Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cannt think of a catchy title....

I got in about 9.5 miles this morning. Did the first loop about Newport with Rick, then got joined by Bob, Suzy, Len and Ron. Beautiful morning to run it turned into a real fun run.

Now that I have had to 2 weeks to rest up from the marathon I have decided starting next week to start getting serious about it again. My goal is to run 2 to 4 more halfs, with a nice assortment of other races thrown in there. I also want to do the work to PR in at the Presque Isle half. Im making a 7 week plan to start tomorrow. I figure I should still have a good base of miles under me from marathon training, so starting mixing in some different, more, better speedwork into it and I should be to do it. I have never broken 2 hours at Presque Isle and I cannt blame the hills there. The heat, yes.

Any good half training plans out there?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Upcoming races and Goals

Has of right now my plan is to not run a fall marathon. Please try and hide your disappointment. But in case you had any doubts about it i will be filling the summer and fall with plenty of races from 5K to Half marathon. I made a list races I can make it to and not interfere with my current work schedule. (see below) For most part there is nothing definite.

But I did set some goals for a couple races. I want to break 2 hours in the half. I only did once so I want to get a new PR, preferably at Presque Isle in July. I plan to run at least 2 more halfs this year.

My other goal is to get a PR in the 10K. I will probably run 2 to 4 of them. I ideally I hope to break 50 minutes, did 51:00 at the Peace Race last year.

Now this week coming up im just running what I feel like running, then hoping to get serious again, that gives me 7 weeks till the Presque Isle half in July. I know I have the endurance for a half just need to do more speed work. Same old story there.

Possible Races. subject to change

21 Dads Day Run 5 miles Shaker Heights **
27 Cardinal classic twilight 5K
28 Run for the Hills 10K Willoughby Hills *

4 Firecracker 4 miler Canfield
4 Stars and stripes 5k Howland
19 Presque Isle Half Erie, PA ***
25 FCA Twilight 5K Canfield
26 Amish Buggy 5K Middlefield

1 Star Trax 5K Salem *
16 Perfect 10 miler
16 Hamot 10K Erie
23 Safe Harbor 5K Mill Creek park

7 Buhl Day 5K Hermitage
13 Erie Marathon & half
13 River Run Half Cleveland
20 Apple cider festival 5K Lordstown

4 Peace Race 10K Youngstown
11 Towpath Marathon Half & 10K

1 Autumn Leaves 5 miler Kirtland
22 Cwrrc Fall Classic Half Strongsville
26 Turkey Trot 5 miler Warren


Saturday, May 23, 2009


The other day I heard the podcast by Dirtydawg, Dirty dawgs rambling diatribes, his podcasts often get me thinking. He can be found on Itunes if your interested, which im sure you are. He mentioned orgnaization last time I liestened that I thought had a great idea. Welcome to Medals4Mettle! They ask you to donate your medals to be given to people dealing with diseases or handicap. Now I think this is a great concept. I mean for many people their medals just sit there. But while I am considering donating a medal I find it hard to part with one of my medals. They ask for marathon, half marathon and triathlon medals.

I know the reason to give, to reward those facing a horrible disease with a medal for their courage. Great idea, yet I am reluctant to part with any of mine yet. True it doesnt make running a marathon any less of an accomplishment, I even applaud those that are able to do it. No one can take away finishing a marathon from you.

They do accept monetary donations to help cover their costs if anyone is interested. But parting with medals may prove tougher then money for me. And what little money I do have is pretty dear to me. I could part with the 3 half medals from the Mill Creek Distance classic half. But compared to the Marathon medals they are much smaller in size. Of course a half should be.

I am considering parting with one of my Cleveland Marathon medals, afterall do I really need 3 spinning guitar medals?????

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cleveland Marathon Race Report

I woke up at 4 am to get ready for race. I had a hard time sleeping probably only got a few hours sleep. Rick was picking me up at 4:30 so I had everything ready laid out and ready to go. We got on road got there about an hour before race time. Plenty of time to hit porta johns and get to starting line. I had lowered my expectations for this race because too many things got in my way of training. But had completed a 22 miler couple weeks ago so felt I could finish, if not in the 4:15 I orginally planned.

We got to the starting line waiting for the start, it was windy. Very Windy. We lined up near the 4:15 pace group leader but I wasnt sure I was going to stick close to that. I had made a plan to walk a minute every mile but didn't stick exactly to it. But did get in some here and there first half of race.

