Wednesday, October 29, 2008

miles to go.................

I didn't run today. I did run Monday and Tuesday, Mondays run put me over 1300 miles for the year. Last year I ran 1334. I began the year with a goal of 1400 miles. Now all of a sudden 1500 miles doesnt seem that big of a challenge to me. Of course you never know what can happen.

So I crunched the numbers, added them up, diveded by 12, minus 42, factor in some good karma. And I figured I will need about 145 a month for the last 2 months to make 1600 miles. This is why I shouldnt track mileage. I get obsessive from time to time. But this is very doable. And since I want to use the next couple months for better base building it may take care of itself.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

short post

Sometimes you have to begin to be what you want to become, even if you don't totally believe in it yet.

Stolen from MickeyD in the forum.

I got in 11.5 miles today. Went and ran 4 alone, then joined the YRRC for the group run. It was a good day to run, around 50 felt perfect to run.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Run for the Ribbon

I got up this morning and it was raining. No surprise. We got an early start, dropped my wife off, she had to work today, and me and my daughter went off to the Run for the Ribbon race 5K in Warren. It was part of the Make a difference day thingie. It didnt start till 10 and we got there shortly after 8. So sat in car and waited while they got set up. The sign up said at the Amphitheater but the registration was in pavillon on other side of hill. I dropped off my donation, got my shirt, and looked at a map of the course.

I stood around talking to this guy that ran it last year (I hadnt done it before) and he told me last it was long. The course ran around this park that had baseball and soccer field thru it and then out in to town looping back for a down hill finish near the amphitheater. So to add to the crowds there were soccer games going on, and other people showing up for leaf raking, something to do with the make difference day, that may of actually been trying to make a difference.

Miracously, the skys cleared up shortly before the race. I knew the forecast so I wasnt expecting any sun for the race. We got started just about on time. It was sort of a crowded start, the starter really needed a mega phonee cause I wasnt sure we were about to start till a air gun or something went off. I did the lap around the park, waved to my daughter who had walked to other side of park. We then left the park going up about the only real hill in the race. I thought it was a tough course for some reason, probably cause I wasnt has fast has I wanted to be. It did have a quite a few turns in it. I ended up passing a 4 or 5 people the last mile or so. I have no idea what my splits were, no mile markers. They did have course marked well enough, and course had just enough traffic control. I got near the end came down the big hill and got in just under 25, 24:58 I believe. Not close to my best but was pretty good for today. i was actually 27th out of 91 in the 5K. I guess the crowd at the start was an illusion. Plus all the mile walkers might of made it seem worse.

Then I ran into a problem. I couldnt find my daughter. She had the car key so I couldnt get a dry shirt on. I got some water and a pastry and kept looking around for her. She had been walking around with a friend of hers who lived near the park before race. After a while I was getting worried, she's very small and pregnant and doesnt need to be wandering off. I went for a short run part way around park and didnt see her among the soccer sidelines. She's been to alot of races with me and this was not like her. I was starting to get worried about her, I wanted to make sure she was alright. Then I was going to kill her.

So I went back near finish and the awards ceremony hoping she showed up soon. I figured in my age group I had no chance, especially since they did 10 year age groups at this race, 40-49. Of course I only mention that cause I took home the third place in age group medal. So other then losing my daughter, standing around in cold for over an hour it went pretty well. Right after the awards were over I asked someone I knew if I could borrow a phone. I was able to reach, she was on other side of park on some swings. I dont know what she was thinking, how long does she think it takes me to run a 5K? She said I didnt say how long it was so maybe she was thinking I was doing another marathon. Overall I guess it was a good run, just wish I had run a little faster but real happy to get a AG award. Now does anyone want a daughter???

