Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RunRunLive podcast review

Snot rockets in flight, afternoon delight, freezing cold trail run delight!!

The RunRunLive Podcast is chronically boring and anyone listening to a full episode must have masochistic tendencys. I find the only thing its good for is building mental toughness while marathon training. Listen to RunRunLive during a 5 miler, 26.2 miles without it seems so much shorter and easier.

Going to grab my shoes tie them tight grab some freezing cold trail run
only wimpy runners wait till the month of may get out and freeze your nuts off that's our way

Actually none of thats true. I just wondered what it was like to write a bad review. Either Im too nice or I like most podcasts. Since most podcasts are just done voluntarily I would never rip them up badly. Truth is RunRunLive produced by Chris Russell but hosted by many, including yours truly, is one of my favorites. He's got a great sense of humor, many episodes have a humorous skit or song in them. Episode 102 had the greatest rendition of "Afternoon delight" in history. I had trouble running thru it.

snot rockets in flight, afternoon delight, freezing cold trail run delight

Chris usually has a guess announcer at the beginning introducing the podcast. He lets them plug their own podcast, blog or whatever while following the basic script. I called it once, but cannt remember which episode it was in. He often does runs with Buddy the wonder dog possibly the most famous running podcasting dog around. He usually has an interview with someone, some famous, some not so famous, some promoting a charity, product or service. The last episode I listened to he interviewed a guy doing 250 marathons this year for charity. Where does he find this people?

got screw in my shoes, so I dont have to walk, nothing better then some hill work in the freezing rain.

The RunRunLive is a fun easy to listen to on the run podcast, with some good info and some laughs. It really is the podcast for all your running needs. Just stay away from the moldy pumpkin pie. What more do you want? I could live without the imagery the ice bath chronicles gives me though.

snot rockets in flight, afternoon delight, freezing cold trail run delight

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