Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marathon Training Goal plan week 1

And yet another reason to not run on a treadmil. Shut Up and Run!: Re-enactment (video) I admit it im anti treadmill. Get outside and run.

Monday is the first day of my 16 week training plan leading up to the Cleveland marathon. Here's how the plan works, instead of how I normally wrote up a calendar with each days run filled in a just made a list of goals for each week. Days I run them will be decided week to week. Its kind of Jack Danielesque thing. I most likely will be running long on Sunday and speedwork on Wensday or Thursday but I will permit flexibilty in my schedule.

For week week 1 january 25 thru February 1 the goals are to run 30 miles for the week, with a long run of 12 miles and speed work will be either a 6 mile hill run or 3 mile tempo run. From now till the marahon I plan to post on Monday the upcoming weeks goal and how the previous week went.

Marathon Training here I come! In case your wondering if im relaxing or going at it this week I have a 10 to 12 miler planned for Sunday.

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