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I got in 6 miles at Buhl Park. I did 2 loops of the park, my normal 5 miles there. But added on the fitness trail loop in middle of the park. According to article I saw in paper its supposed to be 9/10 mile. With going in and out thru the park lot at trail I figured it must be close to a mile. The trail was recently repaved so it was real smooth. My time was faster then normal, I wondered if it was cause the trail was short, but felt I ran it a little faster then normal. And rest of run seemed to match up with faster pace so perhaps it was a mile or close enough. HMMM anyone ever do .9 mile intervals?

A couple months ago I started running with a MP-3 player. After over years of running without one it seemed odd at first. I only use it if im running alone and not doing speedwork. I figured it would help on easy runs and my attempt to increase my mileage. I do feel it has helped some. Now this week I have started to listen to podcasts. I started with SteveRunner. Then Jodi of Confessions of a runner. She was good. Then during todays run I listened to 4 feet running. A couple talked on there way to a half marathon and after it. Was different to hear the race sounds in the back ground. I did find them funny to listen to and plan to keep downloading them weekly.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sunday got in 11.5 miles. I went early to meet Rick. Of course neither of us thought it would drop down to 26*. Jeesshhh its still October. But we went and got in about 5.4 miles, more or less. We finished, (actually started there too) at the cabin where the running club was meeting. We planned to run second part of run with a few others. We met up with them, and skipped the club meeeting. Usually they have 1 a month and this was it. But we was bad and skipped it to finish our run. You would think just 5 of us wouldnt make a difference but the turn out has been so poor lately it has got to point they might not be able to have meeting if anyone there skips. But off we went.
We have not been happy with the direction of the club for a while now. Its become all about the money, even though its supposedly about a charity. We used to get alot more people there, now 20 would be a big crowd. I hear how they used to get 50 to 60 people or more. Even had a friendly competition, the 100 mile club. The people in charge made it too much work now no one wants to hold an office. They also have a hard time getting volunteers. It also seems like a lot of decisions are made without anyone else around. Perhaps, its time to just stay out of some of the stuff. Im not cut out for politics. haha.

How about a run orgy? My buddy told me about a web site while we was running called Has far has it is for a running log, well its very lacking. But if the guys I normally run with want to use to plan runs and what not. Especially the what not, then im game. Besides what guy passes up an orgy?

Friday, October 17, 2008


I got in a good run today. Did 2 loops around Buhl park, 5 miles. I got done a little quicker then normal but I didnt feel like I was pushing pace at all. Just a normal run.

For some reason I keep thinking of making the Turkey Trot a goal race. Im not sure why, its a 5 miler not a distance that really means alot to me. I want to improve my 5K time and definitely my marathon time. There aren't alot of 5 mile races to run any ways. Only done a few others then the Turkey Trot. What got me thinking was at the peace race I was ahead of my 5 mile PR at the 5 mile marker. And if I had been doing 5 instead of a 10K im sure I would of pushed some at finish. Now this doesnt mean I would definitely PR but have some time to prepare and do speed work. So I will say it, im shooting for 40 minutes. Dont quote me.

My history in the Turkey Trot hasnt been spectacular has it is. Its been more of the fun run category. Last year I ran most of it with Ron. Im real sure I could of done better, only really turned it on last mile. I dont think I was running has good has I am now but still didnt think I did my best. Another year I ran the 2 miler there, my niece was running it too. Boy that was a mistake. The 2 miler is a fudge cluster. Im sticking to the 5 miler. A couple years ago it was in a blizzard, with win in face so bad I was running 10 to 11 minute miles on way out, till turn around point and came back doing about 8's. So will need at least decent weather.

