Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 1 Review, Week 2 Goals

The week went well, no major mishaps, got in the planed mileage 30.8 to be exact so an extra .8. I got in the hill run whichwas brutal and got in the long run of 11 miles in. So I guess week 1 was a success.

On to week 2. Heres what I got planned right now. Total weekly mileage of 30 miles, another hill run, a 10K trail race and long run of just 8 miles. Maybe Ill do an extra mile to make it 9, eight just seems to short, but it is early in the training plan. I have gone back and forth about the 10K race on next Saturday but have decided to go ahead and run it. After all I have to have a February race. Plus they usally give something nice and its fun race. Last year we started the race on the lake. Hopefully week 2 goes has good has week 1..

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