Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day

I got up this morning and met Steve at the Lilly pond parking lot in Mill Creek park. I had planned to do an 11 mile run, staying on roads most likely. Steve suggested jumping on the trails and I agreed. I figured it was hot and sunny the shade would help.

Well I was right about the shade, we did lot of the run on trails, a little bit of back and forth between roads and trails. But we totally changed what I had planned, really no big deal, my garmin kept the mileage. Trying to get ready for a half so the fact that we did 12.3 instead of 11 is fine.

During the day it kept heating up, which is normal . But Steve who claimed he had not done long run over 10 miles in long time sure didnt show it. He started picking it up the second half of the run. We did the first 6 miles in 1:16:58. Then did the next 6.3 miles in 1:11:56. Now I know its not a blazing fast pace (i know im slow and slower on trails.) but to do it in the heat on, on trails and then run longer then planed is a diffent story.

I got the run done and I had started the run looking for ways to add on to the run to reach 11 miles then in after 8 or 9 miles I started looking for fastest way back to the Lilly Pond parking lot.

Well overall it was a pretty good training week. Decent mileage for week, a good long run and speedwork. A couple more weeks like this I should do good in the Presque Half marathon.

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