SO got over a month to prepare. Of course I might do a 5K or 3 in between but for now my short term goal is the Turkey Trot.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Give peace a chance, a race report

Today, I went and ran the 34th edition of the Peace Race I got up this morning and started getting ready. I was feeling good. The weather was looking good. Sunny and should be in 50's or low 60's at race time. My wife and daughter decided to go with me today. Lately she been spending more time with me then normal. :)

Anyways, I met up with Rick and decided to follow him over. Orginally we was going together but too many spectators decided to go. The race is a point to point race with buses taking you over to a school near the start. We ran back thru town at start then thru Mill Creek park finishing in downtown Youngstown. This is the biggest running event in Youngstown. Lots of people come out you never normally see at a race. Local boxing champion Kelly Pavlik was there and a few other local "celebritys". Before the start Me and Rick saw this guy almost whack him in the head with this log he carrys in races. I seen this guy before carrying the log. I know its some Christian thing but is it really safe?? Would of been kind of funny if he knocked the champ out with it before the race. Well maybe.

We got over there and went and did about a mile warm up. Everyone started to gather at the starting line. Found out later there was 747 runners in the 10K. I wasnt sure how I would do, since I just ran a marathon 2 weeks ago. I was feeling good but who knows. My best 10K ever was 52:19, at the peace race it was 53:14. I had run it before, (thats a shocker) And run in Mill Creek park regularly. So I knew where the hills were. Its a net downhill course but second half was tougher then start. So I planned a positive split, I wanted to go out hard. Well I sort of went out hard.

We got started and start is downhill. But I wasnt able to get going quite the way I wanted but good. It was a really crowded start. Probably wasted too much time weaving around people. I figured the 10K had to be easier without a 20 mile warm up run first. Mile one split was 7:53. I actually wanted it faster but didnt think I could hold that pace. Mile 2 was flatter but stil some downhill in it. Mile 2 split was 8:06, just about where I wanted to be. Mile 3 had some up hills in it, 8:19, and I was feeling good still. It was hard but I didn't take my normal shortcut at this sharp bend I usually take. I suppose it was better that I stuck to the course.

Mile 4 was about flattest on the course. One small uphill is all I remember. In this area we run right along one of the lakes and the park was looking beautiful today. But no time to admire it today. Mile 4 split 8:08. Mile 5 we leave the park and has some hills. Nothing major. Might of been more then I thought it was, 8:31 for this mile. I was at 41:00 even at 5 mile mark which I later realized would of been a 5 mile PR. So I was trying to finish strong. Kept a good pace, hit a hill going over a bridge getting near downtown. I made this turn and could see the finishline off in a distance. If there was a 6 mile marker I missed it. I started to pick it up. I got close and had closed the gap between me and this small group in front of me. I was able to pass 4 of the 5 in the group. I was kicking with all I had left, not saying much, but I saying the clock. I was close to being under 51. I crossed right at 51:00, watch time. I got my peace medalion and started to look for some water.

I was real happy with time, especially after I remembered it was over a minute PR. I momentarily during race thought I could break 50 minutes but wasnt today, maybe next year. I found my wife, daughter, Rick and his girlfriend. He had run a great race, under 45 I believe he said. Great Race! Then we had to get going, it was my moms birthday, yes she was born on Columbus day, 1942 not 1492 though. I ended up giving her my Peace Race shirt. I have 1 or 30 to spare. And I hadnt got to a store. Anyways, thanks for reading, especially if you stayed awake this long.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Peace Race

Its been a long day. Was a planned rest day, probably a good thing. Ended up working almost 12 hours. Rick had stopped and picked up our race packets for the Peace Race in Youngstown. He stopped by and dropped it off. Nice to know that I wasnt only one hurting next day after that 9 mile hill run Wednesday.
I looked thru my packet, not much in it. Shirt seems nice, a coupon for free chips at BW3's. I got my bib and the number seemed very familar. So, since I have most of them, I looked in my folder and it turned out that its the same number I had last year. So im playiing 396 in lottery tomorrow. Im just wondering what the odds are? Or do they save the same number for people year after year?? I doubt that. IT is one of the biggest events in area so I dont like to miss it. And there are so few 10K's in area I hate to miss it.

