Friday, October 17, 2008


I got in a good run today. Did 2 loops around Buhl park, 5 miles. I got done a little quicker then normal but I didnt feel like I was pushing pace at all. Just a normal run.

For some reason I keep thinking of making the Turkey Trot a goal race. Im not sure why, its a 5 miler not a distance that really means alot to me. I want to improve my 5K time and definitely my marathon time. There aren't alot of 5 mile races to run any ways. Only done a few others then the Turkey Trot. What got me thinking was at the peace race I was ahead of my 5 mile PR at the 5 mile marker. And if I had been doing 5 instead of a 10K im sure I would of pushed some at finish. Now this doesnt mean I would definitely PR but have some time to prepare and do speed work. So I will say it, im shooting for 40 minutes. Dont quote me.

My history in the Turkey Trot hasnt been spectacular has it is. Its been more of the fun run category. Last year I ran most of it with Ron. Im real sure I could of done better, only really turned it on last mile. I dont think I was running has good has I am now but still didnt think I did my best. Another year I ran the 2 miler there, my niece was running it too. Boy that was a mistake. The 2 miler is a fudge cluster. Im sticking to the 5 miler. A couple years ago it was in a blizzard, with win in face so bad I was running 10 to 11 minute miles on way out, till turn around point and came back doing about 8's. So will need at least decent weather.

SO got over a month to prepare. Of course I might do a 5K or 3 in between but for now my short term goal is the Turkey Trot.

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