Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday run

Today I got up in time for my 9 am run. I never used to think that 9 am was early, a while back that was sleeping in. Now that I work evenings and dont get home till 1 am its a different story. But I couldnt sleep in since I knew Bob and Rick would be waiting for me. This week they were only one's there, 2 others showed up last week.

We went on a different route then any we normally take. Mill Creek park is a beautiful great place to run. That being said we did another run out of the park to break up the ordinary and did parts of run out of the park running on the streets in Youngstown. Definitely broke up the monotony. May of also added a hill or 2. Mixing it up last week is what prompted Bob to want to do it again this week. That and since I now have a Garmin 305.

We did 11.3 miles in 2:04:54. Not a fast pace but at times felt fast, but I never stoped the watch not for traffic stops or bath room breaks or anything. Long runs Im taking lets just go out and run and it is what it is. Starting the 25th when I get more serious about my training has I prepare for Cleveland Marathon in May.


ShutUpandRun said...

Great run for you today!

Ashland Dave said...

I've always thought it interesting about stopping the watch for breaks, etc. The clock doesn't stop in races. Might as well let the clock run and try to make up for lost time if needed. Good blog.