Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so it goes

I got in a nice 5 mile run today. Why was I able to run in morning today? Yesterday got laid off, totally unexpected. After work got call that due to lack of work was laid off. So any racing plans put on hold. But no reason not to go run and keep the endorphins high.

Hoping to find something soon. Funny I was obsessive about running , ran every day for a year, then I stopped and things start going wrong. Perhaps time to start another running streak

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perfect 10 Weekend

It was a good weekend, left to go to Cleveland Saturday afternoon. We stopped in Hudson at Vertical runner to pick up race packet, Me and Maria decided to eat at a little place in town near there. I have since been obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches, I had a great one there and wonder if I could make it at home.

We then headed to Progressive field to watch the Indians game. Tribe won 3-1 and we got a Mike Hargrove Bobblehead. Life is good

Then Sunday morning went to Lyndhurst for the Perfect 10 miler. I was a little tentative starting out slow, kept thinking about crashing here last year. But it wasnt has hot or humid. Of course it rained the whole race. So kept me a little cooler. I made the 5 mile marker in 48 minutes. Right about where I wanted to be. I felt like I pushed it a little the second half, If I had remembered my Garmin maybe I would have some proof. But almost sure last 3 were fastest miles. Finsihed in 1:36:25 so almost an even split. But I felt better after 6 then after 2.

Overall a great weekend.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lacking motivation

I just listened to the running in the center of the Universe podcast, found on itunes, and got inspired to try and get the blog going again. I had tryed to make a podcast, got 25 episodes out there. But so much has changed in life that I dont have the time or desire to do it right now. I continue to listen to them and once things are back to where I can do it again I hope to start the podcast up again. But I should be able to post a blog weekly

A quick update, I seperated from my wife last december. Due to this my living situation isnt perfect, far from it. Large part of reason no podcast I met a great girl in March been seeing her ever since. In May I started a new job, still getting used to it. Like I said big changes in my life.

In running I have done some races, biggie was the Cleveland Marathon in May. I made 1 year running and now decided to take it easier for a bit. Easier then running every day. I havent signed up yet but have plans to run the Columbus marathon in October. In short term,tomorrow im running the Perfect 10 miler. Hoping for a decent time but my running pace has been slow lately, even for me.

I took a real easy week this week, least running I done in long time. I felt I needed it. Any ways I need something to remotivate my running. Suggestions?