Goals?? Being that its 2 weeks and a day after Akron Marathon, its hard to tell what I will be able to do. I feel I have been running good, so I looked at what my 10k times were previously. My best time was 52:19, happened during marathon in a previous year. At the Peace race my best time is 53:14, I would really like to beat that time. I haven't run a race so close to a marathon before. Well at least not with intention of running it hard. But im feeling pretty good so who knows what will happen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Route

This evening Rick came over for a run. I pulled out a route I had always wanted to run but never did alone. It goes from my house to my parents. It's a mere 4.6 miles each way. Of course theres a few major hills in between. I dont know the slopes but the one is over a half mile, and feels straight up. Then a few more good size hills. Then got to my parents house. But they weren't home so, just turned around and went back. Luckily the way back wasnt has hard, a couple good hills but got to go down the worse of the hills. Theres one part I dont care for but its not too long. The road gets tight and windy. I wouldnt want to run it in the winter or dark. We were almost 2 minutes faster on way back. WooHOO us.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Even though I havent run much this weeek, I feel like my recovery from marathon is going better then I expected. I was sore for a couple days but not has long or has bad has I expected. Most people are sore after a marathon. I feel it could of been because of a few reasons or just one. Not sure.
* Running the day after.
* A big steak and a baked potato hours after the race.
* Beer.
* I have done more marathons now, and more long runs.
* Lack of stretching.

Now I am looking ahead at what's next. Here's the Unofficial plan sponsered by Brooks running shoes. (Ok its not but some running will be in Brooks.) Next week I plan to just do some easy running. No exact mileage, then Sunday run the Peace race. Its biggest, most historic race in this area. Im sure I can manage a 10K. Probably will run it hard, after all its a race. I even have thoughts of PRing in it. My 10K PR is 52:19. That wasn't at Peace Race, there its like 53. Second half has some good hills on it. The first half has lots of down hill, so I think to get a good time it will be a positive splits. Take advantage of those downhills.

I think im repeating myself, which might show how boring my runnings been this week. I still haven't run in my new shoes. It looked like rain, aint wearing them in rain the first time. Perhaps tomorrow is the day.


I wont the golf league im in. Its only about a dozen guys, which I been golfing in for about 20 years or so. I ended up in playoff against first half winner. Friday we were only 2 to show up in shorts. We are on different ends of the spectrum in some ways. He had his leg amputated a few years ago, can walk but not far. Takes cart has close has possible to ball. I had just run a marathon. Almost always walk when I golf. But golf isnt about how far or fast. I didnt have a good day, but his was worse.

Fantasy Baseball

I finished second in my Fantasy baseball league. It was my best finish ever and I feel I have a good team going into next season.

And my Fantasy Football team is 4-0.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thats the officail race photos from Akron. Im bib number 982 if it doesnt take you right there. I looked but none thrilled me enough to want to order one. Maybe Im missing something, I'll take another look in a day or 2.

I talked to my buddy Rick the other day, and we are already making plans to run Cleveland marathon again. We even have a plan picked out. Its from Dean Karanazes new book about his 50 marathons in 50 days. He included some other stuff too. I think everyone puts out a marathon plan in their books this days. Or im just reading books by runners. I haven't read book yet, Rick made me a copy of it. Usually I just read thru several different plans and make something up. So maybe if I try and stick to it close has I can and see how that works out. If I do a spring marathon, Clevelands the only one I think I would be able to make, all things considered with home life.

In the mean time I plan to up my mileage. For the year im averaging about 30 miles a week. So heres my plan for rest of year. I take next week and half of easy recovery running from marathon. Then run the . Its biggest/most prestigious race in area. No expectations there, but run it for fun. Then near end of October start a slow increase in mileage. My marathon plan would start mid January so that would give me almost 3 months to improve weekly mileage. I also plan to hit a few locals 5K and probably the 5 miler Turkey Trot. Just to keep things fun. If all goes well I have some 40-45 weeks in there. I also plan to go do 2 or 3 long runs. Its a 17 mile run to loop Mill Creek park, always a good run.