Saturday, May 23, 2009


The other day I heard the podcast by Dirtydawg, Dirty dawgs rambling diatribes, his podcasts often get me thinking. He can be found on Itunes if your interested, which im sure you are. He mentioned orgnaization last time I liestened that I thought had a great idea. Welcome to Medals4Mettle! They ask you to donate your medals to be given to people dealing with diseases or handicap. Now I think this is a great concept. I mean for many people their medals just sit there. But while I am considering donating a medal I find it hard to part with one of my medals. They ask for marathon, half marathon and triathlon medals.

I know the reason to give, to reward those facing a horrible disease with a medal for their courage. Great idea, yet I am reluctant to part with any of mine yet. True it doesnt make running a marathon any less of an accomplishment, I even applaud those that are able to do it. No one can take away finishing a marathon from you.

They do accept monetary donations to help cover their costs if anyone is interested. But parting with medals may prove tougher then money for me. And what little money I do have is pretty dear to me. I could part with the 3 half medals from the Mill Creek Distance classic half. But compared to the Marathon medals they are much smaller in size. Of course a half should be.

I am considering parting with one of my Cleveland Marathon medals, afterall do I really need 3 spinning guitar medals?????

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