Monday, October 20, 2008


Sunday got in 11.5 miles. I went early to meet Rick. Of course neither of us thought it would drop down to 26*. Jeesshhh its still October. But we went and got in about 5.4 miles, more or less. We finished, (actually started there too) at the cabin where the running club was meeting. We planned to run second part of run with a few others. We met up with them, and skipped the club meeeting. Usually they have 1 a month and this was it. But we was bad and skipped it to finish our run. You would think just 5 of us wouldnt make a difference but the turn out has been so poor lately it has got to point they might not be able to have meeting if anyone there skips. But off we went.
We have not been happy with the direction of the club for a while now. Its become all about the money, even though its supposedly about a charity. We used to get alot more people there, now 20 would be a big crowd. I hear how they used to get 50 to 60 people or more. Even had a friendly competition, the 100 mile club. The people in charge made it too much work now no one wants to hold an office. They also have a hard time getting volunteers. It also seems like a lot of decisions are made without anyone else around. Perhaps, its time to just stay out of some of the stuff. Im not cut out for politics. haha.

How about a run orgy? My buddy told me about a web site while we was running called Has far has it is for a running log, well its very lacking. But if the guys I normally run with want to use to plan runs and what not. Especially the what not, then im game. Besides what guy passes up an orgy?

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