Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lacking motivation

I just listened to the running in the center of the Universe podcast, found on itunes, and got inspired to try and get the blog going again. I had tryed to make a podcast, got 25 episodes out there. But so much has changed in life that I dont have the time or desire to do it right now. I continue to listen to them and once things are back to where I can do it again I hope to start the podcast up again. But I should be able to post a blog weekly

A quick update, I seperated from my wife last december. Due to this my living situation isnt perfect, far from it. Large part of reason no podcast I met a great girl in March been seeing her ever since. In May I started a new job, still getting used to it. Like I said big changes in my life.

In running I have done some races, biggie was the Cleveland Marathon in May. I made 1 year running and now decided to take it easier for a bit. Easier then running every day. I havent signed up yet but have plans to run the Columbus marathon in October. In short term,tomorrow im running the Perfect 10 miler. Hoping for a decent time but my running pace has been slow lately, even for me.

I took a real easy week this week, least running I done in long time. I felt I needed it. Any ways I need something to remotivate my running. Suggestions?

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