Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sold Out!

No its not the newest blog entry of Confessions of a Race Addict, Its much worse then that. The race I was planning to run on February 14th is sold out already. I had was going to send it out on Monday January 19 but that was Martin Luther King day, so no mail. I let it sit around for a few days. After all who would think a trail race in February would sell out?
Then this evening I got a phone call, from the race director. She said they were only allowing 200 runners, I was number 235. I talked to her for a bit and im on the waiting list but extremely unlikely I will get in. One reason she called me was because I live over an hour away from where the race is being held. The plan was me, Bob and Rick, the RBRC, were going up to run the race. Turns out Rick didn't get in either. So do we let Bob go solo? I hate to say this but I couldnt do that and ruin the plans we had made. We made the effort to get in, I have never not signed up in time to get in a race. I have done the early bird sign up for Cleveland marathon 4 years in a row.
I guess im used to races in the Youngstown area where I often sign up on race day and worse case scenario is you dont get a t-shirt. I mean 3 weeks before this first time event its sold out. Im still impressed with that. Guess the race director has a good reputation in Cleveland area and advertised it well. They do an 8K in August on the same course so I might be back. If I get signed up in time.


ShutUpandRun said...

Darn I hate it when that happens. Cutest baby ever.

Julie said...

Are you talking about the one Cleveland Play Racing was putting on? I couldn't believe it sold out either! I was thinking of doing it because I REALLY like the runs they do, but I am doing an indoor tri instead...come to that with me!

Christina said...

This product has been a HUGE HIT for marathon runners-thought I'd share!

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