Friday, October 10, 2008

Peace Race

Its been a long day. Was a planned rest day, probably a good thing. Ended up working almost 12 hours. Rick had stopped and picked up our race packets for the Peace Race in Youngstown. He stopped by and dropped it off. Nice to know that I wasnt only one hurting next day after that 9 mile hill run Wednesday.
I looked thru my packet, not much in it. Shirt seems nice, a coupon for free chips at BW3's. I got my bib and the number seemed very familar. So, since I have most of them, I looked in my folder and it turned out that its the same number I had last year. So im playiing 396 in lottery tomorrow. Im just wondering what the odds are? Or do they save the same number for people year after year?? I doubt that. IT is one of the biggest events in area so I dont like to miss it. And there are so few 10K's in area I hate to miss it.

Goals?? Being that its 2 weeks and a day after Akron Marathon, its hard to tell what I will be able to do. I feel I have been running good, so I looked at what my 10k times were previously. My best time was 52:19, happened during marathon in a previous year. At the Peace race my best time is 53:14, I would really like to beat that time. I haven't run a race so close to a marathon before. Well at least not with intention of running it hard. But im feeling pretty good so who knows what will happen.

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