Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I got in 6 miles at Buhl Park. I did 2 loops of the park, my normal 5 miles there. But added on the fitness trail loop in middle of the park. According to article I saw in paper its supposed to be 9/10 mile. With going in and out thru the park lot at trail I figured it must be close to a mile. The trail was recently repaved so it was real smooth. My time was faster then normal, I wondered if it was cause the trail was short, but felt I ran it a little faster then normal. And rest of run seemed to match up with faster pace so perhaps it was a mile or close enough. HMMM anyone ever do .9 mile intervals?

A couple months ago I started running with a MP-3 player. After over years of running without one it seemed odd at first. I only use it if im running alone and not doing speedwork. I figured it would help on easy runs and my attempt to increase my mileage. I do feel it has helped some. Now this week I have started to listen to podcasts. I started with SteveRunner. Then Jodi of Confessions of a runner. She was good. Then during todays run I listened to 4 feet running. A couple talked on there way to a half marathon and after it. Was different to hear the race sounds in the back ground. I did find them funny to listen to and plan to keep downloading them weekly.

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