went for a warm up run planned to do a mile, got almost half mile out on course when Jim caught up to me, we ran to the first turn sign of the course. Jim's faster then me his warm up pace is faster then mine. Ended up doing 1.2 miles according to garmin. I think if I was going any further I wouldnt of stayed with Jim.

It was a warm evening, upper 70's. So didnt takea lot to warm up. My biggest problem wasnt the heat but my own stupidity. I got off work at 4 went home and ended up eating something. I had started to feel hungry so made myself a little something before the race. Naturally I ate too much.

After warm up ended up getting Meg some french fries, nothing beats festival fries. Especially for grease. Then I got to start line, chatted with a couple runners I knew. They have a short kids race, then we got started. I went out a little too fast but wasnt feeling totally horrible if not for the rock in my stomach. I got to the 2 mile mark and started to have some stomach cramps so last mile ended up being my worse one. I finished in 26:24 according to my garmin.

Overall this a fun race, cheap, with a downhill finish into the festival. Decent crowd for a Thursday night. Now I know I wouldnt of placed in age group but did have one complaint they passed out the age group awards right at finish line. No awards ceremony. To me its nice to gather with the other runners, many I know from other races, afterwards. Plus this race used to always have lots of door prizes. Not that I would win anything but when you run my pace having door prizes can keep you coming back. Of course they could of lost sponsors who gave the door prizes but I never found out. That would make a difference but way they do it now makes me feel like heres your award now get out the way. If you dont win one you dont need to know who did. Excuse me for letting my cynical side out.

After I got cooled off a bit and stomach had settled, I got a elephant ear and shared it with Riley. It was great, delious. I wasnt even hungry but who can go to a festival and not get an elephant ear to share with their granddaughter?

To hear me talk about it go here:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The podcast

I had thought about starting my own podcast for a long time. I know, I know, I dont think I actually mentioned it. If you read this for some time you might know im a long time listener of running podcasts.

So this past March I started to move towards it. I purchased a cheap digital recorder (which I hope to replace in near future) I looked for a mic to attach and record while running. I haven't found one yet but have a link to get one online if I decide to. Right now I just carry it while I record. Not the greatest quality but for now it will have to do.

I then downloaded audiocity on to the computer about the same time. Audicity is used to edit a digital recording. Im still learning how to use it. Basically learning on the go. I think have made some improvements in first couple episodes.

Finally, in April I took the rcorder out with me on a run. It was a distater. Unlistenable, most of what you could hear was the sound of me running with occasional background noise of me talking. So I put it a side for a month or so and finally after running the marathon gave it another attempt, this time not running. So I had a podcast.

I named it Confessions of a race addict, any doubt where I got that from? I wasn't sure if I wanted them to be intertwined but they are about the same topics. So while I dont want this blog that I have done for so long now to become just a place where I put links and pictures I mention in podcast I know it will be used for that also. Podcasting can be more time consuming. Hopefully some of the things I did in first couple episodes wont take me has long in the future.

So if you listen to podcasts maybe give it a chance. If you dont, no worrys I plan to keep blog alive like I have been doing.