Saturday, October 4, 2008


Even though I havent run much this weeek, I feel like my recovery from marathon is going better then I expected. I was sore for a couple days but not has long or has bad has I expected. Most people are sore after a marathon. I feel it could of been because of a few reasons or just one. Not sure.
* Running the day after.
* A big steak and a baked potato hours after the race.
* Beer.
* I have done more marathons now, and more long runs.
* Lack of stretching.

Now I am looking ahead at what's next. Here's the Unofficial plan sponsered by Brooks running shoes. (Ok its not but some running will be in Brooks.) Next week I plan to just do some easy running. No exact mileage, then Sunday run the Peace race. Its biggest, most historic race in this area. Im sure I can manage a 10K. Probably will run it hard, after all its a race. I even have thoughts of PRing in it. My 10K PR is 52:19. That wasn't at Peace Race, there its like 53. Second half has some good hills on it. The first half has lots of down hill, so I think to get a good time it will be a positive splits. Take advantage of those downhills.

I think im repeating myself, which might show how boring my runnings been this week. I still haven't run in my new shoes. It looked like rain, aint wearing them in rain the first time. Perhaps tomorrow is the day.


I wont the golf league im in. Its only about a dozen guys, which I been golfing in for about 20 years or so. I ended up in playoff against first half winner. Friday we were only 2 to show up in shorts. We are on different ends of the spectrum in some ways. He had his leg amputated a few years ago, can walk but not far. Takes cart has close has possible to ball. I had just run a marathon. Almost always walk when I golf. But golf isnt about how far or fast. I didnt have a good day, but his was worse.

Fantasy Baseball

I finished second in my Fantasy baseball league. It was my best finish ever and I feel I have a good team going into next season.

And my Fantasy Football team is 4-0.

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