The first 5 miles or so went uneventful then we got to the side of road at a waterstop. I was carrying my own gatorade, the powerade on course doesnt always agree with me. We were going to walk a minute and get some water. Me and Rick were about a foot apart walking together when I heard some yell "passing thru". I thought she would be passing on my left, since there was plenty of room there at the time, but I turned to my right to make sure I must of moved a little that way and she must of stepped on back of my foot and she went down hard. I didn't realize how close she was. I helped her up and said I was sorry. I felt bad but really wasnt much room there to pass, why I thought she was on my left. She said she was OK, and got to side of road to put batterys back in her radio. So we got going again. Joking, we said that will teach her to pass us again.

Me and Rick got seperated, due to pit stops. I talked to this woman doing the half for a few miles. She had just started running over a year ago and was doing third or fourth half. Shortly after the 12 mile mark we split off. The crowd definitely thinned out. Shortly after mile 17 I pulled off and pushed against a tree to stretch my calves out for a second. Then I heard Rick behind me "keep running you p*$$y." Nice to see you again too. We kept running together for a few more miles. He started to fade, I was slowing, but tried to keep about the same pace. About mile 20 I couldnt see him any more. But I was getting nausous. Apperantly the comination of gatorade, water and GU wasnt working for me today.

Mile 22 I pulled into a porta john to see if I could relieve the nausea. No luck so I started going again. My calves had started cramping bad. I have yet to figure out how to get rid of this, of course it only happens after miles 20-22. So iI kept a run a minute or 3, walk minute or 2 into the finish. I got to the 26 mile marker, hoping to run it in. Lots of crowds, but calves cramped up so did an off an on run to try and finish it. Not sure I even want to see the finishing photos.

Then it got worse. I got my medal and my stomach was hurting bad. Something about stopping and being done made it worse. I really wish all the people hadnt been standing around. I then lost it and ended up throwing up right there, nothign but water. luckily had enoughs sense to put medal inside my shirt to avoid getting anything on it. Then 2 ladies that had been helping in the finishing area took me to medical tent.

I actually didnt feel that light headed just very nausous. After I laid there a bit and some guy held my legs up in air, got some more gatorade I was feeling much better. Guess I got whatever it was bothering me out. I was feeling much better, and went out to get some more water. Then looked for Rick. After seeing he wasn't in beer tent, I went to where car was parked. He said he saw I got sick but then didnt know what happened to me.

I guess I should be happy I finished, not sure when the next marathon is. I have some shorter races, 5K to half, planned for rest of year. Next time I want to make sure I can get in all the training I think I need. Knowing me there probably be another.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A week to go...

Just one week till the Cleveland Marathon. I feel I can finish it. Not sure I will be near my orginal goal time but I still think I can finish it. I probably will start off going for it but will cut back if I have too. Right now I will be fine if I finish. I am going to use run/walk plan to survive it. The plan is sort of a 9/1 ratio. I plan to run to the mile markers, walk for a minute then run to next mile marker. But to make sure I hydrate properly, I will walk 30 seconds at the water stops if there in between mile markers, then another 30 seconds at the mile marker. I have done enough runs like this it shouldnt be a problem for me.

I did run 14 miles this morning and it well really well. Rick ran the whole way with me, Bob and Suzy came out and did 6.5 so it was a really fun run. This week just plan to do a few easy runs nothing hard or longer then 5 miles. Maybe shorter. Im looking forward to going to the expo next Friday.

Cleveland here I come..............

Sunday, May 3, 2009

time to taper

I got in a 22 miler this morning. Me and a buddy went up to the Towpath Trail and ran it. Made at least 2 mistakes, first over dressed at the start. I should of adjusted sooner, was a bowtie type route we were running so went past car once. Second mistake was I forgot to use any body glide. 5 miles I can get away without it. NOT 22 miles. When we went past the car I put some on quickly but the damage was already done. My buddy has been doing more running then me but he crashed and walked it in the last couple miles, I had some bad calf cramps and did a run/walk alternating every 3-4 minutes to finish. But I got it done now im tapering till the Cleveland marathon. We went to the Winking Lizard after for a sandwich and Arrogant Bastard beer, great way to recover. Now I need someone to blame for the calf cramps.............