Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunny days

There's a road under there some where.

I went to the park this morning about 8 O'clock. Since no one was going to be there this week I decided no hurry. I was doing my 10 mile loop there, when I got to the closed off section thats what it looked like. Nothing but leaves for over mile. Its known has the high side, and is closed off to traffic. So the leaves stay where they fall. Which can make some interesting running not being able to see what your feet are running on.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A 5K and then some..

I got this morning and got ready to go to the Run for the Ribbon 5K. It didn't start till 10 pm so I had plenty of time to get there. This was race was part of the Make a Difference day in Warren. There was no cost to sign up, just bring a donation of canned goods or personal hygiene. In theory, you could run a race for the cost of a bar of soap or a can of corn. Yes I took more then that.

I did a short warm up before the race and just hung out till the start. I really didnt feel my best but have felt lot less stressed this week starting a new job. The park where the race was starting was kind of crowded, their were soccer games going on and collection site for the Make a difference day. It seemed like lots of volunteers and some police support when the race went and did a loop in the city . but at same time seemed a little disorganized. too much chaos. We got started doing a loop around the soccer fields then out into the city doing a bigger loop. This one of the few times I ran on bricks, trickier then I remember. Especially wet uneven bricks. Only one real hill of mention, then got near finish and it had a steep down hill finish.

I looked at my watch when I thought I had less then a half mile to go and realized I had never started my watch. There hadnt been any mile markers so I hadnt looked at it the whole way. Oh well maybe next time. I went down hill saw the clock at the finish line and was like "what the hell????" It said 27:22 when I was finishing. Almost 2 minutes slower then last week. I got some water and something to eat and talked to 4 people with Garmins and they were all at 3.27 to 3.3. So I figured it was long. One Garmin I might believe was wrong but 4?

I ate, they had hamburgers and hot dogs, then watched the awards. There was a bus there for the Red Cross so I went to donate blood but got deferred. My pulse was still too high, over an hour later. Oh well maybe another day. Not the greatest race or most organized one but was a fun day and for a good cause.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

5K Pictures

Some pictures that were posted on from yesterdays race.

Here's a rarity. Me lining up in the front line.

And the start.

Just finished.

Awards cermemony. The 40-44 Age group winners.

Additional notes about race, I just looked at the results online and I finished 15th of 43 total runners. I also was 3rd of 5 in my age group.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A quick race report

I wasn't sure if I was going to go this race today or not, the Howland Pumpkin run 5K, I woke up it was raining and 36* degrees out. But since it was only about 10 minutes away, one of the closet races I could go to I dragged myself out of bed and got there before 7:30, for the 8 Oclock start. I paid my $12 and got 2 Tshirts. They had some leftovers from last years race so they were giving them out too. Only had XL's left but who complains about shirt size when paying on race day for a shirt from last year?
So I did a little warm up and it was about race time. Has I said it was a real small race. I dont even remember them having it last year, thats small. Also, I lined up in the first row. Talk about small. I think less then 50 were there (will get official results later from Of course I took off too fast for the most of the first mile. Saw a mile marker on road but not sure if it was right or not, then another first mile marker just after that? (later found out one of them were right and the 2 mile marker was too.) I was under 8 the first mile, got to the second mile marker about 16:30. Which was still faster then I had thought I would be. Tryed to pick it up the last mile but there was a nice little hill in it keeping me from going all out. But finished in 25:30, I was happy finishing in that time. It was about best I thought I had today.
I got happier when I found out I got 3rd in my age group. I later got home and checked my logs and found out this is first 5K under 26 minutes since last October.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I got in a 7.5 miles today, on what looks to be my last Friday off work for a while. I had been struggling at the job I had, I know hard to believe, and then mine along with many others had our hours cut for the past week and maybe longer. So I was able to find another job. Similar to what Im doing, but its just customer service. I start training on Monday morning. For the next 3 weeks I am training on day turn, then I have to work evening after that. Hopefully thats not permant but its nice to have the mornings off to run.

So anyways, its been a stressful week. Luckily running has relieved some of that. Hopefully things will improve shortly. In 90 days I actually will be making more money then I do now, so hopefully things will start to get better. Finicially its been toughest year ever here.

Monday, October 12, 2009


After 2 weeks of iffy stuff, I had a good week. I feel I had a good week of running. I did some intervals Wednesday, trail run Thursday and a 10 miler on sunday. I ran a total of 42.6 over 6 days. No back problems. Dont feel sick. Yea me!

So hoping for another decent week. I am gearing up for a good Turkey Trot this year. Confessions of a race addict: Turkey coughing Thats for those that dont remember last years Turkey Trot. Hopefully I dont get sick again.

I been meaning to do my race rating, im 2 race behind now but wanted to adjust the ratings cause I realized they made no sense to me. I also mean to update the blog more often if only for me and been slacking at that too. Hopefully things ease up soon and I get around to updating more often.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Peace Race 10K

Yesterday, I went to down Youngstown for the 35th annual Peace Race 10K. Biggest race in the area, they get over a 600 in the 2 miler and 700 to 800 in the 10K. Luckily I left early or I would of been late since I forgot my bag with the chip an bib number in it and had to go back. Good way to start race day. I had low expectations for this race for a few reasons. First I hadnt been running fast lately, I knew I wasnt in has good shape for this has last year. Secondly, on Tuesday felt I pulled something in my back. Actually it felt like I speared at the time. But since theres rarely a spearing in Mill Creek Park I ruled that out.

So I took it easy the next couple of days and decided to race anyways. Common sense and my racing rarely cross paths.

So I got down there and parked near the finish line, and made way to the buses. I found my buddy Rick waiting in the school for the start. After a bathroom break, we did a short warm up. I wasnt taking the race too seriously, might has well have fun. The starting gun went off while I was taking pictures to show how seriously I was running.

Its a point to point race going thru Mill Creek park and Youngstown. I run in Mill Creek park all the time but going thru it with 700-800 other runners is fun. The course was slightly different this year the starting line was further back and finished in a different spot. I really liked the changes. Even though the start had a hill it was mostly a down hill course overall.
After the race started I tryed to keep a hard but pace I thought I could handle. Mile one I was at 8:28, and thats with alot of downhill in the first couple miles. Decided to just try to finish under a 9 minute pace. Seemed possible. Mile 2 was also 8:28. Now the uphills would be starting, still a few downhills though. Mile 3 was 9:05 and mile 4 8:47. I was doing alright at that point, wasnt sure I could pick it up so stayed kind of conservative. Mile 5 split was 9:02, I figured a strong finish and I would be alright. Once I got over the bridge I was fairly certain it was flat rest of way. Best of all it was shorter then previous years. I did the last 1.2 miles in 10:38, If mile 6 was marked I missed it. Finished in 54:31 (watch time) for a 8:46 pace. So I guess overall It was a good race.
Afterwards never found my buddy, did get so see some others I knew from other races. I ended up going to get some free wings and a beer at Buffalo Wild wings. Making it home just in time for the game.