Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Route

This evening Rick came over for a run. I pulled out a route I had always wanted to run but never did alone. It goes from my house to my parents. It's a mere 4.6 miles each way. Of course theres a few major hills in between. I dont know the slopes but the one is over a half mile, and feels straight up. Then a few more good size hills. Then got to my parents house. But they weren't home so, just turned around and went back. Luckily the way back wasnt has hard, a couple good hills but got to go down the worse of the hills. Theres one part I dont care for but its not too long. The road gets tight and windy. I wouldnt want to run it in the winter or dark. We were almost 2 minutes faster on way back. WooHOO us.

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