Saturday, October 24, 2009

A 5K and then some..

I got this morning and got ready to go to the Run for the Ribbon 5K. It didn't start till 10 pm so I had plenty of time to get there. This was race was part of the Make a Difference day in Warren. There was no cost to sign up, just bring a donation of canned goods or personal hygiene. In theory, you could run a race for the cost of a bar of soap or a can of corn. Yes I took more then that.

I did a short warm up before the race and just hung out till the start. I really didnt feel my best but have felt lot less stressed this week starting a new job. The park where the race was starting was kind of crowded, their were soccer games going on and collection site for the Make a difference day. It seemed like lots of volunteers and some police support when the race went and did a loop in the city . but at same time seemed a little disorganized. too much chaos. We got started doing a loop around the soccer fields then out into the city doing a bigger loop. This one of the few times I ran on bricks, trickier then I remember. Especially wet uneven bricks. Only one real hill of mention, then got near finish and it had a steep down hill finish.

I looked at my watch when I thought I had less then a half mile to go and realized I had never started my watch. There hadnt been any mile markers so I hadnt looked at it the whole way. Oh well maybe next time. I went down hill saw the clock at the finish line and was like "what the hell????" It said 27:22 when I was finishing. Almost 2 minutes slower then last week. I got some water and something to eat and talked to 4 people with Garmins and they were all at 3.27 to 3.3. So I figured it was long. One Garmin I might believe was wrong but 4?

I ate, they had hamburgers and hot dogs, then watched the awards. There was a bus there for the Red Cross so I went to donate blood but got deferred. My pulse was still too high, over an hour later. Oh well maybe another day. Not the greatest race or most organized one but was a fun day and for a good cause.


Running Brad said...

Sounds like a nice time. Pretty good food for a small donation!

chris mcpeake said...

was probably long
good job