Monday, October 5, 2009

Peace Race 10K

Yesterday, I went to down Youngstown for the 35th annual Peace Race 10K. Biggest race in the area, they get over a 600 in the 2 miler and 700 to 800 in the 10K. Luckily I left early or I would of been late since I forgot my bag with the chip an bib number in it and had to go back. Good way to start race day. I had low expectations for this race for a few reasons. First I hadnt been running fast lately, I knew I wasnt in has good shape for this has last year. Secondly, on Tuesday felt I pulled something in my back. Actually it felt like I speared at the time. But since theres rarely a spearing in Mill Creek Park I ruled that out.

So I took it easy the next couple of days and decided to race anyways. Common sense and my racing rarely cross paths.

So I got down there and parked near the finish line, and made way to the buses. I found my buddy Rick waiting in the school for the start. After a bathroom break, we did a short warm up. I wasnt taking the race too seriously, might has well have fun. The starting gun went off while I was taking pictures to show how seriously I was running.

Its a point to point race going thru Mill Creek park and Youngstown. I run in Mill Creek park all the time but going thru it with 700-800 other runners is fun. The course was slightly different this year the starting line was further back and finished in a different spot. I really liked the changes. Even though the start had a hill it was mostly a down hill course overall.
After the race started I tryed to keep a hard but pace I thought I could handle. Mile one I was at 8:28, and thats with alot of downhill in the first couple miles. Decided to just try to finish under a 9 minute pace. Seemed possible. Mile 2 was also 8:28. Now the uphills would be starting, still a few downhills though. Mile 3 was 9:05 and mile 4 8:47. I was doing alright at that point, wasnt sure I could pick it up so stayed kind of conservative. Mile 5 split was 9:02, I figured a strong finish and I would be alright. Once I got over the bridge I was fairly certain it was flat rest of way. Best of all it was shorter then previous years. I did the last 1.2 miles in 10:38, If mile 6 was marked I missed it. Finished in 54:31 (watch time) for a 8:46 pace. So I guess overall It was a good race.
Afterwards never found my buddy, did get so see some others I knew from other races. I ended up going to get some free wings and a beer at Buffalo Wild wings. Making it home just in time for the game.

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ShutUpandRun said...

Nice job on the 10K!